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Editor-in-Chief . . . 

Nancy Shea 

Business Manager . . . 

Nancy De Lozier 

Sponsor . . . 

Mr Frank Peele 






In 1954 it was a NAME to know, on ideal to seek. 
Today, 1965-'66, it is an ideal well on the way to 
achievement, but even more, it is a NAME remem- 
bered, known, and respected. 

Perhaps the NAME is best expressed to many by 
the lines of the Alma Mater: 

Princess Anne High School 

Most beloved of them all. 

Thy sons and daughters 

Listen to thy call. 
Through the eleven years of her existence, the 
NAME Princess Anne High School has called to many 
of her sons and daughters. Whether the call was 
academic or athletic, the coll was heeded. Those who 
carried the NAME on the court, the gridiron, the 
diamond, or the track con view with pride their 
achievements. They have stamped indelibly the 
NAME Princess Anne in the annals of sport. Aside 
from and more important than an impressive list of 
victories, the NAME Princess Anne represents the 
true qualities of sports. Fair play, team work, and un- 
quenchable spirit are only three of the many ingredi- 
ents symbolized by the NAME Princess Anne. 

Thy sons and daughters 

Listen to thy call 
Academic excellence has called at Princess Anne. 

The ensuing answer by her thousands of students 
echoes still in her corridors and classrooms, in the 
nation's colleges, and in the business world of our 
country. The marks of academic excellence reflect 
the challenge of the NAME Princess Anne. The con- 
templation of ideals and the rearrangement of reality 
to include those ideals are mirrored by the honor 
rolls, the Dean's lists, and the ready employment of 
Princess Anne's students. 

The NAME Princess Anne — an ideal to seek — 
a NAME to know. 

The NAME Princess Anne, an ideal on the way to 
achievement, a NAME known, remembered, and re- 

Princess Anne High School 

Most beloved of them all, 

Thy sons and daughters 

Listen to thy call, 

And each shall cherish 

A fond memory 

And each shall pledge 

His faith everlastingly. 

All hail to thee oh Alma Mater 

And praises be oh Alma Mater, 

To us you'll be our Alma Mater, 

High School of our hearts. 












The NAME Princess Anne symbol- 
izes all areas of school life. Certainly 
a major part of Princess Anne is her 
faculty and curriculum. 

Princess Anne is staffed by 108 
teachers versed in many different aca- 
demic fields. In addition to the stand- 
ard subjects found in science, English, 
mathematics and social studies, Prin- 
cess Anne is proud of her many elec- 
tive courses. 

Within her curriculum may be 
found a variety of courses leading to 
a well-rounded education, the aca- 
demic excellence of which is unques- 
tioned. Yet the NAME Princess Anne 

represents more than the accumula- 
tion and recollection of facts. Both 
the faculty and curriculum of Princess 
Anne are geared to a level of learning 
that will provide at least on adequate 
livelihood and, more important, a 
worth-while life in our society in the 
years after Princess Anne. Through 
the classroom lecture and discussion, 
the laboratory experiments, and the 
private discussions between teacher 
and student, the lessons of history and 
the secrets of the future are woven to- 
gether in a manner which truly makes 
the NAME Princess Anne symbolic of 
academic achievement. 

The clubs at Princess Anne effec- 
tively represent the NAME. Wher- 
ever they may meet, on a national, 
state, or local level, one will find 
a delegation proudly carrying the 
NAME Princess Anne. One needs only 
to trace the efforts of the Debate 
Team, the Madrigals, or the Drill 
Team to see how the NAME is spread. 
Having won three consecutive state 
championships in Virginia, Maryland, 
and Washington, D. C, the Debate 
Team has achieved such fame that it 
was invited to a tournament in Hous- 
ton, Texas. Certainly the Madrigal 
Singers have been just as effective 
at spreading the NAME Princess 
Anne. Constantly in demand, the 
Madrigals cap each year's activity 

with a trip to Florida, singing all the 
way and spreading the NAME Prin- 
cess Anne. In their three years of ex- 
istance, the Drill Team has performed 
throughout the state and is recognized 
as the finest girls' marching unit in 

Thus have these three organiza- 
tions spread the NAME Princess Anne. 
Yet these groups are not unique, for 
all organizations at Princess Anne 
share in the responsibility of making 
an ideal into a reality. In whatever 
area of activity a student's interests 
and abilities lie, there will be a club 
to channel and mold that student's 
interest and ability into a worth-while 
contribution stamped with the NAME 
Princess Anne. 


Perhaps the area of high school 
most remembered by the student is 
sports. For this reason an extensive 
athletic program is presented at Prin- 
cess Anne for the enjoyment and ben- 
efit of the student. At almost any 
time during the year, one may find 
a team carrying the NAME Princess 
Anne into competition. 

Competition in sports exists on the 
varsity, junior varsity and intramural 
levels for the student at Princess Anne 
in wrestling, track, tennis, football, 
and basketball. With such a wide 
range of athletic activity, almost every 
Princess Anne student is engaged in 
some sport at least once during the 

The Eastern District, of which Prin- 
cess Anne is a member, long has been 

regarded as the strongest high school 
district in Virginia. Within this con- 
ference the NAME Princess Anne has 
come to represent the finest quality of 
athletic competition. Her composite 
winning percentage consistently places 
her among the top three schools in 
the conference. 

While it is true that winning is im- 
portant at Princess Anne, it is equally 
true that winning is only a small port 
in the goal sought in Princess Anne's 
athletic endeavors. The development 
of strong bodies, the ability to accept 
defeat, and the adherence to team- 
work and good sportsmanship all have 
come to symbolize the NAME Princess 

At Princess Anne High School, the 
students are the NAME. They ore 
the reason for the school's existence, 
the factor that sets Princess Anne 
apart from other schools, and the in- 
dividuals that work together to moke 
Princess Anne a NAME to remember. 

The students hove made their hon- 
or system one of the most effective 
in the area. Student leaders have 
worked for an SCA that is active in 
local and state affairs. Through their 
demands and scholastic superiority, 
the students have made it necessary 
for Princess Anne to develop into one 
of the best schools in the district. 

On the individual level, Warren 
Clark and Bob Hutten are two of the 
three finalists from the state of Vir- 
ginia in the National Council of 
Teachers of English Achievements 
Awards Competition. Mike Leovitt 

rv'ik.- •'Hwtif *. 4M«ig|ri 







1 * ? M '^ 

•— -iii! 


,11 ■ ■'^^^^mSS 

-""•■'^,.: '.««*. 


<f r*"^ i^ 



^- *^ /• , 



and Donna Saunders have been named 
as semi-finalists by the National Merit 
Scholarship Corporation and are being 
considered for scholarships awarded 
through the corporation. In addition, 
eleven seniors received Letters of 
Commendation for high scores on the 
National Merit Scholarship Qualifying 
Test. On a small scale, these accom- 
plishments are representative of the 
achievement of the students of Prin- 
cess Anne. 

2151 students working together can 
accomplish great things, achieve great 
goals. Each student's efforts, talents, 
and activities merge to formulate the 
NAME Princess Anne, and to the stu- 
dents belongs the credit for Princess 
Anne's success. 


Each summer the American Legion of the state 
of Virginia sponsors Boys' and Girls' State, each a 
week-long convention of outstanding high school sen- 
ior students from the state. At Princess Anne, the 
teachers recommend students on the basis of scholar- 
ship and citizenship. Then the seniors themselves 
vote on their fellow students, choosing five boys and 
five girls. 

This year Boys' State was held at William and 
Mary in Williamsburg and Girls' State convened at 
Radford. Students from the entire state met to par- 
ticipate in the mock government of various imagin- 
ary cities. The experience gained at Boys' and Girls' 
State is on invaluable asset to these students as they 
prepare to become the citizens of tomorrow. 

Boys' Staters ore Warren Clark, John Hass, David Turner, 
Johnny Green, and Greg Evans. 

Girls' State representatives are Rhonda Stoddert, Lynn Prangley, 
Ruth Anne Oliver, Anita Joseph, and Gloria Brinkiey. 

Anita Joseph and Lynn Prangley 
mayors of their cities at Girls' State 

were both elected 





% #L URRD 


The enthusiasm of the candidates for Senior class offices is 
expressed through their vivid posters. 

Caught behind bars are the sober-faced class treasurers: Pam 
Mobley, Andrea Benda, and Pat Green, 

Energetic class secretaries, Patty Haywood, 
Diane O'Dell, and Tommy Midgette, 
pause hurriedly for a picture. 

Class Vice Presidents who let nothing 
stand in the way of success are Donna 
Mohn, Sheryl Smith, and Terry Crissell. 

Consulting at a high level conference are class presidents, Susan 
Marshall, A! Roosendaal, and Barbara Byrtus. 

Candidate Dave Turner makes his bid for 
the presidency of the Senior class. 

Sharon Jones, using a 
unique campaign tech- 
nique, sings her speech. 



The 1965 Homecoming Court and their escorts: Joynine Eoton, Bill 
Skaggs, Gail Ward, Joe Hatch, Rhonda Stodderf, Gregg Hall, Anita 
Joseph, Sonny Pritcherd, Lynn Prangley, Pat Ware. 

Coordinated by the tireless leaders of the S.C.A., 
Homecoming is a highly anticipated highlight of the 
Princess Anne year. For the seniors, it is a reminder 
that they are finally at the pinnacle of their high 
school careers. It gives the underclassmen a glimpse 
of the hard work and resulting satisfaction that stu- 
dents experience as they undertake such enormous 
projects. More than any other event of the school 
year, the Homecoming festivities ore the combined 
efforts of all the students of Princess Anne. The ex- 
cited sounds of a keyed-up crowd . . . the splashes of 
bright color as the parade of floats and cars passes 
. . . the tension of a football game . .. the thrill of 
crowning a queen ... all are elements of Homecom- 
ing, 1965, which will be remembered as one of Prin- 
cess Anne's finest Homecoming celebrations. 

Smiling rodiantly, Gail receives her crown 

her robe . 


^^ ' ^^^^^^^^^^M 

ffk ^^t^ 


l^^r '^ ^IH 


The new Homecoming Queen, adorned by the emblems of her new throne, 
stands regoily between the team co-captalns. 

ond a bouquet of flowers. 


Enthusiasm reaches a fever-pitch as the mighty Cavaliers rush between the goal posts and 
begin the Homecoming game. 

At a crucial moment, the coach gives hurried instructions. 

The tension is relieved by the half-time fes- 
tivities . . . 

and the announcement of the winning float . 

and a well-fought battle ends in a final grueling effort 


THE 1 965 



Miss Rhonda Stoddert 

Miss Anita Joseph 

Miss Lynn Prangley 

Each year, the S.C.A., in connection with the Varsity 
football team, chooses five senior girls as candidates for 
Homecoming Queen. The final choice is made by the stu- 
dent body. The results remain unknown, however, until 
the half-time ceremonies of the Homecoming game. The 
crowning of the newly announced queen by the co-cap- 
tains of the football team marks a high point in the Home- 
coming festivities. 

Chosen on the basis of beauty, personality, and ser- 
vice to the school, Gail Ward became the Homecoming 
Queen for 1965. Gail has served the school and her class 
in such capacities as Varsity cheerleader, a member of 
both the Keyette Club and Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, and secretary 
of the Senior class. A lovely and talented young woman, 
Gail Ward will always be considered one of Princess Anne's 
most outstanding Homecoming Queens. 

Miss Jaynine Eoton 





; ^plains how he will make It rain. 

■ "^'?e Rainmaker 

Starbuck Bill Casper 

Lizzie Curry . , , ^Aari!yn Skelton 

Jimmy Curry Henry Rodes 

H. C. Curry Stuart McCausland 

Noah Curry Perry Hanneman 

File Robert Whitaker 

Sheriff Thomas Ronnie Norton 

Even the actors must help point scenery. 

Marilyn Skelton and Robert Whitaker reheorse for 
The Rainmaker. 


A great deal of planning and rehearsing went into the 
production of the Imaginary Invalid. 

Cast of The Imaginary Invalid 

Ardin Perry Hanneman 

Toinette Phyllis Radford 

Beralde Roger Peacock 

Angelique Linda Bohlander 

Thomas Bruce Garrison 

Purjon Kevin Meek 

Bonnefoi Bradley Dunham 

Defois John Case 

Beline Kathleen Friello 

Fleurante Doug Knack 

Phyllis Radford is assisted as she prepares for her role 
In the Imaginary invalid. 


Miss Carolyn Lee Eddy, a former Miss Virginia, 
talks with some of the contestants at the judges' 

All of the contestants and their escorts line up on stage at the opening of the 

Peggy Mannen crowns Cynthia Hershberger Miss PA 1966. 


The dressing room was a hectic place 
during the quick changes made by the 



First runner-up Jaynine Eaton was also chosen Miss Con- 

Bonnie Parsons, second runner-up, surprised the audience 
with an adept exhibition of judo. 


Lynn Prongley did a comedy-jazz dance 
routine to a medley of Second-hand Rose. 

Fourth runner-up Carolyn Annas performed 
a medley from "The Wizard of Oz." 

Doing a comedy routine of "Honey Bun", 
Brendo Suggs was selected Fifth runner-up. 



Drawing is another of her many talents. 

Anita was one of the five girls who comprised the home- 
coming court. 

Anita has cheered on the vorsity squad for two years and was the co- 
captoin this year. 



Arousing school spirit in her fellow students is her goal as a 

One of the greatly anticipated events of the 
senior year is the election of the PEERAGE Queen. 
She is a senior and is nominated and elected by 
seniors only. Each senior homeroom nominates two 
girls, one from the homeroom and one from the en- 
tire senior class to compete for the title. Though 
the PEERAGE Queen is elected in early February 
the winner is not announced to the student body 
until the Annual Dance late in May. At the dance 
the Queen is crowned and receives the first copy of 

This year's Queen of the PEERAGE is Miss Anita 
Joseph, chosen by her fellow students as the girl 
who has contributed the most to Princess Anne and 
to the senior class. Miss Joseph's activities are many 
and varied, yet she manages to give of her time 
and talents successfully to each. She has promoted 
school spirit as a varsity cheerleader for two years 
and this year served as co-captain. Anita was se- 
lected by the faculty as Princess Anne's outstand- 
ing senior girl and in her junior year was chosen by 
her fellow class members to serve as a representa- 
tive to girls' state. Throughout her senior year she 
has remained a member in good standing of the Na- 
tional Honor Society and was an honor graduate out 
of 594 students. Anita was also a member of the 
1965 Homecoming Court. She is president of Trinity 
Tri-Hi-Y, an active member of the Princess Anne 
Keyette Club, and participates in the workings of 
the Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council. 

Seniors can be proud of the many accomplish- 
ments of their fellow student. She is deserving of 
the title PEERAGE Queen and is a sparkling rep- 
resentotive of the NAME Princess Anne. 


^Hpi^. . 




ine J eeraoe 




le IP 






HBl Iff 

■^:^^-^'^ ^^^^B n 111 









guiding (the 

Despite his many time-consuming duties 
as principal, Mr, Littleton always displays 
an active interest in sports events at 
Princess Anne. 


Mr. Littleton often presents awards of appreciation and 
merit to the teachers and students at PA. 

During his eleven years at Princess Anne, Mr. J. 
Warren Littleton has given of his time and talents 
abundantly, never ceasing in his efforts to promote 
the welfare of the student body. He has seen PA 
become one of the most outstanding high schools in 
the state, the recipient of many academic and 
athletic awards. Concerned with all aspects of stu- 
dent life, Mr. Littleton decides school policy, takes 
necessary disciplinary measures, and encourages 
school spirit. He is greatly admired by the students 
for bringing problems involving privileges and dis- 
cipline before such groups as the SCA, allowing the 
students themselves to discuss possible solutions and 
suggest them to the faculty. 

A native of the Eastern Shore, Mr. Littleton re- 
ceived his Bachelor's degree from the College of 
William and Mary, where he majored in Govern- 
ment, and his Master's degree from the University 
of Virginia. Before coming to Princess Anne, he was 
a member of the Great Bridge High School faculty 
and principal at Kempsville Junior High. His lei- 
sure time is occupied by such activities as fishing, 
bridge, and golf. 


One of the assistant principals at Princess Anne 
since 1954, Mr. Edwin Charles has proved himself c 
fine administrator as well as a cooperative member 
of the faculty. With a varied background in educa- 
tion — he received his A.B. degree at Arkansas 
State Teachers College, his Bachelor of Physical 
Education degree at the American University, and 
his Master of Education degree at the University of 
Cincinnatti — Mr. Charles has been able to benefit 
Princess Anne in many capacities. He is an enforcer 
of discipline, a leader of the faculty, and a staunch 
supporter of all athletic teams. Planning to remain 
here two more years and then retire, Mr. Charles 
is a well-respected staff authority at Princess Anne 
High School. 

The job of assistant principal requires a great deal of paper work. 

Assistant principal Mr. Edwin Charles has been at Princess 
Anne s^nce 1954. 


Winding up his successful eight-year career as 
head football coach, Mr. Pete Sachon is now focus- 
ing all his time and energy on his duties as vice- 
principal. Having attended both Catholic University 
and the College of William and Mary, he taught 
and coached at Norview before coming to Princess 
Anne in 1957. No longer a coach, Mr. Sachon intends 
to fill the gap left by football with the resolutions 
to devote even more time to being assistant princi- 
pal and to playing more golf. 

Mr. Pete Sachon is perhaps better known to PA students as the 
head football coach. 


Mr. Sachon enforces school attendance. 


The Guidance Department is possibly the most 
complicated and diverse department at Princess 
Anne. It handles academic and social pro- 
blems, processes transcripts, and supervises college 
and career programs which provide educational and 
vocational guidance. As a special service to incom- 
ing freshmen and sophomores, the Guidance Depart- 
ment organizes and orientation assembly at the be- 
ginning of the year, to introduce new students to 
the opportunities offered to each of them. Handling 
all the CEEB testing for Princess Anne and other 
City schools is the nucleus of this department, Mrs. 
Frances Hudgins, who coordinates all the services 
and activities of Guidance. Working with her as a 
Senior counselor is Mrs. Clelia Freeman, also o Jun- 
ior counselor; Mrs. Betty Bracey, Junior counselor; 
Mr. Charles Atkinson, Sophomore counselor; and 
Miss Hunter, Freshmen counselor. 

Senior counselor Mrs. Hudgins is always ready to help 
students with college or vocational plans. 

Mr. Atkinson, sophomore counselor arranges a parent-teacher 

Mrs. Freeman, also a senior counselor, looks over the records 
of several seniors. 

Princess Anne's new freshman class counselor is Miss Hunter. 

Junior counselor Miss 
Bracey checks report 


Miss Stallings has several students help her check out books to 

Mrs. Jones draws out slips for overdue books. 


The library offers reading material on olmost any subject requested. 

The library, under the 
ings, provides the finest 
back books and periodical 
to the efficiency of this 
innovation this year; a 

supervision of Miss Stall- 
and latest in both hard- 
literature. In order to add 
department there was on 
copying machine was in- 

stalled, enabling students to make records of vital 
information cheaply. In conjunction with the li- 
brary, the audio-visual room maintains a collection 
of interesting and educational films, ranging in 
subject matter from art to English to history and 

Mrs. Ege is in charge of all the equipment of the vi 

sual aid 



The English Department of Princess Anne continues 
to maintain its high standards and long reputation 
for excellence. Supervised by Mrs. Mary Barnes, the 
faculty of the department competently and success- 
fully guides all age groups through the difficulties 
and enjoyment of the English language and literature. 
Beginning with the fundamentals of grammar and 
writing, the students proceed, over a period of four 
years, from an elementary introduction to literature 
to the field of American writers to English literature. 

The English department maintains its division of 
English classes into three groups — superior, average, 
and remedial. Made up of students with strong back- 
grounds in English, the superior classes strive for 
increased understanding of English and American 

Mrs. Shirley Armstrong 

BA Lowrence University 

Mrs. Jones watches 

as her students 

take a test. 

Miss Medley explains the importance of American 

Mrs. Morv Barnes 

BA Westhampton 

Mrs. Judith Dillon 

BA University of 

Miss Diane Dodson 

BA Mary Washington 

Mrs. Mary Heocock 

BA University of 

Mrs. Janet Jones 

BA Nework State College 






spends her free bells 



Mn. Christina Joynar 
AS Eott Carolina 

Miss Linda Kilpotrick 

BA Wake Forest 

Miss Shirley Medley 

BA Winthrop College 

Mrs. Mary Moller 

BA University of Idaho 



poetry and prose. The average classes are geared 
more to the average students needs and capabilities, 
while the remedial classes work to strengthen weak 
backgrounds in English and provide firm bases for 
future English instruction. 

In addition to the required courses in English, there 
are electives from which interested students may 
choose. Advanced Composition provides the student 
with an opportunity to improve his writing ability, and 
World Literature enables him to explore the wealth 
of books outside the spheres of American and English 
authors. Incorporated into the English curriculum are 
the speech classes, in which students both improve 
their speaking ability and increase their self-con- 

Literature to one of her classes. 

Look, look. See the yo-yo. See 
the yo-yo go up and down. 

Mr. William Moosha 

AB Atlantic Christian 


Miss Florence Povlides 

BA Old Dominion 

giving individual instruction. 

Mr. Gordon Raveling 

BA University of 

Miss Sara Roberts 

AB William & Mary 

Miss Elizabeth Predmore 

BS Longwood College 

Mrs. Lucy Sawyer 

AB William & Mary 


Mrs. Gertrude Ward 

BA William & Mary 

Mr. Harold Wheeler 

AB University of 
North Carolina 

Mr. Larry Williams 

BS East Carolina 

Miss Dorothy Winslow 

AB Old Dominion 



Mr, Kenneth Cauthen 

AB University of 
South Carolina 

Mrs. Pamela Kloeppel 

BA Mary Washington 

Mrs. Lynnette Nugent 

BA Mills College 

Mrs. Elaine Orcutt 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Frank Peele 

BA Frederick College 

Miss Freddie Skinner 

AB and BS East 
Corolina College 

Mr. Clarence Stewart 

BA and MA University 
of Tennessee 

Miss Jewel Whitlock 

BA Mory Washington 

MEd University of 


Mr. Cauthen demonstrates the uses of the irregular verb to go. 
Miss Nugent reads to her students in French to improve their comprehension. 



Under the direction of the Miss Jewel Whitlock, 
the Language Department curriculum has expanded 
until it includes French, Spanish, Latin, and German. 
It offers an extensive program in each language. 
Spanish and Latin are offered on three levels while 
French is taught on four. A relatively new addition 
to the curriculum, German is offered for only two 
years. These programs will be extended in the future 
as the students advance to a higher level in a given 
language. Generally the first two years taught in a 
language concentrate on the essential rules of gram- 
mar and vocabulary. Although more difficult me- 
chanics and vocabulary are introduced, the later 
courses stress the literature and history of the re- 
spective countries. 

The Language Department has access to two fully 
equipped language labs. Each student has his own 
individual microphone and tape recorder. Using this 
equipment the student can record and listen to his 
own voice. Through the use of this equipment, the 
teach can hear each individual student without the 
interference of a class recitation. These new labs, 
together with modern teaching methods, enable the 
language students to enhance their ability to speak 
as well as write the languages they are learning. They 
are able to grasp a working vocabulary and to develop 
an accent close to the native language. 

Mr. Peele explains the importance of foreign language in the 
twentieth century. 

"^Ikr'^- .. 

Learning to speok is as important as learning to read or write 
a language. 

Written tests give both students and teacher a chance to evaluate his 



Under the supervision of Mr. E. E. 
Cox, the Social Studies Department 
has taken long steps in the direction 
of improved teaching methods and 
varied curricula. ' Ranging in subject 
matter from U, S. and Virginia gov- 
ernment to international relations to 
history, the Department has added 
certain audio-visual aids to its battery 
of teaching props to help the student 
better grasp a full understanding of 
his subject. 

At Princess Anne the Social Studies 
Department encompasses a wide vari- 
ety of subjects. There ore required 
courses in U. S. History and Govern- 
ment, from which the student learns 
both the background and the work- 
ings of today's modern government. 
In the semester sociology and inter- 
national courses, a student learns not 
only the customs and social functions 
of human culture, but on idea of the 
interplay of these cultures and ideas 
throughout the civilized world. A 
thorough course in economy explores 
the difficult and sometimes little un- 
derstood field of budget and trade, 
while the program in world geography 
illustrates the effects of natural envir- 
onment — climate, land elevation, etc. 
— -upon a people. Each year the So- 
cial Studies Department has grown 
more efficient and thorough in its 
presentation of material to the stu- 
dents, and this year v/as no exception. 

Donald H. Corrow 

MA East Carolina 

Mr. Carrou listens as student gives talk. 

Mr. Cox reviewing the Constitution 
for his government classes. 

Mrs. Hill points Out problems dealing with states-rights. 

Mr. E. E. Cox 

BS William and Mary 
MA University of Virginia 


Mrs. Dolores Fentress 

BS Longwood 

Mr. Thomas Garrou 

AB Duke University 

MEd University of 

North Carolina 

Mr. William Koski 

BA Northern Michigan 

Mr. Howard MacKenzie 

BA Guilford 
MA University of Miomi 

Mr. Wayne Pursell 

BA Randoiph-Mocon 


Mrs. Jean Robert 

BA University of 
North Corolino 

Wineel A. Rowan 

BAe Mary Woshington 

Miss Julia F. Sawyer 

BA William and Mary 

Thomas F. Seward 

BA William and Mary 

Mr. Purcell explains the varied American religious background to one of his classes. 

Capt. Kang-Garrou 


Mr. Kenneth Stanley 

BS Modison College 

Miss Linda Willioms 

BA University of Miami 

Mrs. Dorothy Wolfred 

BS Old Dominion 


Mrs. Phillis Ann Zorn 

BS Radford 

Under the direction of Miss Margaret Bailey, the 
math department continues to teach the fundamen- 
tals of math to both the students who intend to attend 
college and those who are seeking an understanding 
of practical math and its usage through everyday 
application. Most prevalent in the math courses is 
Algebra. Students are taught essential theoretical 
fundamentals of this math in Algebra I and II, and 
are allowed to continue into Algebra III if previous 
grades are satisfactory. Two courses are offered in 
Geometry — Unified and Analytical. These courses 
introduce the student to the primary concepts of both 
Plane, Solid, and Analytical geometry as he attempts 
to prove and utilize the simpler theorems. Trigonom- 
etry teaches the pupil to understand simple trig ratios 
and to apply them in solving practical problems. For 
those who are striving for a practical knowledge of 
mathematics or who need a strong background for 
more complicated fields, there is a course in general 
mathematics which provides for just such compre- 
hensive study. According to Miss Bailey, it is advisable 
for all college-bound students to enroll in as many 
math courses as possible and to gain a strong founda- 
tion for higher math. It is just as important, however, 
for those students who intend to work after high 
school to graduate with a good general knowledge of 
the elementary functions of algebra, geometry, and 

Mrs. Knack tries to explain a difficult point to o student. 


Mrs. Brose explains how to find angles in parallel and non- 
parallel lines. 

The new moth often requires help in addition to classroom work. 


Mrs. Wilmo Anderson 

B5 University of Missouri 

Miss Margaret Bailey 

BA Elon 

Mrs. Doris Brase 

BS Purdue University 

Miss Nancy Davidson 

BS Modison College 

Mrs. Helen Doyle 

BA East Carolina 

Mrs. Doyle uses the graph board to 
plot an answer. 

Mr. Norman Fields 

BA Elon 

MEd University of 



Mr. Robbins teaches the advanced course of 
Algebra III. 

Mrs. Carol Hill 

BS Mary Washington 

Mrs. Carrie Knock 

AB Cornell University 

Mrs. Dorothy Jones 

BS East Carolina College 

Mr. John Robbins 

BS College of William 

and Mary 

MEd University of 


Mrs. Davidson works a problem to show her class how 
it is done. 

Mr. E. F. Stanley 

BS Old Dominion 



Mr. Linn explains the finer points of the light-spectum. 


The Science Department of Princess Anne, under 
the direction of Mrs. Mabel Taylor, offers a curric- 
ulum which includes general science, biology, chem- 
istry, and physics. For the beginning science student, 
the department provides a course in general science 
to prepare him for more advanced and intensive study 
in specific fields. The biology course explores the 
essentials of botany and zoology with particular em- 
phasis on human anatomy. In the biology lab, micro- 
scopes allow the students to investigate minute 
organisms not ordinarily studied, and fully-equipped 
dissection sets make it possible for the students to 
study the anatomy of both plants and animals. The 
chemistry program, by emphasizing chemical laws 
and principles, gives the student a comprehensive in- 
troduction to the composition and structure of every- 
day materials. Participation in lab two days a week 
encourages the student to discover the solutions to his 
own problems. The physics curriculum attempts to 
explain the fundamental principles of matter and 
energy in connection with its effect in mechanics, 
heat, light, sound, and electricity. By taking physics 
a student especially develops his ability to analyze 
natural occurences. 

Mr. James Bocock 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. C. B. Arnett, Jr. 

AB West Virginia 

Mrs. Barbara Causey 

BS Westhampton 

Mrs. Mary Ellen Maclean 

BA Mount Holyoke 

Mrs. Linda Conrad 

BS Highpoint College 

Mrs. Mary Phillips 

BA Mory Washington 

Mr. J. A. Linn 

BS Wm. & Mory, Norfolk 

MS Wm. & Mary, 


Miss Patricia Snow 

BS Radford 

Mrs. Mabel Taylor 

BS Madison College 



Chemistry facilities provide the opportunity for Individual 

Mrs. Taylor gives a lecture on dicot roots. 

Mrs. Phillips ponders over the solution 
to a problem. 

Physical Science class in session. 


Biology class listens as Mrs. Causey gives a lecture. 


Mr. Norman Daly 

BS Atlantic Christian 

Mrs. Carol James 

BS West Virginia 

Mr. Arnie Davis 

BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Doris French 

BS Radford 

Mrs. June Lyons 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Harold Revis 

BS and MA 
West Carol ino 

"It kind of makes the blood rush to your head. 

Mr. John Grady 

BS and MA 
East Carolina 

Mrs, French explains diseases 
and their cures. 

One of Mr. Daly's classes uses the outdoor track. 

Mr. Jerry Sandler 

MEd. University of 
North Carolina 

The trampoline is a favorite of many p. e. students. 




The Physical Education Department under the di- 
rection of Mrs. Doris French and Mr. John Grady 
incorporates both boys' and girls' physical education 
into an excellent, comprehensive course through the 
teaching of physical and mental hygiene as well as 

An interesting and inclusive program has devel- 
oped through the efforts of excellent teachers and 
their access to the many available sports facilities. 
The large main gym is divided into two smaller girls' 
and boys' gyms. These separate gyms each include 
a basketball court and facilities for volleyball and 
badminton and other indoor sports. Besides the main 
gym, which is used for intermurol basketball gomes 
and wrestling matches, there is a small or corrective 
gym where pupils can work out on the mat, the horse, 
the balance beam, or the parallel bars. Two other 
rooms are also available for students who wish to use 
the trampoline. Outside the gym ore facilities for 
outdoor athletics. These facilities include five pro- 
fessional asphalt tennis courts, baseball fields equip- 
ped with backstops, hockey fields, a quarter-mile cin- 
der track, and a fully-lighted football field. 

The Physical Education Department also sponsors 
girls' intramural basketball, volleyball, and field 
hockey teams. Boys not on specific school teams con 
participate in intramural basketball, football, volley- 
ball, track and wrestling. All these facilities and 
opportunities have made Princess Anne's Physical 
Education Department a well-rounded one. 

Would you believe there was a trampoline here not ten minu- 
tes ago? Would you believe three minutes? 

Health classes are a port of the sophomore physical educa- 
tion program. 


Mr. Vernon Cherry 

BBA William ond Mary 

Mrs. Kathleen Edmondson 

BS Madison College 

Mrs. Louise McAfee 

BS Old Dominion 

Mrs. Anne Owens 

BS Madison College 

The workings of the electronic calculator are care- 
fully explained to avoid mistakes. 

Mr. Stewart plons a new schedule. 

Mrs. Hortense Eason 

BS University of 
North Carolina 

Mrs. Verna Frey 

BS Tennessee Tech 

Mrs. Mildred Lee 

BS Ohio University 

Mrs. Anita Matteson 

BS Madison College 

Mrs. Mary Schwartz 

BS Misericordia College 

Mr. Charles Stewart 

BS Old Dominion 

Students enjoy typing on the faster electric typewriters. 

Mrs. Lee instructs her students in the proper care of type- 




The Business Department of Princess Anne High 
School offers courses for both vocotional and college- 
bound students. Mrs. Verna Frey again heads the 
department, long recognized for its excellence and 
variety of available courses. For the future business- 
man and secretary, two courses in Gregg shorthand 
are offered. Typing I and II not only furnish students 
with the skills of touch typing, but also familiarizes 
them with the procedures in typing business letters 
and other office correspondence. Along with a course 
in business mathematics. Bookkeeping I and II ac- 
quaint the future accountant with the procedures of 
bookkeeping. General business and business law pro- 
vide the background necessary for all business em- 
ployees. A semester subject, business economics has 
been added to the curriculum this year. For the ben- 
efit of the college-bound student, the Business De- 
partment offers a semester course in personal typing 
which concentrates on the skill itself and its applica- 
tion at home and school. The semester notehand 
course also aids the college-bound student by intro- 
ducing some of the short cuts of shorthand in taking 
accurate notes. Other improvements have been made 
in equipment. A new duplicator, twenty electric type- 
writers, and fifteen manual typewriters along with a 
new mimeograph machine were acquired. 

Timed typing tests are an important part 
of building speed as well as accuracy. 

Mrs. Edmondson teaches both typing and notehand. 

Mr. Cherry and Mr. Taylor take a look at the record of Princess Anne DE students. 

Mr. James Allen 

BS Norfolk College 
of William and Mary 


b I i 

Mr. Harvard Deen 

Rutgers, Old Dominion 

Mr. Ernest Davenport 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Tetterton instructs students in proper use of the printing press. 

Mr. Robert Eddy 

BS Old Dominion 


Mr. F.C.B. McCune 

MS US Naval Academy 

Mr. Elmer Stamm 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. Marsholl Tetterton 

BS East Carolina 

Mr. Joseph Thibodeou 

BS Old Dominion 

Mr. James Thompson 

BS Old Dominion 

Admiral McCune checks drafting plate. 

Student safety being stressed by Mr. Stamm. 



Although the curriculum at Princess Anne stresses 
scholastic endeavors, the Industrial Arts Department 
plays an important part in the development of me- 
chanical ability in students. Under the chairmanship 
of Mr. Harvard Deen, the department seeks to pro- 
vide students with the opportunity to investigate the 
use of technical skills. The main shop courses deal 
with wood and metal, but courses in graphic arts and 
crafts are offered. Depending on the needs of the 
student, the courses are used either as a basis for 
apprenticeship or as a valuable background for per- 
sonal use. The more popular courses in the depart- 
ment's curriculum are those dealing with mechanical 
drawing and drafting. In these classes the students 
study the application of dimensions and specifica- 
tions through a development of freehand sketching 
and graphical solutions. 

We know you're down there somewhere. 

Mr. Thompson lectures to his wood 
shop class. 

Instructed by Mr. Allen, students learn fundaments of Art and Crafts. 
Mr. Eddy helps a student with his drafting 

It's test time for electronics students. 



%, I 

Mrs. Enid Beazley 

BS Madison College 

Mrs. Virginia Parker 

BS Modison College 

Mrs. Mary Elliot Spencer 

BSHE University of 
North Carolina 

Home Economics is a widely varied comprehensive 
course in the arts of managing a home and providing 
for a family's needs and wants. This department, 
under the direction of Mrs. Enid Beazley, offers a four 
year program of gradually intensified concentration 
in the home economic field, with a special one year 
course for seniors who need a well-rounded, brief 
introduction to home management. 

This excellent department includes many facets 
of family living. Beginning with the basic skills in the 
first year the girls are introduced to the fundamentals 
of sewing, cooking, and childcare. They learn the 
difficulties of pldnning a family budget and correct 
methods of entertaining socially. Working under the 

assumption that practice makes perfect, the faculty 
of the home economics department encourages girls 
to undertake home projects, initiate fashion shows 
and teas, and go on field trips that are both interest- 
ing and educational. 

As students progress into their second year, their 
courses in home economics become even deeper and 
more difficult. There is greater stress on quality than 
quantity, and studies are directed more toward nutri- 
tion, home nursing and family relations. The following 
two years offer more detailed study of home manage- 
ment so that when a student has completed all four 
years she will be well prepared for the problems of 
raising a family. 

Mrs. Beasley explains various terms used in sewing. 

Girls learn to be economical by making their own clothes. 


After the completion of one of their projects the girls held a tea. 

The Home Ec rooms are decorated just as a home. Mrs. Beazley shows a student how to measure cloth. 

Students enjoy home economics knowing that the n r> i j- i x j • i 

skills they master will serve them well. ^'^- ^°'^^' discusses vorious ways of preparing meat during a class session. 


Art students work in many different mediums. 

Mr. Collins conducts the bond during the Christmas assembly. 

The chorus, under the direction of Mr. Graves performs at many school 

Art students often need constructive criticism to better 
their work. 



Mr. Clark Graves 

BME Shendoah 
Conservatory of Music 

Mr. Ronald Collins 

BS Frederick College 

Mrs. Grace Fruit 

BA Mary Washington 

The objectives that students enrolled in art strive 
for are essentially three-fold. The first objective is 
the activation of the sense of creativity, which comes 
from observation of the world at large. Through rec- 
ognition and discovery, students learn about the cre- 
ations of nature. 

This learning aspects brings the second objective 
to mind. In order to broaden their cultural and in- 
tellectual backgrounds, student build a basic foun- 
dation of knowledge by studying the old masters of 
the past. Certain techniques and materials are also 
studied to further the student's ability as an artist. 

The final objective entails exploration of the vast 
possibilities in the fields of art. A most important 

learning experience, it can be used not only as a 
method of choosing a student's career, but of helping 
him to recognize the artistic value of all that he sees 
around him. 

In the musical field, the band and chorus of Prin- 
cess Anne continue to excel. Both the Madrigal Sing- 
ers and the A Capella Choir have garnered many 
honors for Princess Anne. Participating in All State 
Chorus, the Madrigals have travelled throughout the 
state entertaining audiences and meeting with suc- 
cess everywhere. An essential part of Baccalaureate 
and Graduation, as well as of the football games, the 
band has participated in fund-raising drives and the 
Azalea Festival. 

Band members practice together daily to achieve the quality for which they are so well known. 



Students Receiving National Merit Letters of Commendation are: Linda Bohlander, Kathy 
Davis, Ernie Davis, Warren Clark, Preston Springston, Bruce Stewart, Debby Clark, Tom 
Grissom. Missing are Ruth Anne Oliver, Linwood Respess, and Tom Wilkerson. 

Bob Hutten and Warren Clark received honorable mention 
from the National Council of Teachers of English. 

Dan Wells is the state scor- 
ing champion in basketball 
this year. 

Bob Hutten and Anita Joseph were chosen as PA's most out- 
standing senior boy and girl. 



Senior Bob Hutlen was selected as Princess Anne's representative on the All Tidewater 
Scholastic Team which is sponsored by the Ledger Star Newspaper. 

Lynn Prongley was asked to speak before the State General Assembly 
on the issue of lowering the voting age to eighteen. With Lynn is 
Senator William Kellam, her host in Richmond. 

For the fourth year a Princess Anne girl was 
chosen Virginia Beach's Junior Miss. This year 
Virginia Beach's Junior Miss was Rhonda 
Stoddert who also placed high in the state 

Michael Leavitt and Donna Saunders were selected as National 
Merit Scholarship finalists for their high scores on o nationwide 



More than sixty of the opproximotely six hundred 
members of the Class of 1966 will graduate with 
honors. Each of these students has maintained at 
least a 6.00 average throughout his high school 
career. Honor graduates ore recognized for their 
scholastic achievements by being the first to receive 
their diplomas at graduation exercises. 

The Class of 1966 has an increased percentage 
of honor graduates over the previous years. The ma- 
jority of these students plan to attend college and 
further their achievements. Both Princess Anne High 
School and the graduating class of 1966 can be proud 
of these seniors. 

William Ashley 
Joanne Austin 
Margie Banks 
Paula Benner 
Linda Bohlander 
Gloria Brinkley 
Kathleen Brinkley 
Mary Bungard 
James Bunn 
Deborah Clark 
Warren Clark 
Carol Curling 
Daniel Dauer 
Ernest Davis 
Kathy Davis 
Nancy DeLozier 
Jaynine Eaton 

Gregory Evans 
Robert Everett 
John Green 
Gregroy Hall 
Mary Harris 
John Hass 
Robin Haynes 
Julie Helsabeck 
Carol Hinzpeter 
Martin Hogan 
Robert Hutten 
Vicki Johnson 
Anita Joseph 
Gwynneth Joslyn 
Albert Lilley 
Sandra Long 
Wildo Lucy 

Katherine Manning 
Stuart McCausland 
Carol McDougle 
Jimmy Mills 
Marilyn Morris 
Ruth Anne Oliver 
Marsha Overbey 
Kothryn Overstreet 
Charles Parker 
Scarlette Parrish 
Gary Pinion 
Lynn Prangley 
Joan Reese 
Linwood Respess 
James Rowe 
Stephanie Rozycki 
Donna Saunders 

Nancy Shea 
Janice Silas 
Donna Sistrunk 
Helen Smith 
Doreen Spencer 
Brenda Stakes 
Bruce Stewart 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Essie Street 
Christa Taylor 
Mary Vann 
Linda White 
Richard White 
Thomas Wilkerson 
Eugene Wilson 
Carolyn Woodruff 
Carol Wright 


Bob and Brenda indulge in their favorite pastinne. 

Brenda Stolces, salutatorian, and Bob Hutten, Valedictorian. 


This year's valedictorian end salutatorian are 
Bob Hutten and Brenda Stakes. Both of these sen- 
iors have participated in several extracurricular 
activities as well as maintaining high scholastic 

Bob, valedictorian, has maintained a perfect "A" 
average during the five years he has been in high 
school. This year he is the president of the Princess 
Anne SCA and the chairman of the Tidewater SCA 
District. Last year Bob served as the vice-president 
of the SCA and the chairman of the Inter-Club 
Council. Bob has been selected as a member of the 
Princess Anne Scholastic Achievement Team several 
times and is currently a member of the All-Tide- 
water Scholastic Achievement Team. He has parti- 
cipated in the Key Club, the cross-country and in- 

door track teams, and the Notional Honor Society. 
Bob received recognition from the Notional Coun- 
cil of Teachers of English, was a finalist in the Du- 
Pont Scholarship Competition, and was chosen as the 
outstanding senior boy at Princess Anne. Bob plans 
to attend Hampden-Sydney and either major in 
English or prepare for a career in medicine. 

Salutatorian Brenda Stokes is on active member 
of the Keyette Club, in which she serves as chaplain. 
She is the secretary-treasurer of the National Hon- 
or Society, treasurer of the Future Teachers of 
America, and a member of Theta Tri-Hi-Y. Brenda 
has also been a member of the Princess Anne 
Scholastic Team in the post. She will attend Mary 
Washington College of the University of Virginia 
where she plans to major in the social sciences. 



Each semester the faculty selects eight students, 
two from each class, as members of the Princess 
Anne High School Scholastic Achievement Team. 
The grades a student makes, the courses he is tak- 
ing, and his character are all considered when 
choosing team members. 

As well as selecting a school team, the faculty 
names one of the senior members to the All-Tide- 
water Scholastic Achievement Team. This senior 
competes with other outstanding Scholastic Team 
members for a scholarship of two thousand dollars, 
which is presented by the Ledger Star, the sponsor 
of the scholastic team program. Bob Hutten, vale- 
dictorian of the senior class, has been chosen to rep- 
resent Princess Anne on the All-Tidewater Scholas- 
tic Achievement Team. 

This year's team members have already made 
plans for future educations and careers. The high 
academic success of these eight students exemplify 
the aims of many of the scholars at Princess Anne. 

Senior Warren Clark plans to concentrate on 
math and sciences at the University of Virginia. 
Senior Bob Hutten has been accepted at Hampden- 
Sydney. While there he will study either English or 
prepare for a career in medicine. Katie Bradshaw, 
a junior, would like to further her education at the 
College of William and Mary. She plans to be a 
teacher. Junior Walter Brookhart's plans include at- 
tending either the College of William and Mary or 
the University of Virginia to study chemistry and 
physics. Sophomore Jeff Jewett wants to attend 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He wants to 
study math or physics. Lem Marshall wants to attend 
the University of Virginia to study chemitsry and 
math. Lem is a sophomore. Susan Marshall, a fresh- 
man, is interested in political science. Duke Univer- 
sity is her choice of college. Sharon Self, another 
freshman has not chosen a college, but is interested 
in nursing and secretarial work. 

Team members are (front) Katie Bradshaw, Susan Marshall, Sharon Self, (back) Jeff Jewett, 
Bob Hutten, Warren Clark, Walter Brookhart, and Lem Marshall. 

Members of this year's debate team are Barbie Byrtus and Barbie Smith with debate coach 
Mr. Gordon Raveling. 


The Princess Anne Debate Team is 
o NAME not to be taken lightly. 
Throughout Princess Anne's history, 
the school has fielded a formidable 
team. Perhaps the culmination of ef- 
fort in debate was reached in the 
1964-65 school year when the Prin- 
cess Anne debaters won the Eastern 
District and Virginia State Champion- 
ships both affirmatively and nega- 
tively. No school has ever more com- 
pletely dominated these two tourna- 
ments. The Princess Anne debators, in 
addition to winning the first place 
team trophies, completely captured the 
individual awards by winning selec- 
tion as the first and second place 
negative and affirmative debators in 
both tournaments. 

Certainly the names of Tim Fin- 
chem, Maurice Stocks, Randy Hender- 
son, and Rodney Pennington will be 
remembered at Princess Anne and, 
just as certain, the NAME Princess 
Anne will be remembered in Virginia 
High School Debate. 

Replacing a debate team of the 
caliber of the 1964-65 team is, of 
course, impossible. A rebuilding year 
is in order at Princess Anne. It might 
be well to note, however, that the de- 
bate coach was overheard to say, 
"We'll be all right. Just give us a little 
time and we might surprise some 

This was the same comment he 
made last year. The NAME Princess 
Anne is still a power to be reckoned 

Members of the 1964-65 debate team are Maurice Stocks, Tim Finchem. Mr. Raveling, 
Randy Henderson, and Rodney Pennington. 

• • • 

t • 

1^ # 









'.• f^ 

\i (i '^^ 






d the 

Meeting in the SCA office with Mr. E. E. Cox, sponsor, are the SCA officers. Bob Hutten, Presi- 
dent; Gloria Brinkley, Treasurer; Rhonda Stoddert, Secretary; and John Hass, Vice President. 


Bob Hutten and Mr. Cox introduce the Reverend Wagner at the 
district SCA Conference. 

vB^BSiSm IH 

' Ai 

' ASS 

ociA#M Ir 

jwicEss ; 







This year the Princess Anne SCA has strived to 
unite the student body and to co-ordinate all student 
activities. Through both words and actions the SCA 
has attempted to create an atmosphere conducive 
to the advancement of education and democratic 

The SCA conducted Homecoming and donated 
prizes for the winning floats. During the Christmas 
season representatives collected money to be donated 
to a mental clinic and donated food to a needy family. 
Homeroom doors, as well as the foyer and halls were 
decorated for Christmas by the Student Council. 

in October the Princess Anne SCA was host to all 
Tidewater schools for a district SCA conference. In 
addition, delegates from Princess Anne were sent 
to the state convention, the foreign-exchange student 
forum, and a conference in Richmond on cheating. 

In order to hove a more effective SCA, the Stu- 
dent Council initiated a revision of the SCA constitu- 
tion. Plans were mode for a "Faculty Follies" and a 
hootenanny to be held during the second semester. 
Other activities were conducted through the ICC and 
the Honor Court. 


The Honor Court judges for this year are Bill Ashley, Brenda Spruill, Lawerence Marshall, 
Bob Owens, Wallace Haislip, Janae White, and Barbara Byrtus. 

The Honor Council serves to judge coses of stu- 
dents accused of committing on honor offense. Dur- 
ing the meetings which ore held after school, cases 
are heard and recommendations for punishment ore 
decided upon if a verdict of guilty is reached. 

The key to the Honor System lies in the willing- 
ness of the students to accept their responsibility, 

and this year's Honor Council has worked to make 
the student body aware of its responsibility. Although 
in the post the student body of Princess Anne has 
neglected the Honor System, the Honor Council has 
established an increased feeling of co-operation this 
year. The council has worked hard to gain "Student 
Co-operation Through Understanding." 

John Hass conducts an ICC meeting in the library. 

The purpose of the Inter-Club Council is to co- 
ordinate the activities of all school clubs. Each club 
sends a representative to the meetings to report on 
their activities and any problems they may have en- 
countered. At the monthly meetings, presided over 
by chairman John Hass, the clubs of the month are 
chosen. The interest club and service club that hove 
done the most outstanding job of benefiting both 
school and community ore recognized by the ICC for 
their achievement. The most important aspect of the 
ICC is its presentation of a scholarship to a deserving 
senior. All clubs contribute to this scholarship. The 
members of the ICC plan the theme for Homecoming 
and through their continuing efforts moke Home- 
coming the success it is. They are in charge of the 
election of the queen, the Homecoming parade and 
the dance following the gome. 



One of the most distinguished organizations ot 
Princess Anne High School is the Notional Honor 
Society. Only seniors are eligible for membership 
in this organization. Although the majority of the 
members are selected in the spring of their junior 
year, any students who wish to be considered for 
membership after the beginning of their senior year 
are carefully screened, and if eligible, inducted in an 
impressive tapping ceremony. Applicants must meet 
rigid requirements. Scholarship, leadership, and serv- 
ice ore but a few of the facets of a student's person- 
ality that are considered in screening. All members 
must hove a B overage with no grade lower than a 
C throughout their high school careers. 

The main goal of the National Honor Society is 
to provide scholarships to deserving members of the 
Society. Consequently, the group has sponsored sev- 
eral fund-raising activities to provide money for these 
scholarships. The sponsoring of the first dance of the 
year after the football gome with Great Bridge and 
the supervision of the annual Junior-Senior Basket- 
ball Gome ore traditional projects of the Society. The 
National Honor Society also conducts many smaller 
projects to help raise scholarship funds. 

Linwood Respess 


Warren Clark 


Brenda Stakes 


President Linwood Respess Conducts the tapping ceremony. 


William Ashley Barbara Bell Mary Bungard James Bunn Deborah Clark Ernest Davis Katharine Dovis 

Nancy DeLozier Gregory Evans Gregroy Hall Mary Horris 

John Hass Robin Haynes Julie Helsabeck 

Robert Hutten Vicki Johnson Anita Joseph Gwynneth Joslyn Sandra Long Katharine Manning Cynthia Mills 






'fi. I 


Marilyn Morris Ruth Anne Oliver Kothryn Overstreet Robert Owens 

Gary Pinion Donna Saunders Nancy Shea 


^lU h\i^ 

Donna Sistrunk Doreen Spencer Bruce Stewart Rhonda Stoddert Mory Vann Thomas Wilkerson Carolyn Woodruff 

NOT PICTURED: Stuart McCausland 



At right is Nancy Shea, Editor-in-Chief and mainstay of the Annual Staff, 
who plans the general lay-out of the PEERAGE and coordinates the duties 
of the editors. Shown with her are Donna Saunders, an indispensible staff 
member, and Ray Cooiey, photographer. 

Nancy DeLozier, Business Manager, grins happily as 
she counts the PEERAGE'S monetary assets. 

For Nancy Shea, the pause that refreshes. 

Sounds of diligent annual staff members work- 
ing busily on the PEERAGE issue from the an- 
nual room daily. The staff members, chosen for 
their creative abilities and their willingness to 
work long hours, spend much of their free time 
in producing a first-rate yearbook. 

Harrassed photographers rush about the school 
snapping both candid and formal shots of stu- 
dents and faculty, while editors identify pictures, 
sell advertisements, write copy, and lay-out page 
designs in order to meet important deadlines. 
Amid the flurry of school activities, the PEERAGE 
staff strives to record the spirit of the students 
carrying the NAME Princess Anne everywhere. 
The efforts of the staff ore culminated in the 
distribution of the PEERAGE, a collection of fond 
memories for every student. 

While the cat's away, the mice — Editors Gale Variot, Marsha Overbey, 
and Ann Yancey — will play. 


Mr. Frank Peele, PEERAGE sponsor, sneaks a bite to 
eat during one of the onnual room's rare moments of 

Co-sports Editor, Larry Brinkley, consults with Bobbi Smith, one of the 
most valuable members of the annual staff, upon the caption for a 
picture. . 

Bill Skaggs, Co-Sports Editor, studies basketball shots. 

Caught unexpectedly by the camera — Editor Carolyn Wood- 

Editor Greg Evans and Nancy Shea manage to relieve the work routine 
occasionally with some kidding horseplay. 

Inspecting film is PEERAGE photographer, Jack 


Students who publish the PAGE are (front row) Nancy Joyce, Rhonda Stoddert, Sonia Siegle, 
Kim Boone, (bock row) Linda Troutner, Bob Hise, Stuart McCausland and sponsor. Miss 


The production of the Princess Anne newspaper, 
the PAGE, is co-ordinated by Stuart McCausland, 
editor-in-chief, and supervised by Miss Florence 
Paviides, journalism instructor. The editoral staff of 
the Princess Anne PAGE consists of students who 
are taking Journalism II. At the beginning of each 
semester the editorial staff is changed to permit 
more people to display their talents in different 

The paper is published twelve times during the 
school year, and for the first time it is being printed 
by a professional publsihing company, H. C. Young 
of Norfolk. 

The PAGE covers news of sports events, club ac- 
tivities, scholastic achievements, and student activi- 
ities. The hard work of the staff is reflected in the 
quality of the paper. The PAGE won a first place 
award at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association 
for its excellent coverage of past, present, and fu- 
ture events at Princess Anne. 

PAGE staff members seem surprised as they watch the 
latest edition come off the press. 

As deadlines approach frequent conferences are necessary. 
Members of the FOLIO staff discuss plans for this year's edition. 






^. . .- . . - 

AS^ - 


The PAGE members must often research articles from various sources. 

Many changes are required in layout before the final form 
is ready to be sent to the printer. 

Editor-in-chief Stuart McCausland and Miss Povlides discuss the 
PAGE copy that has just come out. 

The staff prepares 'the printed papers for distribution to the 
student body. 

It is important for staff members to understand type- 



The band pauses during a concert. 

The Color Guard advances. 

Operating under a new director, Mr. Collins, the 
Princess Anne High School Bond has received many 
honors and awards. The band has marched in the 
Oyster Bowl Parade, at the Tobacco Festival in Rich- 
mond, and at Frederick College. 

A gift of one thousand dollars presented to the 
band by the athletic department has enabled the 
band to purchase a new French horn and to finish 
paying for the new uniforms. The Princess Anne 
Band was also honored by being chosen as host to 
the all-regional concert band this winter. 

Through much hard work and numerous early- 
morning practices, the Princess Anne High School 
Band has become one of the best units in the area. 

Bond Council members are George Winslow, Carlton Rowe, 
Gordon Register, David Boyd, Marsha Wode, Scherry Grimsley, 
ond Eric Hoover. 



Bond Rotter 

David Boyd directs the band. 

Brenda Anderson 
Randy Anderson 
Pauline Archibald 
Eve Ahles 
Ken Ascher 
Norman Boyd 
David Boyd 
William Brisbois 
Betty Bush 
Kenneth Butt 
Mac Carpenter 
Christine Carr 
Maurine Corr 
Lloyd Christianson 
Jacqueline Coleman 
Richard Crowther 
Patricia Davis 
Elizabeth DeLapp 
Frank Dickson 
Michael Elliot 
Darlene Gallop 
Charley Garrison 
David George 
Patrick Goodwin 
Charles Graham 
Scherry Grimsley 
Paul Grochmal 
Jerry Hansley 
Jim Harty 
Tom Harty 
Donnie Hensley 
Eric Hoover 
Dianne Hunter 
Suzanne Hunter 
David Jenson 
Robert Law 
Leslie Lilley 
James Krone 
Myrna Manos 

Lem Marshall 
Bob McCullough 
Steve McMichael 
Steve Mikeal 
Jackie Miller 
Philip Miller 
James Milligan 
Bill Minkel 
Ray Mitchell 
Eric Montgomery 
Ernie Morris 
Jane Moss 
Roy Munden 
Katherine Noblett 
Mike Oberholzer 
Mike Patterson 
Howard Pearce 
John Penderson 
Gordon Register 
Carlton Rowe 
Leigh Anne Rowe 
John Sadler 
Linda Saldana 
John Scanlon 
Dick Snipes 
Garland Speight 
Stuart Stevenson 
Essie Street 
Guy Taylor 
Michael Teets 
Doug Tilley 
Gary Truhe 
Kenneth Vance 
Marsha Wade 
Katherine Worrell 
Robert Watkins 
Carl Webb 
Richard White 
George Winslow 
David Ziemba 

The band assembles before marching. 




Kit Warrell, Scherry Grimsley and Eve Ahles. 

The Princess Anne Majorette Corps is composed 
of three girls who are carefully selected in a com- 
petitive audition. The majorettes must not only be 
skilled twirlers but also must play an instrument in 
the concert band. The girls must practice long hours 
in preparation for performing with the fabulous 
marching Cavaliers. 

Scherry Grimsley is the head majorette. 

Kit Warrell waits for her cue to march. 



The Cavalettes, Princess Anne's Drill 
Team, have marched their way to state 
wide recognition. This year the girls 
marched in the Oyster Bowl Parade, the 
Richmond Tobacco Festival Parade, the 
Azalea Festival Parade and at all the 
home football games. Under the leader- 
ship of Norma Felton and Donna Young, 
the girls hove mastered new and difficult 
routines. Mr. Earl Stanley, Sponsor, and 
the Cavalettes have been very success- 
ful in spreading the NAME Princess 

One of the projects the girls have un- 
dertaken this year has been the selling 
of doughnuts to raise money for new 
uniforms. They have raised a great deal 

of money in this manner and are close 
to the achievement of their goal. 

The Cavalettes wait to march. 

Drill Team Roster 

Nancy Austin 
Sandra Austin 
Pat Baxter 
Susan Beale 
Darleen Board 
Rose Boettcher 
Brenda Bronum 
Linda Burden 
Carol Crawford 
Vicki Cunningham 
Darlene Cupp 

Barbara Curtis 
Susan Cuthrill 
Edith Davis 
Holly Dearden 
Nancy Devenish 
Ann Dillion 
Norma Felton 
Faye Fraser 
Louise Fraser 
Linda Gossett 
Ellen Green 

Renee Hoyden 
Theresa Holcombe 
Susan Holzhauser 
Marilyn Horstman 
Donna Johnson 
Suzi Johnson 
Debbie Jones 
Petra Karn 
Debra Kowalski 
Nancy Law 
Nancy Lewis 

Mary Lipinski 
Rosemary Lugo 
Cindy Macon 
Denise Marinelli 
Diane Marino 
Wanda Mathis 
Pat McGhee 
Debbie McKinney 
Sharon McKinney 
Sandra Merritt 
Susan Miller 

Pam Moore 
Kathryn Overstreet 
Peggy Paschall 
Diane Perry 
Bessie Pierce 
Carolyn Powell 
Lynn Powers 
Carol Renkvish 
Mary Rock 
Joonn Rogers 
Sandi Stowell 

Brenda Suggs 
Carol Swanner 
Cathy Sykes 
Pot Sykes 
Verna Taylor 
Dian Van Pelt 
Pat Vest 
Ellen Wheeley 
Jane White 
Linda Workman 
Donna Young 

Co-captain and captain of this 
Donna Young and Norma Felton. 

year's Cavalettes are 

In order to achieve the desired precision drill Team members must 
often practice long hours after school. 



. ^ -4i^ 




1 wiu.^. .. 


Mr. Clark Groves and the Madrigal singers gather around the piano 
for a rehearsal. 

Under the direction of Mr. Clark Graves, the 
Princess Anne High School Choral Department has 
received recognition as being one of the finest in 
the Tidewater area. Both the A Capella Choir and the 
Madrigal singers have displayed much ability. 

The members of the A Capella Choir are chosen 
after auditioning for Mr. Graves. They receive instruc- 
tion as a part of the regular school curriculum. The 
Madrigals, on the other hand, are an entirely vol- 
untary group and receive no credits toward graduation 
for participating. The Madrigals are also chosen by 

As well OS performing in customary spring and 
winter concerts, the choruses provided music for 
graduation exercises, sang during the National Honor 
Society tapping ceremony, and participated in the 
Minstrel show held in the Princess Anne auditorium. 
The Madrigals hove donated their time to sing for 
several local organizations. The students and faculty 
of Princess Anne High School can certainly be proud 
of the manner in which the members of the choral 
groups donate their time and talents to carry the 
NAME Princess Anne everywhere. 

Madrigal Roster 

Carolyn Annas 
Bob Banes 
Diane Bruce 
Bill Casper 
Kevin Cullen 
Sandy Dowdy 
Cindy Hershberger 
Wilda Lucy 

Tim Morgan 
Jeff Neal 
Gary Pinion 
Susan Pittman 
Freddy Rogers 
Linda Satterfield 
Mary Anne Stone 
Phillip Wiggleton 

The members of Girls' Chorus listen as Mr. Graves 
ploys o new number. 

The A Capella Choir is ready to perform for Princess Anne students. 


The A Capella Choir prepares for a formal concert. 

A Capella Roster 

Anne Ackaway 
Sandra Adams 
Brian Ainley 
Carolyn Annas 
Aubrey Backus 
Sandra Backus 
Jim Baumeister 
Maria Benner 
Adeline Bennett 
Jan Benschop 
Diane Bruce 
Nancy Bryant 
Dale Butcher 
Nancy Carden 
Mary Cardillo 
Bill Casper 
Larry Casper 
Jacklyn Cato 
Sandra Chandler 
Christine Craig 
Kevin Cullen 
Judy Dashiell 
Chuck Davidson 
Sandy Dowdy 
Judy Durham 
Don Forehand 
Eddy Hall 
Donna Hampton 
Linda Heffington 
Jim Heimback 
Jerry Helms 
Butch Hensley 
Cindy Hershberger 
Elizabeth Hugya 
Cheryl Hunt 
Vickie Johnson 

Gwynne Joslyn 
Koleen Kelly 
Barbara Kneece 
Bobby Lane 
Goldie Lang 
Wilda Lucy 
Sharon McJunkin 
Don Miller 
Dottie Moore 
Tim Morgan 
Jeff Neal 
Mike Pair 
Jeanette Parker 
Darlene Parrish 
Gary Pinion 
Susan Pittman 
Sue Pratt 
William Prentiss 
Sherry Rhodes 
Freddy Rogers 
Ann Roxborugh 
Linda Satterfield 
Regina Schulte 
Sheryl Smith 
Brenda Spruill 
Mary Anne Stone 
Toni Tedder 
Pom Uhl 
Nancy Worriner 
Dan Wells 
Barbara Wiggleton 
Phillip Wiggleton 
Judy Wilkinson 
Larry Williams 
Maureen Williams 
Sally Wilson 

Mr, Graves conducts during the Christmas assembly. 


Member of- th'e:bistributive Education Club gather for a picture. 


DE Club officers ore (back to front) Steve Potrick,. Vice President; 
Ted Moize, President; John Leonard, Reporter; Bev Wells, Par- 
liamentarian; and Sally May, Secretary. 

Princess Anne's Distributive Education Club began 
this year by electing new club officers. Heading the 
slate was Ted Maize, President. Steve Patrick was 
elected to the office of Vice President, while Sally 
May became Secretary. Eddie Lewis was voted 
Treasurer, Bev Wells, Parliamentarian and John 
Leonard, Reporter. 

The building of the homecoming float was the 
club's first undertaking of the year. With Joy Wil- 
son heading the float committee, the DE Club pro^ 
ceeded to build the "Mighty Goldfinger" and cap- 
tured second place. 

National DECA week was promoted by the Prin- 
cess Anne Chapter by placing posters in store win- 
dows throughout the area, and a display in the win- 
dow of Ames & Brownley. Bumper stickers were dis- 
tributed to club members. A bulletin board was used 
to promote National DECA Week throughout PA. 

This year's DE Club undertook two Christmas 
projects. The first was to support on area-wide proj- 
ect. Operation Shoe Box. Shoe boxes were filled with 
useful articles for our fighting men in Viet Nam. 
John Leonard, Chairman and several members of 
the committee publicized the project by encourag- 
ing listeners of WKVK to participate. 

Christmas presents to orphans of St. Mary's were 
collected and delivered to the Home. Bev Wells and 
her committee visited the home and children. Candy 
canes and fruit cokes were given to the Sisters for 
distribution on Christmas day. 

Another achievement of the club was the pre- 
sentation of the "Club of the Month" award for 


Ray Adams 
Sandra Adams 
Herb Akers 
Linda Bateman 
James Beaube 
Leonard Biggers 
Jeff Black 
Dennis Bohrer 
Gail Boone 
Mike Bowman 
Bill Bryan 
Stephen Burchom 
Earl Caporin 
Woody Casper 
Carol Cassidy 
Bill Church 
Joel Clark 
Dolly Collins 
Janies Counts 
Janice Critz 
Janie Cross 
Patricia Davenport 
Ed Davin 
Betty Davis 
Dennis Defir 
Joyce Digges 
Sammy Dowdy 
Mitchell Dunbar 
Nick Durney 
William Falconer 
Tom Fay 
Stephen Foster 
Bill Fulghum 
Jack Getrige 
Joan Gibbs 
Gary Glenn 

De Club Roster 

Joe Gorman 
Howard Hall 
Vincent Harris 
Jeff Harrison 
Robin Harrison 
Doris Hewitt 
Amy Hilton 
Paul Hobbs 
Daniel Hobson 
Lynn Hodges 
Carol Horstman 
George Ingram 
Terry Jackson 
Bill Jennette 
Nancy Joyce 
Bonnie Kelly 
Nancy Kinball 
Goldie Lang 
Jeff Leavitt 
John Leonard 
Eddy Levitt 
Edward Lewis 
Doborah Lowndes 
Buddy Marson 
James Marson 
Michael Mason 
Margie Martin 
Sandra Matthias 
Sally May 
Tommy Mayo 
Ted Massie 
Linda McGinnis 
Dennis McKee 
Allen Miller 
George Misok 
Joey McNamero 
Phil Morris 

Bruce Mullen 
Leroy Murphy 
Muke Pair 
Wanda Penkleton 
Patricia Pool 
Stephen Patrick 
K. W. Rawls 
Gary Ragan 
Phyllis Robinson 
Henry Rodes 
Steve Rorrer 
Al Rountree 
James Salyers 
Tommy Sands 
Sandy Savage 
Diane Shaw 
Pot Shaw 
Clyde Sheely 
Helen Smith 
Joe Smith 
Bobbie Spencer 
Wayne Storey 
Bruce Tabor 
Tommy Taft 
Eddy Tarkenton 
James Tarkenton 
Thelma Thompson 
Ruth Toti 
Ben Ward 
Beverly Wells 
Robert Whitaker 
Jay Wilson 
Tom Winder 
Joan Wingrove 
Robert Workman 
Judi Wright 

DE classes discuss various sales approaches. 

Mr. Jacobson explains" th'e "importance ,oi b'eing Cour- 
teous on the job. .'•-•" 

The DE Club's Homecoming float won second place. 



The membership of the Chess Club 
is comprised of those people who have 
an interest in the ancient game of 
chess. Prerequisites for membership 
are the ability to ploy chess and an 
interest in the game. Under the ex- 
pert guidance of Admiral McCune, 
the club has sponsored the chess 
team. Another club activity which 
served to promote an interest in chess 
was a chess tournament. The mem- 
bers also conduct intra-club competi- 

The officers and sponsor of the Chess Club ore William Gray, Vice President; 
Ernie Davis, President; Mr. McCune, Sponsor; Tim Morgan, Secretary-Treasurer; 
and Perry Hanneman, I.C.C. Representative. 

Chess Club members assemble to proctice for their next competition. 

Chess Club Roster 

Steve Austin 
Steve Blazo 
Mike Borden 
Walter Brookhart 
Wes Bruning 
Wade Bryant 
Ricky Conker 
Edith Davis 
Ernie Davis 
David Fender 
Bill Gray 
Tom Gray 
Eddie Grumback 
Perry Hanneman 
James Hardgrave 
Jeff Jewett 
Bob Jones 
Jay Josselyn 
Allyn Kroger 
Ken Martin 
Donna McKeel 
Dennis Moore 
Tim Morgan 
Bob O'Grady 
Alan Parker 
Charles Parker 
Reid Douglas 
Al Rountree 
Martha Sheaiy 



The Drama Club and it's inner cir- 
cle, the National Thespians, under 
the direction of Mrs. Dillon and the 
leadership of Roger Peacock, strives 
to encourage student participation in 
the field of drama. The club sponsors 
the production of the all-school play 
and also works on the Senior Play. 
They plan to enter in the state-wide 
dramatic competition in March. So- 
cial activities of the club include at- 
tending the Cavalier Dinner Play- 
house, several one act plays presented 
by the experimental wing of the Nor- 
folk Little Theatre, and the produc- 
tion of Oedipus the King at the Nor- 
folk State College. 

Tony Arnaldo 
Pam Auzier 
Andrea Benda 
Linda Bohlander 
Charlotte Bowman 
Suzanne Boyd 
Barbara Campbell 
Kathy Campbell 
John Case 
Bill Casper 
Mike Clarke 
Jackie Coleman 
Melanie Conway 
Bradley Dunham 
Mary Harrington 

Drama Club Roster 

Vicki Hendren 
Chris Mollis 
Kay Hudkins 
Doug Knack 
Barbara Kubiszewski 
Sheri Lee 
Lance Mauro 
Alice Mercer 
Cindy Moore 
Edie Moore 
Dennis Morgan 
Maggie Newman 
Bob Owens 
Roger Peacock 
Martha Pollie 

Lori Prytulak 
Phyllis Radford 
Henry Rodes 
Ray Skinner 
Valerie Sluys 
Robert Spencer 
Judy Stallard 
S:indy Stowell 
Michelle Strom 
Barbara Snyder 
Sharon Teaman 
Ken Thomas 
Gail Thompson 
Patty Quillis 
Judy Yates 

Drama Club members assemble on the stage. 

Linda Bohlander as Angelique tries to reason with her father, played by 
Perry Hanneman, as Toinette, Phyllis Radford, looks on in a Scene from 
the Drama Club's Presentation of The Imaginary Invalid. 

Drama Club officers are Mrs. Dillon, Sponsor, Beth Martin, Treasurer; Bar- 
bara Campbell, Secretary; Ken Thomas, Vice-President; and Roger Peacock, 


Electronics Roster 

Joe Chapmon 
John Chapman 
Tilson Copeland 
Charles Crane 
Brenda Fulchum 
Jeff Jewett 
Rob Lockwood 
Mike McSpadden 
Virn Montgomery 

Hap Perry 
Ben Presas 
Niel Ransom 
Bill Scanlon 
John Scanlon 
Mark Shuler 
Glen Snyder 
Bruce Starling 
Eric Steinburg 









1 .^^ 





- > V 





- y 

• 1 













Officers of the Cavaliers Electronics Club are Hap Perry/' 
President; Glen Snyder, Treasurer; John Dickens, Vice-Presi- 
dent; and Niel Ransom, Secretary. 

Electronics Club members display some of their equipment. 

Members of the Cavalier Electronics Club seek 
to cultivate their interest in electronics. During 
the Christmas season members relayed messages 
for separated families. In late June the members 
will participate in a Field Day which is designed to 
give radio amateurs the practice of operating un- 
der emergency conditions. Careful attention was 
given to the ground-to-ground relays during all 
space shots by the members. 


Sociol Science officers are Teresa Fazio, 
Treasurer; John Case, ICC Representa- 
tive; Edie Moore, Vice-President; Sherry 
Nisonger, Secretary; Mr. Stanley, Sponsor; 
and Mike Leovitt, President, 

Social Science Roster 

Robert Baxter 
Linda Beard 
Nancy Bland 
Suzanne Boyd 
Jock Burke 
John Case 
Pot Coates 
Teresa Fazio 
Carl Haga 
Beth Holcomb 
Barbara Kubiszewski 
Mike Leavitt 
Sandra Manning • 
Tim Martin 
Jerry Mills 
Edie Moore 
Sharon Murphy 
William Prentiss 
Sherri Nisonger 
Lirjda Rimmile 
Sharon Schatz 
Sandra Van Cleave 
Pat White 
Marie Zirpole 

The Social Science Club was formed at 
Princess Anne this year in order to promote o^Ti 
awareness of twentieth century man and his 
problems. Club members have undertaken to 
broaden their horizons by participating in sev- 
eral interest and service projects. These proj- 
ects include sending a delegation to a model 
U. N. Security Council at Madison College, 
visiting Hampton Institute to hear a Speaker 
on civil rights, touring Oceana Naval Air Sta- 
tion, experiencing Congress in session. Prepar- 
ing Christmas packages, and many others. 

Social Science members gather for a picture with their 



Scholarly French students meet for a regular meeting with their 

The French National Honor Society is an organi- 
zation of outstanding students of French who are 
interested in learning more about the language and 
customs of France. Members must have token at 
least one semester of French and maintained on A 
for that semester, and at least a B for each con- 
secutive semester. The objective of the society is 
to give the members an opportunity to increase their 
fluency in French as well as their understanding of 
French traditions and ideas. 

Martha Bradshaw 
Linda Bryant 
Trudy Chowns 
Barbara Fisher 
Lucy Gatlin 
Linda Hill 
Chris Hollis 
Doryna Ireland 

FNHS Roster 

Chris Jamison 
Jan Jordan 
Gwynne Joslyn 
Pat Kibler 
Kathy Manning 
Stuart McCausland 
Sandy Miller 
Barbara O'Rork 

Diane O'Rourke 
Mary Taylor 
Marilyn Thomson 
JePiny Vann 
Barbora Wells 
Pat White 
Carolyn Woodruff 
Janis Wray 

The officers of the French National Honor Society are Gywnn Joslyn, 
Recording Secretary; Carolyn Woodruff, Vice President; Pat White, 
President; Miss Skinner, Sponsor; and Pat Kibler, Corresponding Sec- 


The select members of the Spanish National Honor Society meet for a picture. 

The Alfonso X El Sabio chapter 6f 
the Notional Spanish Honor Society is 
an honorary society recognizing those 
students who merit superior grades in 
Spanish. The traditional yearly activ- 
ity of the society is an induction-initi- 
ation banquet at a local Spanish res- 
taurant. Members are accepted at the 
beginning and the end of each year. 
The club is sponsored by Mr. Frank 

SNHS officers are Mary Bungard, Secretary- 
Treasurer; Barbara Bell, President; and Donna 
Saunders, Vice Presictent. 

Jay Alligood 
Linda Armstrong 
Sandra Austin 
Karen Barton 
Barbara Bell 
Travis Blake 
Linda Bohlonder 
Mary Bungard 
Katie Bradshaw 
Larry Brinkley 
Wolter Brookhart 
Gail Broughton 
Sherry Conley 
Billy Davis 
Ernie Davis 
Kathy Davis 
John Ellis . 
Margaret Echlin 
Chris Fallwell 
Linda Harper 
Jonet Harpold 
Carolyn Harris 
Julie Helsabeck 
Tony Hernandez 
Cynthia Herschberger 

Ken Hollomon 
Valerie Hoffman 
Cheryl Hunt 
Sheryl Jones 
Sherrie Joyner 
John Kiefer 
Phyllis King 
Diana Lentz 
Linda Lopez 
Rosemary Luge 
Linda MacAnanny 
Vickie McKinny 
Cindy Mills 
Bonnie Montgomery 
Marilyn Morris 
Shelly Pancoast 
Debbie Pruden 
Pot Reed 
Donna Saunders 
Nancy Shea 
Steve Thompson 
Gary Truhe 
Bob Wooldridge 
Linda Workman 
Jeanne Wright 
Marie Zirpoli 

• 3 4 S 


FBLA Members meet with their sponsors, Mrs. Edmondson and Mrs. Matteson, to discuss 
plans for business project. 


Nancy Austin 
Dianna Barton 
Patrick Boehnke 
Rose Boettcher 
Kathy Brinkley 
Diane Buck 
Teresa Bullock 
Joan Butler 
Peggy Byers 
Shari Cisneros 
Sandra DeMott 
Bonnie Dixon 
Linda Doran 
Betty Jo Dorsett 

FBLA Roster 

Dolly Flinchum 
Leslie Forehand 
Nora Fulcher 
Brenda Fulghum 
Renee Hoyden 
Cheryl Houp 
Pom Joyner 
Margaret Kern 
Barbara Mallal 
Renee Mayor 
Jackie Miller 
Marian Miller 
Wayne Newton 
Sarah Parham 

Martha Perry 
Mary Lou Perry 
Vernette Peters 
Barbara Reed 
Mary Rock 
Jackie Ross 
Sue Sadler 
Vickey Stadler 
Barbara Thomas 
Cathy Thomas 
Carol Watson 
Dot Wilson 
Linda Wilson 
Carol Wright 

The Future Business Leaders of America, under the 
sponsorship of Mrs. Edmondson and Mrs. Matteson, strive 
to introduce business-minded students to the challenges, 
rewards, and opportunities of a business career. In order 
to join, an applicant must take at least one business 

F. B. L. A. activities are numerous. Members attend 
three conventions during the year: The Massanetta 
Springs Workshop, the Regional Convention at Old Do- 
minion College, and the State Convention in Richmond. 
This year F, B. L. A, held spelling, shorthand, and typing 
contests, prepared a Christmas basket for a needy Tide- 
water family, gave a senior tea, constructed a float for 
Homecoming, elected a Miss F, B L. A., and held a 
career night. 

FBLA officers gather for meeting: (front) Barbara Thomas, 
Historian; Renee Hoyden, Reporter; Rose Boettcher, Parlia- 
mentarian; (bock) Kathy Brinkley, Secretary; Nora Fulcher, 
Treasurer; Margaret Kern, President; Cheryl Houp, Chaplain; 
Nancy Austin, Vice President. 


The primary goal of the Future Homemakers 
of America is to help individuals improve person- 
al, family, and community living, now and in the 
future. The only requirements for membership in 
FHA is one year of home economics. 

The club sponsors several faculty teas, enters 
various baking and sewing contests, and provides 
refreshments for each meeting during the year. 
FHA held its annual cookbook sale, sold confetti 
for the football games, gave miniature sewing 
kits to homeroom teachers, and conducted a bake 
sale. For their yearly project the FHA chose 
"Jobs, Careers, and You." The state convention 
is held annually and is attended by a P. A. dele- 
gation. Unfortunately, only a select few are able 
to attend. This year one Princess Anne Future 
Homemaker, Ruth Anne Oliver, was able to at- 
tend this convention. 

Mrs. Spencer ond officers, Lee Laughto 
Barbara Campbell, Vice President, (back 
Garden, Parliamentarian, Connie Carden, 
sentative, Linda Hendrickson, Treasurer 

n, President, 
row) Nancy 
ICC Repre- 
Sally Wilson, 
Secretary, gather in the Home Economics room. 



Members of FHA assemble for their meeting. 


Future Homemakers Roster 

Judy Adkins 
Brenda Branch 
Betty Bond 
Barbara Canbell 
Connie Carden 
Nancy Carden 
Jenny Chidester 
Anne Collins 
Leslie Copeland 
Judy Ann Dashiel 
Edith Davis 
Christine DeLaCruz 
Yolanda Diaz 
Linda Dodge 
Linda Paris 
Debbie Frank 
Lucy Gatlin 
Margaret Gerloff 
Linda Green 
Sharon Grover 
Janet Harnagel 
Linda Hendrickson 
Linda Hill 
Sharon Hinkle 
Dina Jenkins 
Linda Jordan 
Beverly King 
Lee Laughton 
Kathy Malch 
Donna Martin 
Dottie Moore 
Mary Morris 
Brenda Pettard 
Alice Richardson 
Linda Rimmele 
Deborah Tarralbo 
Mary Taylor 
Cathy Thomas 
Beverly Wier 
Sally Wilson 
Judith Ann Witzl 


Officers of Future Nurses and their Sponsor are (back row) Pauline Archibald, 
Treasurer; Janae White, Historian; Francis Salsburg, Reporter; {front row) Mary 
Anne Beachum, Secretary; Sandy Long, President; Mrs. Moore, Sponsor; and 
Brenda Suggs, Vice President. .-....■...■:,". ^;-'v"' 

.- .■Mffty'- :.: 

'■:: : %''''' ''-.'.' 

Future Nurses^meetiiri th€f.;Glinic. 

Organized for the encouragement of 
girls interested in a nursing career, the 
Future Nurses Club offers its members 
opportunities to become acquainted with 
this field. Speakers, informal discussions, 
field trips, and work in the school clinic 
provide the members with information 
about various types of nursing. Money 
for a scholarship and a Mother-Daughter 
banquet is raised by a dance, cor washes, 
bake sales, and a Christmas napkin sale. 
Other activities include a get-acquainted 
party, a pajama party, and on end of the 
year picnic. 

Mary Morris helps in the clinic. 

Future Nurses Roster 

AAarjorie Anderson 
Paula Archibald 
Judy Austin 
Mary Anne Beacham 
Jennifer Beam 
Gail Broughton 
Betty Bush 
Beverly Cobb 
Nancy Daye 
Lonni Elmore 
Teresa Fazio 
Jackie Gregory 

Nancy Harris 
Sandy Long 
Reta McNulty 
Mary Morris 
Sherri Niesonger 
Karen Pfitzer 
Janice Rooks 
Frances Salzburg 
Brenda Suggs 
Janae White 
Beth Woolard 
Judy Yates 


Future Teachers gather for a rrieetind.'- ••■•":!■:-•:■>.'/''■.'>-■■. •■■■»■'".■;"•- 



We are the Future Teachers — a wide and varied 
group of boys and girls united in our mutual interest 
in the education profession. Some of our traditional 
projects which help us explore the teaching career 
are providing tutoring service through the guidance 
counselors for any P. A. Student, visiting other 
schools in the area, and practice-teaching in the sur- 
rounding elementary schools. The yearly money proj- 
ect is a scholarship which is awarded to some deserv- 
ing member. The money raised through calendar 
sales, dance proceeds, and candy sales. The enjoy- 
able aspects of Future Teachers are their parties, 
their homecoming float, and visits to colleges. Mem- 
bers meet other F.T.A. members at city meetings and 
state conventions. However, through all our activi- 
tives we try to cultivate friendship, leadership, and 
interest in the teaching profession. 

T*. - ^'"**t7l- 

Future Teachers Roster 

Sharon Baker 
Linda Beard 
Andrea Benda 
Linda Bohlander 
Katie Bradshaw 
Mary Brinkley 
Bob Brumley 
Anne Butler 
Linda Cartwright 
Donna Cespedes 
Trudy Chowns 
Janice Clifton 
Carol Daniel 
Kathy Davis 
Ellen Dowdy 
Joyce Fields 

Pam Goff 
Valerie Hoffman 
Theresa Holcombe 
Donno Ireland 
Gwynne Joslyn 
Pat Kibler 
Gerri Kraemer 
Lee Loughton 
Pat McGhee 
Jack Nordin 
Bob Owens 
Diane O'Rourke 
Shelley Poncoost 
Susan Pittmon 
Pat Powell 
Debbie Pruden 

Julie Rushing 
Bob Soger 
Margaret Sawyer 
Brendo Stakes 
Judy Stallard 
Essie Street 
Christa Taylor 
Kit Worrell 
Barbara Wells 
Karen Willis 
Sally Wilson 
Susan Wolff 
Jonis Wroy 
Jeannie Wright 
Julie Wright 

FTA Officers are Chris Taylor, Vice-President; Kathy Davis, Presi- 
dent; Katy Bradshaw, Secretory; Susan Pittmon, Sgt.-ot-orms; Mr. 
Atkinson, Sponsor; Solly Wilson, Historion; ond Brendo Stokes, 



The purpose of the Girls Athletic Association is to 
provide extra-curricular participation in athletic activ- 
ities. Any interested girl is eligible. The club annually 
sponsors the Junior Senior Powder Puff football game 
and a dance afterward. One business meeting and one 
activity meeting is held each month. Intro-club com- 
petition and a point system offers an opportunity to 
earn awards. Many of the girls played on the first 
recreation league field hockey team with a winning 
record. Fitness and fun are the objectives of the GAA 

GAA officers are Sherry Culwell, Secretory; Sharon McGothey, 
President; Dottie Moore, Treasurer. Not shown is Janet Harpold, 

GAA Roster 

Kristine Anderson 
Joanne Austin 
Ellen Barron 
Betty Bond 
Dottie Bridges 
Terri Chisholm 
Sherry Culwell 
Patsy Davenport 
Jonet Harpold 
Carolyn Harris 
Dotty Hartley 
Judy Hendron 
Helen Henderson 
Cheryl Houp 
Christine Jamieson 
Jan Jordan 
Kathleen Kelly 
Koleen Kelly 
Le' Ellen Kubow 
Carol McDougle 
Vivian McGarty 
Sharron McGathey 
Sharon McJunkin 
Carol McNeece 
Donna Mohn 
Dottie Moore 
Linda Morey 
Cindy Page 
Joette Rondoll 
Morcia Raynes 
Stephanie Rozycki 
Jackie Stevens 
Marsha Wade 
Emily Worren 
Susan White 

Some of the girls congregate in the foyer before 
the meeting begins. 

The members of GAA gather before the trophy case. 



Junior Civitan Roster 

Joe Allsbrook 
Bill Ashley 
Judy Barber 
Mary Anne Beochum 
Arlene Carper 
Ray Cooley 
Janice Clifton 
Nancy Devenish 
Lydio Doxey 
Kathy East 
Mary Jo Emanuelo 
Greg Evans 
John Jordan 
Margaret Kern 
Pat Kohler 
George Kona 
Mike Leavitt 
Dawn Leiphart 
Rosemary Lugo 
Linda Mays 
Vickie McKinney 
Marilyn Morrison 
Maury Murphy 
Darlene Parrish 
Bonnie Price 
Linda Satterfield 
Donna Saunders 
Cliff Simms 
Becky Spargos 
Russ Sullivan 
Toni Tedder 
Potty Tulles 
Judy Whitehead 
Sue Williams 

Junior Civiton Officers ore (bock) Rosemary Lugo, Secretary; Ray Cooley, Reporter; 
Darlene Parrish, Chaplain; (front) Linda Mays, Vice President; Vickie McKinney, 
President; and Linda Satterfield, Treasurer. 


Encouraging good citizenship is the purpose of the 
Junior Civiton Club. Fellowship and on opportunity 
to serve school and community ore benefits enjoyed 
by members. The club works in conjunction with the 
Civiton Clubs of America. 

Among the many prospective projects undertaken 
this year are the annual sole of Halloween candy and 

Cloxton Frjjit Cakes at Christmas. Club members 
regularly visit Kings Daughters Hospital and Holmes 
convalescent Home. In the spring, members attend 
the annual Civiton Convention. The club combined 
fun and work during Homecoming for its float, "Two 
on a Guillotine." 

Junior Civiton members take time out to pose for their PEERAGE photo. 



Mr. Linn looks on as Key Club members 
collect dues. 

The illustrious members of the Key Club gather for a picture. 

Since the first year of its organization the Key Club 
has been one of Princess Anne's most outstanding service 
clubs. The main objective of the Key Club is to develop 
leadership, to serve the school and community, and main- 
tain sound public opinion and high idealism which mokes 
possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism, 
and good will. Among its many yearly projects, the Key 

Club sponsors the publication of the student directory 
and the giving of a scholarship to a deserving senior. In 
March of each year, the Key Club members attend the 
Key Club Notional Convention in Washington, D. C. 
The purpose of this convention is to enable the members 
to compare notes with the delegates from other Key 
Clubs in the country. 

Key Club Officers are (bock row) Ray Thomas, Treasurer; Bubba Bonagan, ICC 
Representative; Lee Durham, Sergeont-at-Arms; (front row) Burt Cheathom, Sr. 
Board Member; Tommy Coates, Vice President; Henry Yoncey, President; Dennis 
Felton, Secretary; Mike Davis, Jr., Board Member. 

Key Club Roster 

Jay Alligood 
Bubba Banagon 
Larry Blevins 
Lorry Brinkley 
Bob Buchanan 
Burt Cheatham 
Tommy Coates 
Bill Davis 
Mike Davis 
Lee Durham 
Ronnie Eoson 
Geoff Edelman 
Dennis Felton 
Bill Garrison 
Jackie Glennon 

Paul Grochmal 
Gregg Hall 
Joe Hatch 
Charlie Hebert 
John Jordan 
Robert Kelk 
George Midgette 
Joe Old 
Bob Owens 
Albie Roosendaai 
Bill Skaggs 
Ricky Stephens 
Roy Thomas 
Ed Vennik 
Henry Yancey 


Karen Barton 
Barbara Bell 
Alex Benson 
Gloria Brinkley 
Gail Broughton 
Martha Chevalier 
Debbie Clark 
Carolyn Dovis 
Kathy Davis 
Nancy DeLozier 
Jaynine Eaton 
Linda Hendrickson 

Keyette Roster 

Vicki Johnson 
Sharon Jones 
Pat Kibler 
Dawn MacLeod 
Cindy Macon 
Kathy Manning 
Lynn Manning 
Susan McCully 
Ruth Ann Oliver 
Diane O'Rourke 
Kathy Overstreet 
Diane Payne 

Lynn Prdngley 
Donna Saunders 
Nancy Shea 
Brenda Stakes 
Shelley Stephenson 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Jenny Vann 
Gale Variot 
Gail Ward 
Carolyn Woodruff 
Ann Yancey 

Keyette Officers are (bock row) Rhonda Stoddart, National Treasurer; 
Barbara Bell, Historian; Kathy Manning, Reporter; Pat Kibler, Jr. 
Board Member; (front row) Carolyn Woodruff, Vice President; Ann 
Yancey, Secretary; Brenda Stakes, Chaplain; Jenny Vann, Treasurer; 
and Gloria Brinkley, President. 

The Keyette Club of Princess Anne High School is 
an organization consisting of outstanding girls chosen 
on the basis of character, leadership, and scholarship 

Each year the Keyettes engage in many profitable 
activities to help the community and the school. The 
biggest event of the Keyette year is the MISS PRIN- 
CESS ANNE PAGEANT. This pageant is held in or- 
der to raise money for scholarships which are award- 
ed to deserving senior Keyettes. 

Each year as the Keyettes porticipate in monthly 
projects, they never cease to look forward to the Key- 
ette National Convention. This year the convention 
was held in Washington, D. C. The Keyettes are 
proud of the fact that in their club are both a nation- 
al and a district officer. After the turmoil of the col- 
orful and enthusiastic campaigns, Rhonda Stoddert 
was elected Keyette National Treasurer, and Ruth 
Anne Oliver became the District Vice President. 

The Keyettes of Princess Anne are a hard-work- 
ing and fun-loving group of girls. Each member is 
proud to be able to say, "I am a Keyette." 

Keyette members meet in the foyer for a club picture. 


The Language Club under the su- 
pervision of Mrs Orcutt and the lead- 
ership of Essie Street, was formed this 
year by a merger of the several lan- 
guage clubs at Princess Anne. The 
purpose of the club is to promote in- 
terest in and understanding of foreign 
languages and the countries in which 
these languages are spoken. Club 
plans include a Thanksgiving basket, 
a Pinata party at Christmas, and a 
career night speaker in the spring. 

The Language Club Officers and sponsor are Beth Holcomb, Secretary; Lem Marshall, 
Vice President; Mrs. Orcutt, Sponsor; Suson White, Reporter; and Essie Street, President. 

Spanish, French, and Latin Clubs merge to form the Languoge Club. 

Language Club Rosfer 

Steve Austin 
Aubrey Backus 
Sandy Bokle 
Karen Barton 
Linda Bohlonder 
Walter Brookhart 
Wes Bruning 
Linda Bryant 
Jack Burke 
Peggy Byers 
Debbie Clark 
Ernie Davis 
Sandra DeMott 
David Fender 
Steve Fender 
Wally Haisiip 
Janet Harpold 
Carolyn Horris 
Beth Holcomb 
Jeonie Knox 
Allan Knick 
Diana Lentz 
Lem Marshall 
Sue Martini 
John Maxwell 
Carol McDougle 
Barbara Meadows 
Richord Nodeou 
Robert O'Grady 
Essie Street 
Byron Vorce 
Jerry Wont 
Susan White 
Linda Workman 



Under the leadership of Cindy Mills, the Pep Club 
of Princess Anne High School endeavors to promote 
school spirit within the school as well as at all the 
athletic events during the year. 

Making the name tags for the varsity and junior 
varsity football players, selling school spirit ribbons, 
and making posters for all school activities were only 
a few of the projects employed by the Pep Club to 
spread school spirit. The members sponsored a dance 
after a football gome, entered the homecoming com- 
petition with their float "IN HARMS WAY", and 
held pojamo parties for their members. 

Pep Club Officers and mascots are (top) Bob Buchanan 
and Greg Hall; (middle) Bobbi Smith, Chaploin; Julie 
Nichols, Parliamentarian; Ruby Moore, Historian; (bot- 
tom) Joanne Spain, Treasurer; Cindy Mills, President; 
Karen Molotovitch, Vice President; and Karen Wills, 

Pep Club 


Judy Austin 

Jeannie Know 

Linda Pimmele 

Valerie Ayers 

Sue Messana 

Stephanie Rozycke 

Diana Barton 

Rita McNulty 

Julie Rushing 

Andrea Benda 

Nancy Miller 

Martha Shealey 

Alice Chohen 

Cindy Mills 

Donna Sistrunk 

Christine Craig 

Karen Molodo^i 


Bobbi Smith 

Judy Davis 

Ruby Moore 

Jo Ann Spain 

Linda Doran 

Pam Mulligan 

Elaine Truit 

Pam Goff 

Sharon Murphy 

Sandy Van Cleave 

Kathy Golden 

Julie Nichols 

Cindy Wells 

Ellen Hunter 

Sherri Nisonger 

Karen Willis 

Sherry Inge 

Nancy Ohman 

Sheryl Wiseman 

Elaine Jones 

Lavina Prescott 

Susan Wolf 

Koleen Kelly 

Debbie Pruden 

Julie Wright 

Marilyn Klucz 

Pat Reed 

Judy Yates 

Deep Creek Hornets are "In Harm's Way." 

The Pep Club members and their school spirited smiles. 


Science Club Roster 

David Alexander 
Kris Allen 
Bill Ashley 
Robert Banes 
Robert Baxter 
Steve Blozo 
Suzanne Boyd 
Ricky Cummings 
Greg Hall 
Bill Ives 
Jay Josselyn 
Le'Ellen Kubow 
Mike Leavitt 
Stuart McCausland 
Tim Martin 
Jerry Mill 
Vern Montgomery 
Jeff Neal 
Robert O'Grady 
Gary Pinion 
Donna Saunders 
Lee Thompson 
Bob Southard 
Pat White 
Richard White 
Tom Wilkerson 

Scientists (?) of the future 


Officers ore Lee Thompson, Sgt.-ot-arms; Jerry Mill, Vice-President; Kris Allen, Parlia- 
mentarian; Tim Martin, President; and Donna Saunders, Secretary-Treasurer. 

The membership of the Science 
Club consists of juniors and seniors 
who hove shown on interest in science. 
Members ore chosen on o basis of 
high grades in science and mathe- 

The main goal of the club is to pro- 
mote understanding in all fields of 
science. This year the club completed 
many projects, foremost among which 
are visits to the Chesapeake Planetar- 
ium and to the Edgar Coyce Founda- 
tion at Virginia Beach. Speakers spon- 
sored by the club have stimulated in- 
terest in science among both the club 
members and the student body. 


The Varsity Club strives to establish a firm rela- 
tionship between athletes and their coaches, as well 
as with other athletes. To join the Varsity Club, a boy 
must have lettered in any of the sports in which 
Princess Anne participates. 

The Varsity Club operates the concession stand 
and shoe check for all school activities in the gym. 
The club participates actively in the Homecoming fes- 
tivities by providing cars for the Homecoming court. 
Everyone looks forward to the annual Geek Week and 
Geek Week Dance sponsored by the club. Varsity 
Club activties for the year culminate with a beach 

Varsity Club Officers are Warren Clark, Treasurer; Ronnie Reid, Sgt.- 
at-Arms; Bill Skaggs, Secretary; Glenn Jones, ICC Representative; 
Dave Turner, President; John Green, Vice-President. 

James Bunn 
Mac Carpenter 
Warren Clark 
Kevin Crowley 
Freddie DelaCruz 
Geoff Edieman 
George Felts 
John Green 
Bobby Hudgins 
Bubba Hudgins 
Glenn Jones 
Tom Jones 
Bruce Keith 
George Kona 
Byrd Lassiter 
Tom McAndrew 

Varsity Club Roster 

Richard McKlintic 
John McNulty 
Ronnie Reid 
Robert Rooks 
Charlie Shea 
Bill Skaggs 
Bob Toft 

Charlie Thompson 
Joe Tolleson 
Dave Turner 
Ed Vennik 
Dan Wells 
Wayne Whitley 
Skip Wilkins 
Eddie Williams 


Varsity Club Members watch 

Varsity Club Goats demonstrating their intelligence. 



^ % 

Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council Roster 

Billy Davis, Cavalier Hi-Y 
Sally Wilson, Theta Tri-Hi-Y 
Jaynine Eaton, Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 
Jenny Vann, Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 
Gregg Hall, Sigma Phi Hi-Y 
Anita Joseph, Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 
Debbie Clark, Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 
Linda Bateman, Athena Tri-Hi-Y 
Janet Faulhaber, Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 
Sharon Banagan Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 

Members of the council take time out to converse ot the famous meeting place "the foyer". 



The Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Council is the power which co- 
ordinates the assorted Hi-Ys and Tri-Hi-Ys at Prin- 
cess Anne. Through the efforts of the Council, all 
the member clubs ore provided with a forum in 
which to discuss common problems and their correct 
solutions. Representatives ore carefully chosen from 

President Billy Davis conducts a 
council meeting. 

each of the clubs, and from this group Council Of- 
ficers are elected. 

During the course of the school year, the Council 
sponsors the annual Candy Cane Ball. With the prof- 
its gained by this activity, the Council conducts its 

Members vote on Qr\ important school matter. 




Athena Roster 

Sandra Adams 
Linda Bateman 
Margie Banks 
Linda Begeman 
Nancy Blond 
Gerri Bushover 
Mary Cardillo 
Dolly Collins 
LaDonne Conley 
Sherry Conley 
Janice Critz 
Yvonne Dowdy 
Kathy East 
Mary Jo Emonuelo 
Jackie Gregory 
Carolyn Harris 
Rusty Harris 
Linda Heffington 
Doris Hewitt 
Barbara Hudson 
Lynn Kerslake 
Lynda Morrison 
Frances Soizberg 
Sondi Stowell 
Judy Whitehead 

Athena Officers ore Kathy East, Reporter; LaDonne Conley, Secretary; Doris Hewitt, Vice- 
President; Miss Williams, Sponsor; Linda Bateman, President; and Margie Bonks, Chaplain. 

Athena Tri-Hi-Y has corried out many successful 
projects this year. The members visited an orphan- 
age, taking gifts that they made to the children. The 
club visited homes for the aged on several occasions. 
Athena members attended church monthly as a 
group. Money-making projects included car washes 

and selling candles. For social activities, the club has 
held a tea for new members and a Mother-Daughter 

Athena Tri-Hi-Y participated in observing Hi-Y- 
Tri-Hi-Y Week, and sent delegates to the Model 
General Assembly and the state conferences. 

Athena Members pause during a meeting for a picture. 


Cavalier members are chosen an- 
nually by application with an empha- 
sis on scholastic achievement, Chris- 
tian standards and ideals, and willing- 
ness to work with the club to better 
the home, school, and community. 

Throughout the school year, the 
club sponsored various fund-raising 
and service projects including collect- 
ing linens for cancer bandages, hold- 
ing a slave sale, donating food and 
clothing to needy families, and selling 
doughnuts. In the late spring, Cavalier 
members plan an annual beach party 
which ends the year's activities. 

Sponsor Mr. Pursell and Officers: Sonny Prichard, Reporter; Linwood Respess, Treasurer; 
Bill Hooks, Vice-President; Billy Davis, President; Bill Ashley, Secretary; Robbie Snowden, 
Chaplain; and Ronnie Eason, Activities Chairman. 

Bill Ashley 
Bubba Banagan 
Eddie Burbage 
Greg Burboge 
Mac Carpenter 
Pete Carpenter 
Kevin Crowley 
Billy Davis 
Harold Davis 
Mike Davis 
Ronnie Eason 

Mike Fonseca 

Bill Garrison 
Paul Grochmal 
Eddie Greene 
John Grook 
Butch Hensley 
Charlie Herbert 
Bill Hooks 
Tommy Joseph 
Tim Jordan 
Robert Kelk 

Cavalier Roster 

Leslie Lilley 
Al Lilley 
Bobby Lewis 
Walter Marks 
Mike Martin 
Richard Miles 
Mike Patterson 
Jeff Perry 
Sonny Prichard 
Linwood Respess 
Eric Robinson 

Henry Rodes 
Gene Rohr 
Robert Rooks 
Charlie Smith 
Randy Smith 
Robbie Snowden 
Ray Strickland 
Ken Thomas 
Ray Turman 
Rick Ughetto 
Jimmy Vv'ard 

Jerry Ware 
Carl Whitley 
Skip Wilkins 
David Ziemba 

Attentive Cavalier members assemble for a meeting. 


Coronet Roster 

Linda Armstrong 
Barbara Ballace 
Pat Baxter 
Debbie Clark 
Nanci Cooper 
Holly Dearden 
Nancy DeLozier 
Kitty Dickenson 
Sue Edmonds 
Chris Fallwell 
Debbie Fox 
Carolyn Harris 
Patty Haywood 
Flo Johnson 
Vickie Johnson 
Mimi Koster 
Dawn MacLeod 
Carol Marshall 
Sue Messana 
Becky Modlin 

Pam Moore 
Maggie Newman 
Nancy Ohman 
Barbara O'Rork 
Marsha Overbey 
Sandy Seegers 
Nancy Shea 
Joanne Spain 
Becky Spargos 
Brenda Spruill 
Cissie Stone 
Linda Wallace 
Brenda Ward 
Crissy Weaver 
Corol Wells 
Carole Whitehurst 
Pat White 
Gina Wilson 
Maryeilen Winant 


Bubba Hudgins 
Allie Hudgins 
Dave Turner 
Pat Ware 

Coronet members meet with their sponsor, Mrs. Heacock 


Coronet wins first place for her foyer 

Coronet Tri-Hi-Y has once again proved success- 
ful in their achievements. For the fifth consecutive 
year they have maintained re-adoption of their Ko- 
rean foster child, Lei-ln-Yen. The members have 
aided their country by supporting "Operation Shoe- 
box", a project to help soldiers, and to their com- 
munity by collecting for the new Windsor Woods Li- 
brary and giving a basket to a needy family each 
month. Their projects for this year include a friend- 
ship chain, and their float entrance in the Home- 
coming Parade. A fond memory for the girls in Coro- 
net will be their winning the foyer decoration con- 

Coronet Officers and Sponsor are (bock row) Carol Whitehurst, Cor- 
responding Secretary; Linda Armstrong, Reporter; Carol Wells, Parlia- 
mentarian; Debbie Fox, Co-Chaplain; (front row) Vickie Johnson, Treas- 
urer; Becky Spargos, Vice President; Miss Heacock, Sponsor; Debbie 
Clark, President; Marsha Overbey, Recording Secretary; and Carol Mar- 
shall, Co-Chaplain. 



President Sharon cuddles with Charlie Hebert, Henry 
Yancey, and Ray Thomas, Quo Vadis mascots. 

The Quo Vadis Officers for for 1966 are (back row) Ann Yancey, Chaplain; 
Pat Green, Reporter; (front row) Marie Coppock, Treasurer; Sharon Jones, 
Secretary; Sharon Banagan, President; and Claudia Sayles, Vice President. 

Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y under the leadership of Sharon 
Banagan, has sponsored many projects to help school 
and community. The members of Quo Vadis have dis- 
played fine bulletin boards, helped with a "Keep the 
Lunchroom Clean" project, and washed blackboards 
for the teachers. Toward community betterment, 
the girls donated magazines to on old folk's home, 
prepared and distributed Thanksgiving and Christ- 

mas baskets, held a Christmas party for an orphan- 
age, conducted a clean up campaign for the city, 
and provided office help for the Y.M.C.A, Among 
the money-making projects were doughnut sales, a 
car-wash, and a contest for the funniest boy cheer- 
leader. A substantial amount was contributed to the 
World Service organization and gifts and letters were 
sent to the soldiers in Viet Nam at Christmastime. 

Qho Vodis Roster 

Members of Quo Vadis and their sponsor, Miss Predmore, form a V. 



Ann Ackaway 
Sharon Banagan 
Rosie Cadorette 
Marie Coppock 
Gail Cox 
Jeri Craver 
Carol Crawford 
Wanda Crunk 
Barbara Curtis 
Linda Paris 
Norma Felton 
Pat Green 
Linda Horper 
Nancy Harrison 
Linda Hill 
Jenette Inge 
Sharon Jones 
Sandy Kiser 
Barbara Kneece 
Barbara Leoch 
Julie Maskall 
Donna McCaulley 
Jean McDowell 
Sandi Merritt 
Cloudia Sayles 
Regina Schulte 
Anito Sexton 
Bobbi Smith 
Audrey Stocks 
Pom Whitley 
Sherry Whitlock 
Judy Wilmouth 
Ann Yancey 
Donna Young 


During the school year '65-'66, 
Scepter Tri-Hi-Y has maintained its 
purpose of extending Christianity 
throughout the home, school and com- 

The members helped a brain dam- 
aged child by giving him a patterning 
therapy three times a week through- 
out the entire year. Scepter's girls 
also attended church at frequent in- 
tervals during the year. They distrib- 
uted food baskets at Thanksgiving 
and gave a party for a local orphan- 
age at Christmastime. 

In order to raise money to support 
the World Service Organization, sev- 
eral doughnut soles were conducted. 

Scepter Tri-Hi-Y contributed to the 
betterment of the school by washing 
blackboards, creating attractive bul- 
letin boards, decorating the foyer, and 
by keeping the school calendar up to 

Scepter officers are (back row) Charlotte Bailey, Chaplain; Donna Sistrunk, Historian; 
Becky Bourne, Reporter; Pom Stamper, Activities Chairman; (front row) Joan Webb, 
Treasurer; Jaynine Eaton, Vice President; Janet Foulhober, President; Joyce Fields, 
Secretary; and Diane Perry, Sgt-at-orms. 

Scepter Roster 

Darlene Artrip 
Diane Barton 
Charlotte Bailey 
Nancy Bean 
Becky Bourne 
Juanito Coley 
Carol Curling 
Karen Dull 
Jaynine Eaton 
Sherri Elliott 
Janet Faulhaber 
Joyce Fields 
Stephanie Funk 
Janet Johnson 
Suzi Johnson 
Sue Jones 
Diane Lentz 
Wilda Lucy 
Linda McGinnis 
Jane Moss 
Kathy Noblett 
Bonnie Parsons 
Diane Perry 
Bonnie Price 
Donna Sistrunk 
Ginger Smith 
Mary Smith 
Ingie Spencer 
Pom Stamper 
Diane Stevens 
Essie Street 
Sharon Tatum 
Marsha Wade 
Joan Webb 
Jane White 
Linda White 
Lynn Williams 

Janet calls for a vote on the suggested projects. 
The girls of Scepter Tri-Hi-Y assemble for a picture. 




f ' iS, i) ,^ 



The Members of Sigma Phi Hi-Y 

Under the leadership of Gregg Hall, 
Sigma Phi has proved to be a club de- 
voted to public service. During the 
past year, Sigma Phi sponsored the 
school-wide fund raising drive for the 
new Windsor Woods Library at Prin- 
cess Anne Plaza, collected money for 
UNICEF on Halloween, and donated 
the services of its members to clean 
the Princess Anne cafeteria after the 
luncheon for the district SCA conven- 
tion. In a "Participation Yes, Protest 

No" program Sigma Phi collected 
signatures from students of Princess 
Anne and other nearby high schools 
to show their support of the action 
taken by the U. S. Government in 
South Viet Nam. In September the 
club's famous "Slave Sole" was held 
with great success. Sigma Phi set a 
Precedent for promoting school spirit 
by chartering a bus with Trinity Tri- 
Hi-Y to form a cheering section at the 
Princess Anne-Churchland game. 

Officers of Sigma Phi are 
(back) Lee Durham, I.C.C. 
Representative; Ken Vance, 
Sgt.-at-Arms; Glenn Jones, 
Chaplain; Tommy Coates, 
Historian; (front row) John 
Jordan, Secretary; Gregg 
Hall, President; Bill Skaggs, 
Vice President; and David 
Henderson, Treasurer. 

Sigma Phi Roster 

Larry Blevlns 
Dennis Bonomo 
Dusty Boyd 
Larry Brinkley 
Jack Brown 
Bob Buchanan 
Mike Byrd 
James Cheatham 
Joel Clark 
Tommy Coates 
Jon Crockford 
Charles DeJoseph 
Lee Durham 
Jeff Dyckman 
Geoff Edelman 
Dan Foster 
Mike Garcia 
Randy Gambell 
Mike Gillikin 
Jack Glennon 
Tom Grissom 
Gregs Hall 
Greg Hatch 
Joe Hatch 
David Henderson 
Robert Hise 
James Holder 
Ronnie Horton 
Glenn Jones 
Tommy Jones 
John Jordan 
Bob Lone 
Allen Martin 
Jim Milligan 
Joe Old 
John Parker 
Al Roosendol 
Pete Sachon 
Bill Skaggs 
Dick Snipes 
Kurt Teller 
Ray Thomas 
Ken Vance 
Ed Vennick 
Pete Walters 
Bob Whitbeck 
Henry Yancey 

Gregg Hall quiets his reluctant 



Theta's Officers are (front row) Pam Goff, Historian; Bar- 
bara Bell, Cor. Secretary; Sheila Mullenax, 2nd Vice 
President; Miss Winslow, Sponsor; Sally Wilson, President; 
Janae White, 1st Vice President; Linda Hendrickson, Rec. 

Secretary; (back row) Mary Bungard, Chaplain; Pete 
Sochon, Johnny Green, Mascots; Julie Nichols, Treasurer; 
Brenda Stakes, Reporter; Jean Finchem, Porliamentarian. 

Theta Roster 

Sandra Austin 
Barbara Bell 
Katie Bradshaw 
Mary Bungard 
Sherry Culwell 
Susan Cuthriel 
Jeanne Finchem 
Pom Goff 
Penny Hartlove 
Linda Hendrickson 
Teresa Holcombe 
Jane McKown 
Carol McNeece 
Marion Miller 
Dottie Moore 
Sheiia Mullenax 
Julie Nichols 
Sherri Nisonger 
Diane O'Dell 
Cindy Page 
Darlene Parrish 
Cheryl Pierce 
Lavina Prescott 
Martha Pollie 
Julie Rushing 
Sandra Savage 
Brenda Stakes 
Cathy Sykes 
Elaine Truitt 
Debbie Via 
Peggy Ward 
Janae White 
Karen Willis 
Sally Wilson 
Johnny Green 
Pete Sachon 

Of all its many activities, Theta's 
main project this year was the contri- 
bution of baked goods and reading 
materials to the Marines in Viet Nam. 
The club also presented Thanksgiving 
and Christmas baskets filled with food 
to needy families in the area. Not 
without its share of honors, Theta has 

received honorable mention on its 
Homecoming float and has sent dele- 
gates to the Model General Assembly. 
Working closely with the Y.M.C.A., 
Theta has contributed much toward 
making the Tidewater area and Prin- 
cess Anne better places to work and 

Members of Theta pose for a picture 


The Trinity Officers for the 1965-1966 year are (back row) Diane Payne, Treos- 
urer; Marilyn Skelton, Chaplain; Pat Green, Historian; (front row) Gale Variot, 
Recording Secretary; Anita Joseph, President; Kathy Manning, Vice President, 
and Carolyn Davis, Corresponding Secretary. 

Trinity Roster 

Judy Banta 
Alex Benson 
Cheryl Bridges 
Gloria Brinkley 
Barbara Byrtus 
Yvette Carperter 
Donna Carter 
Terri Chisholm 
Carolyn Davis 
Judy Davis 
Pat Green 
Laurie Harris 
Nancy Harris 
Robin Harrison 
Sherry Inge 
Sheryl Jones 
Debby Jones 
Anita Joseph 
Kathy Manning 
Lynn Manning 
Beth Martin 
Susan McCully 
Diane O'Rourkc 
Diane Payne 
Susan Pittman 
Lynn Prangley 
Janice Rooks 
Margaret Sawyer 
Marilyn Skelton 
Sheryl Smith 
Shelley Stephenson 
Rhonda Stoddert 
Fronces Thomason 
Elaine Vonn 
Jenny Vann 
Gale Variot 
Sharon Wood 
Carolyn Woodruff 
Julie Wright 

The main objective of Trinity Tri- 
Hi-Y is to serve the home, school, and 
community. Members of Trinity are 
carefully selected according to two 
major requirements: the applicant 
must have at least a "C" average and 
cannot be a member of any other Tri- 
Hi-Y. Strong moral character and a 
willingness for hard but rewarding 
work are also valued assets. 

During the past year Trinity has 
contributed to the school spirit of 
Princess Anne with projects such as 
wearing of school spirit hats, riding 
the buses to the football gomes, and 
cheering together at these gomes. 
The girls collected money for UNICEF, 
collected items for a Korean project, 
and contributed to the I.C.C. scholar- 
ship. Of course there was the Trinity- 
Sigma Phi mud-fight and the party for 
Trinity alumni. Trinity's float won 
first place in the Homecoming com- 

The lovely millinery creations worn by Barbie Byrtus, 
Nancy Harris and Gale Variot were designed to pro- 
mote school spirit. 

Trinity members assemble for a routine meeting. 


The Alpha Y-Teens Officers for the 1965- 
1966 year are (back row) Vicki Cunningham, 
Chaplain; Ann Dillon, Parliamentarian; Lou 
Fraser, Treasurer; Genie Elliot, Reporter; (front 
row) Jeannie Knox, Vice President; Faye Fra- 
ser, President; and Cindy Macon, Secretary. 

Affiliated with the Young Women's 
Christian Association, the Alpha Y- 
Teens seek to further Christian ideals 
in the home, school, and community. 
Any girl attending Princess Anne may 
apply for membership. 

During Thanksgiving and Christ- 
mas, the Y-Teens visit convalescent 
homes and prepare baskets for needy 
families. In cooperation with other 
area Y-Teens, the P. A. Y-Teens hold 
picnics and the Mid-Winter Ball. They 
sell doughnuts, sponsor a dance, and 
plan parties for the members. 

Darlene Board 

Judi Durham 

Rose Boettcher 

Genie Elliot 

Betty Bond 

Foye Fraser 

Joan Butler 

Lou Fraser 

Sh?rry Core 

Ellen Green 

Vicki Cunningham 

Cindy Haywood 

Yolanda Diaz 

Ellen Hunter 

Ann Dillon 

Jeannie Knox 

Yvonne Dowdy 

Kathy Klucz 

Alpha Y-Teens Roster 

Marilyn Klucz 
Sheri Ray Lee 
Diane Lucas 
Cindy Macon 
Suzanne Martini 
Reene Mayor 
Barbara Meadows 
Sandy Merritt 
Marion Miller 

Noncy Miller 
Pom Mobley 
Maureen Murphy 
Sandy Newton 
Barbara Reed 
Pat Richardson 
Rhea Shoemaker 
Cathy Thomas 
Cindy Wells 

Faye Wilson 
Ellen Wheeley 
Pot Wheeley 
Mary Winant 
Beth Woolard 

Alpha Y-Teens listen attentively at a meeting. 




win the NAME 


After nine successful years as Princess Anne's head 
football coach, Pete Sachon retired from the coaching 
ranks to devote full time to his duties as assistant 

During his coaching career at Princess Anne, the 
"Grey Fox of Lynnhaven" compiled an overall 55- 
31-4 record. He led the 1961 and 1962 Cavalier 
teams to successive 8-2 seasons. In 1963, Coach 
Sachon guided the Cavaliers to their first Eastern Dis- 
trict crown with a 9-1 season. The Wildcats were the 
only team to mar the Cavalier record. In the opener, 
Great Bridge triumphed 20-7. It was during that sea- 
son that Buster O'Brien and Charlie Carr, the record 
setting combination, led Sachon's charges and receiv- 
ed honors as PA's first All-Americans. 

Before coming to Princess Anne, Coach Sachon 
had already established himself as one of the finest 
coaches ever to appear in the Eastern District. He 
spent three years each at Newport News, Wilson, and 
Norview, where his teams won two Group I champion- 
ships and three conference crowns. He gave Newport 
News its best record in 20 years, a 7-3 mark in 1951. 

A final tribute to Pete Sachon's service and loyalty 
to Princess Anne's football team was paid by the 
student body with a plaque, inscribed with the fol- 
lowing words: "In appreciation of service as football 


Woody Daly 

Ernie Davis 

Norman Fields 




Ass't. Track 

JV Football 

JV Basketball 

C. M. Tomko 

Athletic Director 



John Grady 

William Moosho 

Harold Revis 

Jerry Sandler 


Football Trainer 


JV Wrestling 

Ass't Football 


JV Football 


1965 co-captains Pete Sachon and David Turner. 


PA 7 Great Bridge 7 

PA Granby 7 

PA 21 Churchland 7 

PA Norview 7 

PA 6 Oscar Smith 21 

PA 7 Deep Creek 21 

PA 14 Cradock 7 

PA 20 Wilson 28 

PA 7 Cox 

PA 28 Bayside 

..•■_. "Princess Anne Cavaliers: (First row) J. Green, J. Stein, B. Whitbeck, G. Jones, E. Vennik, 
'•',1-J'. Sachon, D. Turner, W. Whitley, J. Bunn, G. Edelman, E. Grumbach, D. Wells. (Second row) 
:.-,.' M. Warford, T. McAndrew, B. Lane, L. Holder, C. Shea, R. Reid, E. Willianns, G. Felts, A. 

Defensive team: (Front row) W. Whitley, J. Stein, E. Grumbach, T. Johnson, J. Lassiter. 
(Second row) B. Lane, E. Williams, R. Reid. (Third row) B. Whitbeck, J. Bunn, D. Turner. 


Wilkins, J. Cox, T. Johnson, R. Whitten. (Third row) B. Garrison, B. Godley, J. Lpssiter, H. 
Davis, T. Counter, B. Felchner, A. Roosendool, T. Joseph, W. Caudill, B. To Meson, S._, Bay tos,. 
P. O'Donohoe. (Fourth row) A. Josselyn, R. McClintic, J. Airington. .•<»;• V »• •'•^-V- .•'•'" 


Offensive team: (Front row) D. Wells, W. W. Whitley, J. Stein, G. Jones, J. Green, G. Felts, 
D, Turner. (Second row) P. Sachon, B. Lane, J. Bunn, A, Wilkins. 


Princess Anne Rallies, Ties Great Bridge, 7-7 

Making its debut of the 1965 season, the Princess 
Anne Cavalier football team met the Great Bridge 
Wildcats in the renewal of a long-standing rivalry. 
The Wildcats dominated the first half; the Cava- 
liers, the second. When the gome was over they were 
tied, 7-7. 

With its strong running and passing attack. Great 
Bridge controlled the first half of play and held a 
7-0 half time lead. But in the second half. Princess 
Anne completely out-classed the favored Wildcats. 
The stingy Cavalier defense forced Great Bridge to 
punt twice in the third quarter. Employing a two 
quarter-back attack with Charlie Shea and James 
Bunn, the Cavalier offense stunned the Wildcats. 
The Cavaliers took the boll on the PA 46 yard line 
and raced to the Great Bridge twelve in eight plays. 
While Princess Anne fans watched breathlessly, Pete 
Sochon flipped a pass to Dan Wells for 6 points, and 
Ed Vennik kicked the extra point to tie the game. 

PA came close to victory in the final period as 
the Cavaliers advanced to the Great Bridge twelve 
yard line. However, PA failed to register and had 
to settle for a tie. 

Pete Sachon tries again. 

Granby Edges Princess Anne, 7-0 

After tying Great Bridge, the Cavaliers were favor- 
ed to topple Granby. However, the Comets found 
their footing on the soggy turf of Foreman Field to 
edge out PA, 7-0. 

After receiving the opening kickoff, Granby pene- 
trated to the Princess Anne ten yard line. The Cava- 
liers halted this Comet threat as the strong rushing 
PA line threw the Granby quarterback for on eleven 
yard loss. As Princess Anne took over, the Cavaliers 
moved to the 31 yard line on successive Granby 
penalties. Then PA lost an ail-important fumble. 
The Comets wasted no time in capitalizing on this 
PA mistake; Granby rolled to the PA seven where 
the Comet quarterback threw a touchdown pass to 
make the score 7-0. 

In the second quarter Princess Anne had its big 
moment after Ronnie Reid recovered a Comet fum- 
ble on a punting situation at the Granby 47. Two 
penalties against Granby and the running of Pete 
Sachon, Charlie Shea and James Bunn carried the 
ball to the Granby 21. But the Granby defense 
managed to hold off the Cavalier threat to win over 
Princess Anne for the first time since 1960. 

James Bunn and Eddie Williams moved in on Gronby's boll 

Princess Anne Triumphs Over Churchland, 21-7 

Winless in the first two starts, the Princess Anne 
football team was looking hopefully for a victory 
over Churchland. Playing with on unbalanced line 
and employing the strong running services of Charlie 
Shea, the Cavaliers found the winning formula and 
ripped the Truckers, 21-7. 

Princess Anne, undaunted by a steady rain at the 
Trucker stadium, took a 7-0 first quarter lead as 
Charlie Shea scampered twenty yards around end 
to score. Early in the second period Bob Whitbeck 
produced PA's second score as he drove five yards 
into the end zone. Churchland rallied in the third 
quarter and tallied a touchdown on a five yard pass. 
But Princess Anne, determined to take home a vic- 
tory, braced in the final quarter to holt any of 
Churchland's hope for a come back. A safety and a 
touchdown pass from Charlie Shea to David Turner 
clinched the contest for the Cavaliers. 

Jesse Cox sprints around end with no oppon- 
ents in sight. 



Princess Anne Bows to Norview, 7-0 

Following a convincing victory over Churchlond, 
the Cavaliers met Norview at the Pilot stadium. 
Norview, scoring early in the game, withstood sev- 
eral Princess Anne drives to win over PA 7-0. 

After receiving the opening kickoff, the Norview 
offense marched 67 yards to score. Princess Anne, 
early in the second quarter, advanced to the Nor- 
view five yard line in an attempt to close the gap. 
However, a stubborn Norview defense refused to 
give way, and the Cavaliers failed to score. Princess 
Anne reached the Norview twenty yard line three 
more times during the game but was unable to reg- 

Jesse Cox out-runs a Norview tackier. 

Princess Anne Trips Cradock, 14-7 

Princess Anne played host to a surprising Cra- 
dock squad which hod upset two of the District's top 
teams in the two previous weeks. The strong Cavalier 
offense and defense, set on ending Cradock's win- 
ning streak, overpowered Cradock to upset the fav- 
ored Admirals, 14-7. 

The Cavaliers were the first to score as Pete 
Sachon dived over from the one yard line. Ed Ven- 
nik added one point with a successful kick and the 
Cavaliers took a 7-0 lead into the half. A Cradock 
touchdown and an extra point in the third quarter 
tied the score. Princess Anne rallied in the fourth 
period as the spirited offense led by James Bunn, 
Pete Sachon and Skip Wilkins pressed to the Cra- 
dock twelve yard line. Wilkins, a talented junior 
halfback, dashed twelve yards around end for the 
second PA score. Vennik booted the extra point to 
make it 14-7 — a Cavalier victory. 

Skip Wilkins is brought down by a Croddock defender after a five yard 

PA's Geoff Edelman breaks loose around right end 
for a long gain. 

Princess Anne Defeats City Rivals 

In the ninth gome of the season, the Cavaliers 
clashed with their city rivals, the Cox Falcons. Prin- 
cess Anne hod blanked Cox in the preceeding year 
14-0, and was favored to win over the Falcons again 
in 1965. 

During the first half of play, nei'ther team was 
able to score; however, the Cavaliers posed two seri- 
ous threats by penetrating to the Cox 8-yard line 
twice. Geoff Edelman and James Bunn guided a 
PA touchdown drive in the second half which was 
climaxed by Pete Sachon's three-yard plunge. Ed 
Vennik kicked the extra point to moke the score 7-0. 
In the fourth quarter, the Cavalier defensive team 
snuffed out a Cox rally by halting a Falcon drive at 
the PA one-yard line. Princess Anne managed to 
hold its lead for the remainder of the gome, defeat- 
ing the Cox Falcons for the second straight time. 

Princess Anne met Bayside Marlins in the final 
game of the 1965 season. The Cavaliers easily 
downed the Marlins 28-0 ending the season on a 
winning note. 


Pete Sachon plunges' through Deep Creek's line for a short gain. 

Geoff Edelman shakes his Greet Bridge op- 
ponent and gains several yards. 

The referee signals a touchdown as Pete Sachon charges over the line. 
A Bunn to Turner poss connects for a fifteen yard gain. 

Edelman eludes a would-be tackier for a PA 

Jones looses the battle for a loose ball. 


Randy Sutton plunges through the Granby line. 

Princess Anne's junior Cavaliers, 
coached by Mr. Jack Sandler and Mr. 
Ernie Davis, brought their 1965 sea- 
son to a close with an impressive 5-2- 
1 record. Undefeated in their first 
five outings, the JV squad lost only 
to Great Bridge and Norview. 

During the season, many JV grid- 
ders showed great promise as varsity 
material. Quarterback Jack Spence 
and fullback Lloyd Sisson led a potent 
offensive team. Linemen Linwood 
Perry and Ralph Bamforth were also 
standouts on both offense and de- 
fense. Other fine performances were 
made by such players as Pete Carpen- 
ter, Randy Sutton, John Suggs, Robert 
German and many others. With such 
outstanding players this year's junior 
varsity team was one of which PA 
could be justifiably proud. 


Fiist row: B. Runyon, R. Reynolds, J. Suggs, L. Sisson, L. Perry, H. 
Helton, J. Spence, R. Bomforth, P. Carpenter, B. Heath, R. German. 
Second row: R. McClintic, C. Hernden, L. Harrison, R. Sutton, G. 

Schmitt, J. Klefer, R. Hendren, B. Pierce, C. Miller, S. Hicks, B. 
Gibson, J. Walker, T. Hernandez, B. Sykes, J. Walker. Standing: 
Mr. Sandler. 


PA 13 Wilson 7 

PA 1 4 Cox 7 

PA 7 Keltam 

PA Granby 

PA 7 Oscar Smith 

PA !2 Great Bridge 21 

PA 7 Norview 14 

PA 34 Bayside 

Larry Harrison and Lloyd Sisson stop a Norview half- 



OK gang here is the plan. 

Lets shake hands "Big Red" and play ball. 

The Eastern District Tournament Champions of 1966 are (front row) 
Bill Skoggs, Jerry Wore, Morris Underwood, Al Roosendaal, Mike 
Barlow, Carl Whitley, (back row) John Grook, Gene Rohr, John 

The 1966 varsity basketball team, coached by Mr. 
Harold Revis, proved to be the best team in the his- 
tory of Princess Anne High School. At the begin- 
ning of the season, the Cavaliers were favored — 
along with the Norview Pilots — to head the East- 
ern District. As the season closed, the team had met 
and exceeded all expectations. 

Following successive victories over Hampton, Kel- 
lam, and Virginia Beach, Princess Anne clashed 
with rival Norview. Despite a hard-fought battle by 
the Cavaliers, Norview edged out PA, 63-58. After 
losing to Norview, the Cavaliers built up a four- 
teen-game winning streak, including a 77-70 non- 
conference victory over the Pilots. An upset victory 
by Maury over Norview gave PA and the Pilots identi- 
cal 11-1 conference records, forcing the two teams 
into a playoff for the Eastern District championship 
and giving Norview a berth in the Virginia Group l-A 
basketball tournament for her victory over Princess 

In the Eastern District Tournament which deter- 
mined the district's other representative to Charlottes- 
ville, PA easily downed Cradock and Wilson in the 
preliminaries. For the fourth time of the season, 
the Cavaliers met Norview in the tournament fi- 
nals, beating the Pilots in an exciting double-over- 
time game, 42-40, to be PA's first District Tourn- 
ament champion and the first PA representative to 
the state tournament. After pouring in 57 points 
and pulling down 30 rebounds, John McNulty was 
awarded the Mqst Valuable Tournament Player 
Award. Cavaliers, John McNulty, Bill Skoggs and 
Dan Wells were selected for the All-Tourncment 

Playing in Charlottesville, the Cavaliers won their 
quarterfinal game against Huguenot, 74-63, be- 
fore bowing to Washington-Lee in PA's most lop- 
sided defeat, 50-36, and ended their season 21-3. 
For his state tournament performance, Dan Wells 
was selected as a member of the State All-Tourno- 
ment team as well as being named to the All-State, 
All-Eastern, and All-Metro teams. 


Dan Wells, Robert German, Kevin Crowley, and Rick 

I - 


Jerry Ware 

Morris Underwood 

Mike Barlow 

Carl WhiHey 

Bill Skaggs 

Coach Revis with co-captains Bill Skaggs and 
Dan Wells. 

Gene Rohr 

Rick Ughetto 

Al Roosendoal 

Robert German 

Kevin Crowley 

John Grook 

John McNulty 

Don Wells 

PA has its own Robin in little Carl Whitley. 

PA's 6' 6" Don Wells out- 
stretches his oponent. 

John goes up *or two points against 



PA 71 Hampton 49 

PA 75 Kellam 34 

PA 65 Virginia Beach 42 

PA 58 Norview 63 

PA 81 Churchland 69 

PA 68 Cradock 60 

PA 73 Oscar Smith 66 

PA 70 . . ; Cox 55 

PA 99 Deep Creek 43 

PA 90 Kellam 35 

PA 77 Norview 70 

PA 63 Maury 57 

PA 71 Virginia Beach 44 

PA 69 Great Bridge 54 

PA 78 Wilson 61 

PA 84 Cradock 65 

PA 99 Granby 43 

PA 66 Cox 60 

Jerry drives, looking for the goal and two 

All by himself, Bob goes in for 

Bill makes a three-point ploy. 

Another fast break for 

Three on one but still two points for 
the Cavaliers. 

Another driving lay-up for Bill Skaggs 

John gets another basket. 

Lets see! Jump, shoot, follow-through, ugh! 
Up, up and away for two more. 

"Big Dan" hits from outside. 

John laughs, another sure two points for PA. 

Well, this game is in the bag. 

Norview's Charlie Hatcher is 
unable to halt Don Wells. 

Cavaliers pick up two trophies at the 
Eastern District Tournament. 

McNulty scores two in PA's win over Norview for 

the Tournament championship. 

SCOREBOARD ■ mmmemi^ i 


PA 95 Cradock 69 ^^ M&^^SSm 

PA 54 Wilson 44 ^ i V^'{\J?^Tvr 

PA 42 Norview 40 |H^ ^^'^^'V^t^^^iylS 


PA 74 Huguenot 63 W ^W / V/y. 

^2VI PA 36 Washington-Lee 50 ^^K - jA( \ 

Sophomore Robert German hits on a 
quick jumper. 

To the victors belong the spoils. 



Don Wells bites tongue but still gets two. 

Carl drives on W-L in state. 
Go John Go! 



Members of the undefeated JV team are (front row) Bobby Lewis, Guy Taylor, John 
Kiefer, Bruce Carpenter, Jack Spence, (bock row) Ray Strickland, Bill Barron, Tom Counter, 
Conan Miller, Bruce Runyon, Richard Crowther, and Mike Phelps. 

Practice pays off for Conan Miller as 
he connects with a vital foul shot. 



PA 35 Hampton 3 1 

PA 46 Kellam 32 

PA 58 Virginia Beach 45 

PA 55 Norview 46 

PA 44 Churchland 21 

PA 51 Oscar Smith 38 

PA 57 Cox 36 

PA 48 Cradock 39 

PA 71 Kellam 50 

PA 49 Norview 45 

PA 63 Virginia Beach 51 

PA 67 Great Bridge 43 

PA 55 Wilson 43 

PA 64 Cradock 50 

PA 44 Granby 30 

PA 55 Maury 45 

PA 59 Deep Creek 41 

PA 72 Cox 28 

Counter eyes the basket before putting it back up. 

Norview noise doesn't stop Strickland from making a successful 


Ray Strickland and Conan Miller out position Norview 
players for the rebound. 

From the bench Coach Norman Fields patiently in- 
structs the players on the court. 

Richard Crowther 
scores on another 
driving lay-up. 

Conan Miller goes up for a two point play. 

Two more for Bill Barron in a victory 
over Norview 

As Norview players look on helplessly, 
Roy Strickland hits on a quick jumper. 

Members of the 1966 Wrestling team are (front) Arthur Doloresco, Bill Felchner, Mark Warford, Tommy McAndrews, Richard Dozier, 

Manager, Bruce Keith, Leroy Matichek, Warren Clark, Ray Alan Kigecl, Charlie Smith, and Mr. Davis. 
Nunnally, Larry Clukey, Charlie Thompson, (back) Mr. Sandler, 


SCOREBOARD Led by co-captains Warren Clark and Charlie 

p^ 29 Bavside 17 Thompson, the 1966 varsity wrestling team ended 

P . ~ r k -50 their season with a 4-7 over-oil record. This year's 

^^ ■^ branby JV grapplers were coached by Mr. Ernie Davis in his first 

PA 19 Maury 21 year at Princess Anne. 

PA 11 Wilson 22 Several wrestlers on the squad achieved outstand- 

PA 33 Ferguson 1 1 ing records in varsity competition. In the 95 pound 

PA 20 Great Bridge 21 weight class Bruce Keith compiled a 7-1 -1 record^ Bill 

DA -57 \/- • ■ D u o Felchner and Charlie Smith had 6-3-1 and 4-4-2 

^7 :f; Virginia beach V records respectively while Charlie Thompson ended 

PA 21 Kellam 25 ^y^^ season 6-2-1. PA can be especially proud of 

PA 13 Norview 31 Richard Dozier who placed third in the District Re- 

PA 7 Cox 33 gional Tournament at the end of the season. These 

PA 24 Frederick Academy 16 boys and the other members of the team have earned 

PA 22'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Deep Creek 19 ^^^ -"^.^P^^^ °"d admiration of the student body 

through their hard work and fine performances. 

Charlie Thompson in action. 

Co-captains Warren Clark and Charlie Thompson. 


n Kigerl 

Richard Dozier 

Tom McAndrews 

Mark Worford 

Bill Felchner 







^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K ^.^^^^^^1 










► '*«^ 







W^^L ""^W™! 










Charlie Thompson fights for a reversal 

There's no way out. Right again Robin. 

The referee signals that the pin is no good. 

Alan Kigerl ties up Virginia Beach opponent. 



The team assembles before practicing. 


Use of the 

weight room 

builds muscles or crushes 




Cradock at PA 



PA at Churchland 

1 1'! 


Maury at PA 

^ 1 




PA at Norview 

1^ Ji 




Bayside at PA 




PA at Oscar Smith 

ISKi^ '^^^"^^^ ^^^ 



1966 Colonial relays at Williamsburg 

^^^pE > 



1966 Tidewater Meet at Williamsburg 









1966 Eastern District at Foreman Field 



1966 City Meets 



20 & 21 

1966 State Meet at Williamsburg 

Just one more lap! 

Freddy DeLaCruz takes the low hurdles. 


Hey! Where's the fire? 
Bobby Whitbeck goes over the bar. 

Bob Hutten leads the field against Great Bridge. 

Charlie Shea sprints to the tape. 

Bob Whitbeck practices form that helped him win 
the district championship. 

Charlie Shea pulls away coming into the turn. 


Mae Carpenter 

Coaching his first varsity baseball 
team at Princess Anne, Mr. Norman 
Fields faced on inexperienced team 
with only three returning lettermen: 
Kevin Crowley, Bill Skaggs, and Mac 
Carpenter. With veteran players Jeff 
Bratten, Jackie Glennon, Bubba Link, 
David Turner, and Dan Wells, the 
Cavaliers still fared well in the East- 
ern District. 

Coach Fields meets with three returning lettermen: Bill Skaggs, 
Kevin Crowley, and Mac Carpenter. 


The prospective members of the '66 baseball team listen to Mr. Fields' instructions for the 
practice session. 

David Turner 

Kevin Crowley 

Jeff Brotten 

Ray Strickland 

Dan Wells 

Bill Skaggs 

Dave Turner is tagged by second baseman Bill Skaggs, 



- • • , 



PA at Bayside 



Cradock at PA 



Wilson at PA 



Cox at PA 



PA at Churchland 



Great Bridge at PA 



PA at Granby 



PA at Great Bridge 



PA at Norview 



PA at Maury 



Kellam at PA 

This year's tennis team members are John McNulty, Coach Harold Revis 
and Bill Ashley. 

Bill Ashley returns the ball with a powerful swing. 

Returning lettermon John McNulty prepares to receive the first 


Members of the Golf Team are (left to right) Bubba Hudgins, Pete Sachon, Bobby Hudgins, 
Bobby McGinty, David Shackelford and Mike Byrd. 















i -r-.'t '> 


Bobby McGinty 
Mike Byrd 

Pete Sachon and Bubba Hudgins prepare 
to tee-off. 


Norview-Wilson-Princess Anne 
at Bow Creek 

Granby-Wilson-Princess Anne 
at Elizabeth Manor 

Princess Anne-Cox-Kellom-Va. Beach 
at Cavalier 

Churchland-Princess Anne-Va. Beach 
at Bow Creek 

Maury-Greot Bridge-Princess Anne 
at Ocean View 

Bayside-Craddock-Princess Anne 
at Bow Creek 

District Meet at Eagle Haven 

State Meet 

Bobby Hudgins 

David Shackelford 


Many girls dream of becoming varsity cheerlead- 
ers but a number of these girls would probably be 
discouraged by the realization of the hard work re- 
quired to maintain this position. The select few of 
the varsity squad must give up their free time after 
school to practice, they must attend all football and 
basketball games, and must have plenty of school 
spirit to go with a ready smile. At away games these 
girls are the representatives of PA. At home gomes 
they must serve as congenial hostesses to the visit- 
ing school. 

With four girls returning from last year's varsity 
squad, including co-captains Lynn Prongley and Anita 
Joseph, this year's squad was readily shaped up and 
has proved to be one of the best groups of cheer- 
leaders Princess Anne has ever had. 

Varsity cheerleaders are Lynn Prangley, Diane Payne, Pat Green, 
Sharon Jones, Rhonda Stoddert, Anita Joseph, (kneeling) Gloria 
Brinkley, Jaynine Eaton, Gail Ward, and Diane O'Dell. 

Gloria and Sharon take a break to watch the game. 

PA's cheerleaders kick up a storm of enthusiasm. 

'I'm flying!" 

School spirit is high ot before school pep rallies. 

Big gym, little girls, loud cheers. 


Let's play 

. . .follow the leaders. 
Hail to the scoring heroes. 

'If PA's gonna win you gotta yell 

'GO . . . FIGHT . . . WIN' 

Junior Varsity cheerleaders are (back row to tront row) Shelley 
Stephenson, Chris Anderson, Judy Bonta, Nancy Harris, Julie 
Maskall, Lynn Manning, Martha Chevalier, Marilyn Thompson, 
and Co-captains Pat Viktor and Marsha Wade. 

The JV's give a cheer for the other team. Praise our team they 
scored again. 

The high-jumping JV's let loose with a loud cheer. 

Like the varsity squad, the junior varsity cheer- 
leaders are chosen for their poise, personality and, 
above all, school spirit. These girls practice long 
hours almost every day during football and basket- 
ball season and are untiring in their efforts to pro- 
mote school spirit and create more interest in the 
activities of the junior varsity teams. The JV's sell 
school spirit ribbons and hold pep rallies before all 
football games. 

Under the leadership of co-captains Pat Viktor 
and Marsha Wade, the six sophomores and two jun- 
iors who make up the junior varsity squad have 
succeeded in keeping the student body informed of 
all sports related activities. As the year ends each 
girl looks forward to spring end varsity squad try-outs. 


'Let's yell!" 



The cheerleaders must practice every day. 
"Go, PA, go!" 

At practice the girls learn a new cheer. 
Pep rallies arouse students' interest in athletic events. 


I ' ■? 



' »■ 





Freshman Class officers and sponsor are (standing) Tommy Midgette, Secretary; Pam Mobley, 
Treasurer; (seated) Susan Marshall, President; Miss Roberts, Sponsor; and Donna Mohn, Vice 


Though present in small numbers this sturdy Class 
of 1969 has held its own in high school affairs 
throughout the year. Understandably, the most dif- 
ficult problem has been adjustment to the confusion 
and complexity of Princess Anne High School. There 
are the mob scenes in the halls as the students throng 
from one class to the next, the pencil-chewing ten- 
sion of three long days of exams, the riotous enthusi- 
asm of the pep rallies and games, and the huge spe- 
cial assemblies and smooth workings of the student 
government. These things combine to bring the new 
freshmen closer to the realization that Princess Anne 

is their high school, not just a huge and strange mass 
of buildings. 

In order to allow enough time for studying and 
the all-important adjustment to high school, fresh- 
men do not involve themselves in many extracurri- 
cular activities. They do sponsor a dance, however, 
the first official social gathering of the Freshman 
Class as a whole. And, most importantly, they begin 
to anticipate the arrival of their fellow freshmen 
from Kempsville and three more years at Princess 
Anne as the Class of 1969. 



Michael Appell 
Anne Archer 
Darlene Baker 
John Baker 
Condace Battaglia 
Franklin Beard 
Gory Benson 

Thomas Boggs 
Chorlotte Bowman 
George Brown 
Richard Brown 
Sandra Burke 
Carol Burkett 
Anne Butler 

Cynthia Canhom 
William Catlin 
Donna Cespedes 
Jennifer Chidester 
Margaret Cleveland 
Mary Anne Cleveland 
Jacqueline Coleman 

Douglas Dailey 
Christine Delacruz 
Dottie Dion 
Andy Divine 
Russell Dobson 
Steven Doucette 
Deborah Doughtrie 

Kathleen Draper 
Shelio Dudley 
Margaret Echlin 
Sharon Edington 
John Eger 
Michael Elliot 
Betty Evans 


Class of '69 gathers for the first time at the football assembly. 

^ .-» 




Susan Marshall reports to the 

Mike Finley 
Diane Fisher 

Lansing Fuicher 
Mario Fuller 
Deborah Funderburk 

Pat Gaines 
Bruce Gorrism 
Rex Gerard 
Philip Glennon 


Terry Gomes 
Sandy Graham 
Cathy Griffin 
Legare Grover 
Sharon Grover 



Keith Hallmon 
Gina Holme 
Jerry Hansley 
Daphne Harper 
Ronnie Harper 
Bill Harrell 
Cindy Haywood 

Linda Hepler 
Gary Hinzpeter 
Denise Hoel 
Gail Houp 
Fred Howell 
Bill Jackson 
Paul Jomieson 

James Johnson 
David Jones 
Deborah Jones 
Donald Kelly 
Patrick Kelly 
Ronald Kersey 
Kothy Klucz 



Freshman class steering committee. 

Mike Mclntyre 
Adrienne McNeol 
Brendo Marsh 
Jacqueline Melfa 
Debbie Mercer 
Edward Merritt 
Judith Midgett 

Tom Midgett 
Debbie Midgette 
Debbie Miller 
Judy Milhouse 
Pom Mobley 
Donna Mohn 
Eric Montgomery 

Susan Mooreheod 
Dennis Morgan 
Charlene Mosher 
Jane Moss 
John Neblett 
Charles Onspaugh 
Eric Parker 

Douglas Knock 
Sheila Kueck 

Kathy Kuzminski 
Diana Loofbarrow 
Kristino Lips 

Faith Liskover 
Reginald Lynch 
Larry Mehaffey 
Nancy Martin 

Susan Marshal 
Kathy Matthews 
John May 
Joe McDoniels 
Vivian McGanty 





4B 6 ^ ^ (i ^ 


Vicki Patton 
Bessie Pierce 
Linda Pirone 
David Plaster 
Gayle Plowucha 
Kathy Podruchny 
Patricia Powell 

Robert Poyner 
Roger Poyner 
William Prentiss 
Randy Pugh 
Terry Quick 
Patricia Reep 
Roland Reynolds 

Joann Rogers 
Gail Roscow 
Ann Rumsey 
Michael Sabin 
James Sadouiski 
William Scanlon 
Thomas Seage 

Sharon Self 
Cheryl Shakelford 
Patricia Shaffer 
George Show 
Vivian Sherman 
Mark Shuller 
Raymond Skinner 

Valerie Sluys 
Debbie Smith 
George Smith 

Sharon Snyder 

Karen Soape 

Thomas Southard 

Gerald Stace 

Mrs. Rowan teaches one of the more 
interesting freshman geography classes. 


William Stack 
Stephen Stamper 
Erick Steinberg 
Muriel Steward 
Yvonne Stone 
Richard Strutevant 
Viv Sutton 

Patty Talbert 
Brenda Teller 
Peggy Taylor 
Robert Taylor 
Gail Thompson 
Tommy Thomas 
Bill Tracy 

Chris Trapp 
Debbie Troup 
George Troxillo 
Jill Turner 
Diane Van Pelt 
Ronnie Webb 
Pat Wheeley 

Willard Wheeler 
Pat White 
Beverly Wier 
Sandy Wier 
Pat Wild 
Kathy Williams 
Sheryl Williams 


iP" 1^ ^ (Pi f^ 

Linda Woods 
Laura Wright 
Ray Zimmerman 

Freshmen face many difficulties at PA 
are the tests. 

— not the least of which 


Mr. Cauthen, sponsor, and the Sophomore Class officers meet in the Haywood, Secretary; (seated) Terry Crisel, Vice President; Mr. 

reference room. They are (standing) Andrea Benda, Treasurer; Patti Cauthen; and Barbie Byrtus, President. 


The Class of 1968 has promised to be one of the 
most industrious in the history of Princess Anne. 
Adding to the small number present last year as 
freshmen are the students from Kempsville Junior 
High School. This influx of talented and creative 
students had added to the potential of the Sopho- 
more Class. Already, guided by their capable offi- 
cers and steering committee, the Class has contrib- 
uted $10 to the Norfolk Joy Fund and compiled 
enough food to fill Thanksgiving baskets for four 
underprivileged and very grateful families. The an- 
nual Sophomore Dance remained the most important 

social event of the sophomore year. Held in the 
spring, it was the result of many long hours of work, 
frustration, and more work, in an attempt to produce 
o dance unlike any seen before at PA. 

Ahead of the Class of 1968 lie two years of hard 
work and study, often relieved by good times at ex- 
tracurricular and school events. Future years at 
PA are sure to mold the students' characters and 
shape their opinions, but, undoubtedly, the Class of 
1968 will maintain its strong stamp of individuality 
and excellence. 




Kenneth Adams 
Wayne Adcock 
Perry Adkins 
Eve Ahles 
Brian Ainley 
Eliseo Allen 

Laura Alley 
Pamela Allred 
Joseph Allsbrook 
William Amato 
Lorry Ambrous 
Freida Ammann 

Marjorie Anderson 
William Anderson 
Borbora Anello 
Kathleen Apple 
Corey Atkins 
Lindo Audino 

Janice Aull 
Kenneth Austin 
Pom Auxier 
Aubrey Backus 
Gory Boiley 
Worren Bailey 

Ralph Bomforth 
Judith Bonto 
Gene Borr 
William Barron 
Karen Barton 
James Botson 

Michoel Beck 
Morguerito Belch 
Andrea Bendo 
Kenny Bennett 
Phillip Benschop 
Edward Block 





















Travis Blake 
Ed Bland 

Robert Blanton 
Peggy Blount 

Lynn Boland 
Karen Bonta 

Mr. Bocock's Snoopy wins Second 
place in Christmas decoration 


^^^ HM PR: P 


Juanito Boone 
Cindy Booth 
Carlo Borman 
Ricky Bowles 
Jeanette Bowman 
Harry Bowman 

^ Lynette Bowman 


Lynn Bracy 
Brenda Branch 
Bob Branum 
Brenda Bronum 

Mike Brewer 
Mary Brinkley 
Bill Brisbois 
Carol Brown 
Jack Brown 
Leonard Brown 

Steve Brown 
Lindo Bryant 
Diane Buck 
Larry Bullock 
Elizabeth Bungard 
Greg Burbage 

Suzanne Burcham 
Jerry Burreli 
Betty Bush 
George Byers 
Peggy Byers 
Borbaro Byrd 



Barbara Byrtus 
Marie Cadorette 

James Caldwell 
Russ Call 

Barbara Byrtus enjoys a Coke 
during "time out." 

Tony Calp 
David Campbell 

Kathy Campbell 
Robert Cande 
Nancy Carden 
Timothy Carey 
Barbara Corlin 
Chris Carlson 

Bruce Carpenter 
Christine Carr 
Pat Carr 
Arnold Carroll 
Pat Carter 
Rebecca Carter 

Linda Cartwright 
Noreen Cate 
William Catlett 
Wayne Coudill 
Warren Cavey 
Joe Chapman 

John Chapman 
Mark Chasteen 
Barry Cheatman 
Martha Chevalier 
Terri Chisholm 
Trudy Chowns 

Korey Chuilli 
Shari Cismeros 
Janice Clifton 
Patricia Coates 
Beverly Cobb 
Irene Collins 

^^k ^^^^ ^BK 


^i^ j^^^ '-"^ ' ".^'^ 




Thomas Collins Vicki Collins 

Tilson Copeland Danny Corbon 
Ray Creed Terry Crisell 

«v, <^ f f. 

Gary Colvin Sherry Conley Mike Cooper Nanci Cooper Leslie Copeland 

David Couch Thomas Counter Cheryl Cowell Clovis Crager Mary Craver 

Wendy Cronin Judy Croom Barbara Cross Richard Crowther Stephen Cucura 


James Cuff Danny Culbertson Darlene Cupp Sally Curran Nancy Cutchin 

Lynda Dale Mary Dalton Mike Davis James Dayton Bob Dean 

Ken Deaton Carol Develbliss Karen Dick Bonnie Dickson Sandra Dilkes 



Sharon Dimowski 
Shelia Dion 
Claudia Divers 
Frank Dixon 
Arthur Doloresco 
Don Dougan 

Carolyn Doughty 
Lynn Downing 
Robert Dozier 
Bill Draper 
Bradley Dunharr 
Jeff Dyckman 

Steve Edwards 
John Ellis 
Lonnie Elmore 
Dole Eure 
Mike Evans 
Pat Evans 

Sandra Evans 
Susan Fahnley 
Charles Faronda 
Lynda Foris 
William Felchner 
Steve Fender 

James Few 
John Finch 
David Fisk 
Dolly Flinchem 
Eric Fiintoff 
Leslie Forehand 

Students congregate' in foyer before school. 

Sally Frierson 
Allen Funtes 


Kay Gable 
Darlene Gallop 




fk fp f^, ^ ^, #^ 



^ ^' P # 'f"' # 





Mike Garcia 
Don Gardner 
Linda Gardner 
Larry Garrett 
Chris Gautier 
David George 

Cindy Gerlach 
Gene Gerloff 
Robert German 
George Getridge 
Ronald Gibbon 
Steve Gibson 

Laura Gifford 
Debbie Gillespie 
Ed Gold 
Kathy Golden 
Melody Goldsby 
Karen Gorman 

Charles Graham 
Crouse Gray 
Ellen Green 
Linda Lee Green 
Paul Green 
Michele Gurganus 

Jeanne Hackney 
Terry Hagan 
Steve Holy 
Mary Hallifield 
Lyndon Homm 
Donna Hampton 

Don Hancock 
Pamela Hancock 
Mildred Hanley 
Sandra Harkness 
Janet Harnagel 
Don Harris 

Jack Harris 
Laurie Harris 
Nancy Harris 
Rusty Harris 
Larry Harrison 
Richard Hart 

Dottie Hartley 
Jim Harty 
John Harvey 
William Hathaway 
James Hotstat 
Potti Haywood 


by vo+inq 



^ m ^ m SOPHOME 

Election posters fill the halls during compoign week. 


Warren Heath 
Jim Heimbach 
Helen Roe Henderson 
Rick Hendren 
Judith Hendron 
Tim Henry 

Donnie Hensely 
Tony Hernandez 
Chuck Herndon 
Ronald Herring 
Debbie Hewitt 
John Hicks 

Barbara Higgins 
Clara High 
Frank Hightower 
Fred Hill 
Linda Hill 
Terry Hill 

Richard Hinzpeter 
Gayle Hitchcock 
Janice Holland 
Kenneth Holloman 
Bill Hoopes 
Marilyn Horstman 





Danny Howard 
Brenda Howett 
Wynette Hudgins 
Diane Hughes 
Hubert Hughes 
Betty Hugya 

Virginia Hunnell 
Dianne Hunter 
Ellen Hunter 
Suzanne Hunter 
Leiia Ingle 
Mark Ingram 

Martin Ingram 
Donna Ireland 
Garland Isdell 
Larry Jackson 
Bobby James 
David Jensen 

George Jensen 
Jeff Jewett 
Donald Johnson 
Susan Johnson 
Susan Johnston 
Arleen Jones 

Barbara Jones 
Bill Jones 
Elaine Jones 
Gary Jones 
Lois Jones 
Vicki Jones 

JV Cheerleaders practices 

Earl Jordan 
Tommy Joseph 

Chorlotte Keith 
Jomes Kelley 

\ I 


Kollen Kelly 
Lynne Kelly 
Mike Kelly 
William Kelly 
Diane Kennedy 
John Kiefer 

Don Kigerl 
JoAnn Kight 
Larry Kight 
Pattie King 
Sandy Kiser 
Pot Kohler 

John Kona 
Debra Kowaiske 
Geri Kraemer 
James Krone 
Barbara Kubiszewski 
William Kwitchoff 

Mike Land 
Don Lane 
Mike Lavee 
Connie Leary 
Dale Lee 
Sherri Lee 

Diana Lentz 
James Leonard 
Bobby Lewis 
Sandra Lewis 
Barry Lloyd 
Shelley Loofbourrow 




cheer sports 


Lynn Manning 
Rose Manos 
Cliff Marineiii 
Brenda Marshall 

Lem Marshall 
Donna Martin 
Suzanne Martini 
Julia Maskall 

Susan Mason 
Wanda Mathis 
Billy Maurice 
Lance Mauro 


Tom Maxwell 
Larry McAninch 
James McAuslaw 
Joe McCoy 

V \ 



Rubye McCoy 
Donna McCullough 
Robert McCullough 
Betty McDougal 

Wn Jfi 


Pat McGhee 
William McGill 
Richard McGinnis 
Jeff McKain 

Jane McKown 
Linda McManus 
Steve McMichael 
Janice McNamara 
Rita McNulty 
Sandy Merrit 

Sandra Meyer 
Priscilla Midyette 
Susan Miles 
William Miles 
Conon Miller 
Jackie Miller 


«y ti^i 




Leslie Miller 
Marion Miller 
Nancy Miller 
Susan Miller 

Beverly Milner 
Carl Mitchell 
Ray Molodvitch 
Bonnie Montgomery 

Janice Moore 
Kenneth Moore 
Patricia Moron 
Katherine Moritz 

Philip Morley 
Richard Morris 
Pom Mulligan 
Robert Mungin 

Maureen Murphy 
Pat Murphy 
James Murray 
Robert Newman 

enjoy special 

provided by the school. 

Norman Nichols 
James Nixon 
Olivia Nobles 
Bonnie Oakley 

Errol Oiler 
Marion Ore 
Diane O'Rourke 
Melvin Osmundson 
David Ouzts 
Janice Oxx 

Virginia Pair 
Terry Painter 
Shelly Pancoast 
Deborah Parron 
Rebecca Parsons 
John Paschall 



Peggy Paschall 
Rea Peacock 
Earl Perry 
Jeff Perry 
Lauren Perry 
Linwood Perry 

Susan Perry 
Eileen Persinger 
Michael Phelps 
Linda Phillips 
Leslie Pickering 
Bart Pierce 

Brenda Pittard 
Jesse Poor 
Dennis Powell 
Tommy Priest 
Gary Pulliam 
Bernard Punsalan 

Morcia Purefoy 
James Ratliffe 
Morcia Raynes 
Barbara Reed 
Carol Renkvich 
James Revell 

Tony Riccio 
Robert Rice 
Patricio Richardson 
Lonnie Rightmier 
Linda Rimmele 
Theresa Roach 

Sophomores test their longuoge skills 

Foy Rogers 
Arlene Rollins 

Roy Rude 
Joy Rossi 


Leigh Anne Rowe 

Bruce Sanderson 

Thomas Schroeder 

Vincent Rozycki Bruce Runyon Sue Sadler Robert Soger Steve Sokis Linda Saldana 

Denny Sanford Bill Satterfield Robert Saul Linda Saunders Ruth Schemo Mary Scherman 

Barbara Schubert Franklin Schuler Evonne Scott Guv Show Linda Sherman Jim Sherrod 


Ronald Shirley Maris Shoemaker Larry Sifen Jimmy Sigiers Billy Simmons 

Robert Simms Elaine Simpson Freddy Simpson Donald Sims Lloyd Sisson 

Lloyd Slade Sandra Sledge Janet Smilev Barbara Smith Corolyn Smith 


Danny Smith 
Sandra Smith 
Sharon Smith 
Winifred Smith 
Linda Sokol 
James Sorey 

Garland Speight 
Jack Spence 
Lindsay Spencer 
Robert Spencer 
Frank Spruill 
Ginni Stanley 

Billy Stephenson 
Earl Stephenson 
Jackie Stevens 
Ricky Stevens 
Artie Stewart 
Bonnie Stone 

Richard Stone 
Mike Stoneham 
Anna Strawser 
Butch Street 
Ray Strickland 
Wayne Stublen 


The foyer serves as a convenient gathering place for Sophomores. 




John Suggs 
Roger Sulcer 
Randy Sutton 
Carol Swanner 
Loren Swortz 
Bobby Sykes 

Pat Sykes 
Bob Toft 
Richard Talbert 
Guy Taylor 
Winnie Taylor 
Michael Teets 

John Teller 
Kurt Teller 
Donna Thomas 
Fred Thomas 
Glen Thomas 
Linda Thomas 

Richard Thomas 
Billy Thomas 
Steven Thompsen 
Donald Thompson 
Marilyn Thompson 
Roberta Thompson 

Larry Thurston 
Stephen Tignor 
Marcia Trouthwein 
Gary Truhe 
Barbara Tullis 
Carl Turley 

Sherry Turley 

Roy Truman 

William Turner 

Pamila Uhl 

Helen Umont 

Robert VanLandingham 

Elaine Vann 
Patrick Vesci 
Debbie Via 
Pat Viktor 
Byron Vorce 
Marsha Wade 

Floyd Waits 
Jimmy Wolker 
James F. Walker 
Harle Wallace 
Jerry Wallace 
Donn Ward 

^ f?^ iM 

\fe # ri I) f A 



James Ward 
Emily Warren 
Robert Watkins 
Carl Webb 
Robert Webb 
Cynthia Welch 

Barbara Wells 
Susan White 
Pamela Whitley 
Carolyn Wilder 
Theodore Wilder 
Charles Williams 

Debby Williams 
Joy Williams 
John Williamson 
Ronny Wills 
Fay Wilson 
Maryellen Winant 

Ricky Winger 
Judy Witzl 
Janet Wood 
Tennison Wood 
Jesse Woods 
Bob Woolridge 

Jan Woolery 
Bobby Wright 
Jeannie Wright 
Bill Yarborough 
Judy Yates 
Grace Yoder 

The library provides Mike Oberholtzer with a quiet place 
to read a magazine. 

Kathy Zimmer 
Ann Zirpoli 


Mr. McCune helps one of his sophomore students. 

Sophomore Juanito Boone takes Q break. 
Sophomores participate in many school organizations, 

Pat Viktor is co-captain of the JV Cheer- 

English is a required course for all sophomores. 


The Junior Class officers and sponsor ore (standing) Sheryl Smith, Vice President; Al 
Rcosendaal, President; Diane O'Dell, Secretary; Pat Green, Treasurer; and (seated) Mrs. Jones, 



The junior year is a time of looking backward 
with sighs of relief and of looking forward with avid 
impatience. It is, more than anything, a time of 
growth and enjoyment, of applied study and care- 
free fun. The occasional uncertainty of the sopho- 
more year has possed, and, as the Class of 1967 has 
gained in prestige and influence, it has been preparing 
itself to be the future pacesetter of Princess Anne. 

It all began in September when the students re- 
turned to school, to class routine, and to new roles 
that each must play. In November, juniors ordered 
their rings. This was not the first time rings have 
been ordered at PA, but that fact did not diminish 
the enthusiasm shown in choosing them. 

One trace of the sophomore year still remained, 
the over abundance of Cavalier license plates. Some- 

how they just hadn't sold as quickly as expected. The 
juniors solved their problem, which turned out to be 
a blessing in disguise, by selling the plates as a jun- 
ior year project, too. 

Following the trend set by the Class of 1966, the 
juniors come up with on unusual Ring Dance motif, 
Bonanzo. It was at this culminating event of the 
junior year that the juniors received the great status 
symbol, the Senior Ring, and began to prepare them- 
selves for their last and most important year of high 
school. As they step into positions of leadership in 
Princess Anne High School the members of the Class 
of 1967 will have valuable backgrounds in experi- 
ence which is necessary to make their senior year 
the best of their careers at PA 



Anne Ackaway 
Linda Adair 
Karen Adams 
Vynn Adcock 
Judith Adkins 


John Airington 
Herbert Akers 
David Alexander 
Kris Allen 
Sharon Allen 



Teresa Alligood 
Brenda Anderson 
Kristine Anderson 
Michael Anderson 
Robert Anthony 

Pauline Archibald 
Don Argus 
Darlene Artrip 
Reno Ashbee 
Judy Austin 

Stephen Austin 
Valerie Austin 
Lee Bagley 
Gloria Baker 
Sharon Baker 

Sondra Bakle 
Richard Baldwin 
Bubba Banagan 
Patricia Bongley 
Robert Banes 





^"i • Emily Banks 

Michael Barlow 

Fred Barnes 
James Barr 

Diana Barton 
Pat Baxter 

President Al Roosendaal conducts 

Robert Baxter 
Larry Bayley 
Steve Baytos 
Maryanne Beacham 
Jeannifer Beam 
Michael Beam 


Nancy Bean 
Ed Begley 
Cindy Benedict 
Paul Benoit 
Michael Berger 
Danny Berry 

Nancy Bland 
Steve Blazo 
Jimmy Blount 
Darlene Board 
Rose Boettcher 
Betty Bond 

Michael Borden 
Suzanne Boyd 
Katie Bradshow 
Jeff Bratten 
Bill Brewster 
Cheryl Bridges 



Sue Briley 
John Brinkley 

Walter Brookhart 
Linda Brothers 


Gail B rough ton 
Anthony Brown 

a Junior Class meeting. 

Eddie Brown 
Diane Bruce 
Bill Bryan 
Nancy Bryant 
Wade Bryant 
Teresa Bullock 

Stephen Burcham 
Michael D. Burgung 
Jock Burke 
Gerri Bushover 
Joan Butler 
Donald Byars 





Stephen Byrd 
Donna Cadwallader 
Jimmy Calhoun 
Kathy Caputo 
Mary Cardillo 
Maureen Carr 

Gary Carroll 
Donna Carter 
Thomas Carter 
John Case 
Leary Casper 
Woody Casper 



Carolyn Cassidy 

Tommy Catalano 
Debbie Cecil 
Robert Cerino 
Mike Cespedes 
Bobbie Chuilli 

Billy Church 
Peggy Clanton 
Jimmy Clanton 
Mildred Cleveland 
Jim Constantine 
Roy Cooley 

Patty Cooper 
Sherry Core 
James Counts 
Steve Counts 
Ronald Cowan 
Arthur Crone 

Charles Crane 
Gary Cressman 
Jon Crockford 
Horace Crofford 
Mary Jane Cross 
Wanda Crunk 

Kevin Cullen 
Ricky Cummings 
Vicki Cunningham 
Russell Cupp 
Susan Cuthriell 
Judy Dashiell 

ii^iL ii^k&i^& 

Bill Davis 
Carolyn Davis 
Harold Davis 
Judy Davis 
Marlena Davis 
Joel Day 

Nancy Daye 
Jenny Deam 
Dennis DeFlr 
Freddie Delocruz 
Sandy Demott 
John Deniston 




Buxom beauties of the Junior Class cheer for their team. 

Mr. Purcell gives the girls a pep talk before the big game. 

Nancy Devenish 
Yolando Diaz 
Joyce Diggs 
Linda Dodge 
Ellen Dowdy 
Yvonne Dowdy 

Lydia Doxey 
Melvin Dozier 
Judy Durham 
Steve Durren 
Debbie Fancher 
Dennis Felton 

George Felts 
Tom Finchem 
Ronnie Eason 
Susan Edmonds 
Jeannie Edwards 
Donna Evans 




4 t 

Barbara Fisher 
Mike Fonseco 
Debbie Fox 
Anno Franl< 
Ray Frank 
Faye Fraser 

r." ¥P w^ ^-1 

C .*-#il Jk^ ^V. ^'w ^1^ 

Louise Fraser 
Marsha Freeman 
Gordon French 
Tom Friesz 
Nora Fulcher 
Brenda Fuighum 

Stephanie Funk 
William Gaines 
Charles Gonge 
Charley Garrison 
William Garrison 
Lucy Gotlin 


j^ W ^ F^ (p jp 

Chris Gerloff 
Loe Gibbs 
Bill Godley 
Pam Goff 
Curtis Graves 
William Gray 

Pot Green 
Ruby Greene 
Eva Gregory 
Joon Griffin 
Rosemcrie Grimes 
Sherry Grimsley 



Paul Grochmal 
Robert Grondin 

David Hoddox 
Wally Haislip 

Concentration is reflected on the face of Darlene Artrip. 

Eddie Hoith 
Agnes Hall 


Howard Hall 
Priscilla Hall 
Barbara Hallol 
Joe Hammersly 
Janet Hardin 
Richard Hardgrave 

Nancy Harless 
Debora Harper 
Linda Harper 
Janet Harpold 
Sharon Harrington 
Carolyn Harris 

Jean Harris 
Nancy Harris 
Steve Harrison 
Mary Hartis 
Tom Harty 
Judith Hatcher 

Chester Hatstat 
Brenda Hauck 
Gary Hawley 
Deborah Hayes 
Linda Heffington 
Richard Helton 



Garner Hensley 
Cynthia Hershberger 
Herman Hewitt 
Wendy Hewitt 
Edward Hill 
Linda Hill 

Robert Hill 
Roberta Hill 
Amorette Hilton 
Mary Hitchings 
Stephen Hobbs 
Daniel Hobson 



Juniors split the Elephant Ticket to elect Al Rosendaal Presi- 
dent and Pat Green, Treasurer. 

Valerie Hoffman 
Eileen Hogan 
Beth Holcomb 
James Holder 
Christine Hollis 
Mary Holman 

Susan Holzhoeuser 
Robert Hudgins 
Ronald Hughes 
William Hughes 
Bill Hunnell 
Cheryl Hunt 

Bradley Hunt 
Sherry Inge 
Margaret Jackson 
Terry Jackson 
George Jamerson 
Christine Jamieson 


David Johnson 
Donna Johnson 
Elizabeth Johnson 
Henry Johnson 
Jan Johnson 
Thomas Johnson 

*=: d. 

r^ ^ 


^k 4 tt. Ji^ ^^i:k^ 

Debbie Jones 
Doug Jones 
Mike Jones 
Roy Jones 
Sheryl Jones 
Susan Jones 



Susan Jones 
Jan Jordan 
Allen Josselyn 
Sherry Joyner 
Pot Katzenberger 
John Kebbel 



Bruce Keith 
Robert Kelk 
Kathleen Kelly 
William Kelly 
Julia Kemph 
Pat Kibler 

Robin Kilpatrick 
Beverly King 
Phyllis King 
Robert Kirby 
Marilyn Klucz 
Allen Knick 




Karen Knicley 
Jeep Knight 
Jeannie Knox 
Steve Kona 
Marilyn Koster 
Allyn Kroger 

Le'Ellen Kubow 
Bobby Lane 
Mary Lannon 
Lee Laughton 
Nancy Leach 
Cynthia LeGault 

Milton LeGault 
Randall LeGross 
John Leonard 
Edward Levitt 
George Ligman 
Leslie Lilley 


The Class of '67 out-cheers the other classes at the first pep rally. 



«.» .r»- -» 



Edwin Lindsay 
Richard Liftman 
Robert Lockwood 
Steve Long 
Anthony Lowery 
Robert Lunsford 

Dawn MacLeod 
Cindy Macon 
Dennis Magyorosi 
Richard Mangus 
Diana Marino 
Carol Marshall 

Jimmy Marson 
Kenneth Martin 
Mike Martin 
Mike Mason 
LeRoy Matejcek 
Kathleen Matter 

Jean McDowell 
Sharon McJunkin 
Debbie McKinney 
Hugh McKinney 
Arthur McNamara 
Joey McNamara 

Barbara Meadows 
Kevin Meek 
Allan Meekins 
George Midgette 
Douglas Miller 
Frank Miller 

Keith Miller 
Sandra Miller 
Jim Milligan 
William Minkel 
Diane Minton 
George Misok 

jjD ^ ^ 

ff -ir X w* 

i4iid^^ I ^amk 


Renee Mayor 
Tom McAndrew 
Shepherd McClenny 
Richard McClintic 
Susan McCulley 
Linda McDaniels 





JP ^ f* # P 

© €^ Ci ft ^ 

Don Mitchell 
Becky Modlin 
Lee Modlin 
Buster Moffett 
Craig Montgomery 
David Moore 

Don Moore 
Dottie Moore 
Lynn Moore 
Pom Moore 
Linda Morey 
Tim Morgan 

Fred Morin 
Ernest Morris 
Mary Morris 
Lynn Morrison 
Bruce Mullen 
Carl Mullin 

Roy Munden 
John Murphy 
Rebecca Mustin 
Jeff Neal 
Kenny Neigenfind 
Trudy Nelson 


Wayne Newton 
Sh'erolyn Nisonger 

Junior- Steve Long studies in the library for an up-coming test. 

Lee Nobles 
James Nugent 

Ray Nunnaly 
Roberto Oatmon 



Garry O'Brien 
Diane O'Dell 
Joe O'Donohoe 
Robert O'Grody 
Nancy Ohman 
Joe Old 

Barbara O'Rork 
Priscilla Orsagos 
David Owens 
Lorry Painter 
Stephanie Pair 
Clifford Parker 


Jeanette Parker 
Richard Porks 
Mike Patterson 
Howard Pearce 
William Peele 
Leonord Perry 

Marylou Perry 
Michael Perry 
Karen Pfitzer 
Lynne Phipps 
Jerry Pinkham 
Stanley Plowucha 

Betsy Bertz takes advantage of the magazines available in-fhe 

Thomas Poindexter 
William Poulter 


Lavina Prescott 
Bonnie Price 

Lonny Provo 
Deborah Pruden 


Lorraine Prytulak 
Phyllis Radford 
Cherylee Randall 
Nancy Ransone 
Elizbaeth Reese 
Ronnie Reid 

Don Rhodes 
Sherry Rhodes 
Alice Richardson 
Evelyn Risner 
Brian Robbins 
John Robert 

Phyllis Robinson 
Elona Roehl 
Joan Rogers 
Janice Rooks 
A! Roosendaal 
Mark Rosenthal 


Jackie Ross 
James Rudisill 
Julie Rushing 
Jeff Russell 
Marcelleus Russell 
Scott Russell 

C9 mK l?v 1^4 'f^ m^\ 

Bill Rutherford 
Dennis Ryan 
Jim Sabin 
Johnie Sadler 
Jim Salyer 
Judy Salyers 



Frances Salberg 
Jimmy Sands 

'^ Linda Satterfield 
David Sawyer 


A lucky student, John Case, finds time to 
play with his toys. 

Claudia Sayles 
John Scanlon 

Kothy Scarborough 
Victor Scott 
Berney Seagle 
David Shackelford 
Martha Shea ley 
Linda Shepherd 

Bill Shields 
Mary Shorts 
Sonia Siegel 
Michelle Silliman 
Marilyn Skeiton 
Ronney Slater 

Lillian Slattery 
Charles Smith 
David Smith 
James Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 
Jeffrey Smith 

Richard Smith 
Sheryl Smith 
James Snipes 
Barbara Snyder 
Glen Snyder 
Joyce Snyder 




Kia A 

^ ^ IJ ^ ^ ^ 

<l^ CI iP^, iKi iP'i 



Robert Southard 
Thomas Spina 
Brenda Spruill 
Mason Spruill 
Mary Stadler 
Sandra Stannper 

William Stanford 
Sharon Stanley 
Michael Starkey 
Ronald Starling 
David Startzell 
Shelly Stephenson 

W-ar ^' W-:'^^!^ 

^ <■*&"" ' '" ■■'^it^ l^Bk^-^^ ^ J^' Wayne Storey 

Stanley Stephenson 
William Sterling 
Stuart Stevenson 
Mary Stone 

Tom Strew 

fTi 0^ ll^ 

Michelle Strom 
Sara Styron 
Paul Sutton 
Richard Syrewicze 
Tommy Taft 
Shirley Talbert 

Debbie Tallent 
Alan Tarkenton 
Debbie Tarralbo 
Donny Taylor 
Mary Taylor . 
Fred Teagle 

Barbara Thomas 
Carolyn Thomas 
Cathy Thomas 
Thelma Thompson 
Tommy Thompson 
James Tierney 

Carl Tignor 
Mike Tingle 
Joe Tolleson 
Ruth Toti 
Sharon Treadwell 
Linda Troutner 



Elaine Truitt 
Linda Tucker 
Dennis Turner 
Richard Ughetto 
Morrison Underwood 
George Von Landingham 

Eileen Vercruysse 
Pot Vest 
Richard Vetra 
Mike Waldroup 
Ivan Waldorf 
Brenda Ward 

Edward Ward 
Margaret Ward 
Mark Warford 
Jerry Ware 
Harry Waters 
Virgil Wayne 


The Junior Class Steering Committee discuss plans for the Junior Ring Dance. 



Christine Weaver 
-Stephanie Weiss 

Cynthia Weils 
Christopher Werle 

Bonnie Wheeler 
Ellen Wheeley 




Underclassmen find that the library comes in handy. 

Gary White 
Patricia White 
Judith Whitehead 

Jeannie Knox realizes that the reference 
room is an ideal place to study. 

Peggy Whitley 
Wayne Whitley 
Roger Whitten 
Barbara Wiggleton 


.f. r-^ M 











Shelly Stephenson, a JV cheerleader, shows off her "rubber legs.' 

Mrs. Owens' door wins first place in Sharon Wood 
Christmas decoration competition. p^Q^^j^ Woodell 

Elizabeth Woolard 
Linda Workman 









Gina Wilson 
Gerald Wilson 

Stephen Wilson 
George Winslow 

Jim Wolfe 
Dennis Womack 
Linda Wood 



Senior officers and sponsor are Mrs. Mary Barnes, Sponsor; David Turner, President; Gail 
Ward, Secretary; Carolyn Annas, Treasurer; and Greg Evans, Vice President. 



There is nothing quite like the status of senior. It 
is a position of utmost assurance one moment, and 
.nagging worries about the future the next. The sen- 
ior year is a culmination of all the study, frustration, 
resolve, panic, happiness, and doubt of three years 
at Princess Anne High School. It is a time when stu- 
dents begin to peer closely, with mixed emotions of 
eagerness and fear, into the world outside the realm 
of their own meager experience. While shifting their 
horizons from the present to the future, however, the 
students at Princess Anne remain surrounded by ac- 
tivity, both athletic and academic. No one will ever 
forget the excruciating efforts to finish the dread 
term papers, or the relief that accompanied their 
completion. The uproar and excitement of the ath- 
letic events of the field and court will remain as vivid 
as the memory of pride in school and school name. 
Then there were the candy sales. Many were the 
seniors who slept with visions of chocolate candy bars 
dancing in their heads; but somehow this, too, passed. 
The Class of 1966 was able to provide its alma inater 

with several useful and much-needed gifts, besides 
offering a scholarship to a deserving graduate. 

As May approached and the year drew to a close, 
activity was accelerated and anticipation grew to a 
fever pitch in preparation for the final events and 
ceremonies of the senior year. The prom come and 
went, that once-in-a-lifetime event that was the final, 
polished result of so many plans and problems solved. 
In the minds of Princess Anne's alumni, there will 
remain the memories of the reverent simplicity of the 
Baccalaureate service, and the solemn grandeur of 
the final assembly. Commencement. Perhaps the one 
event that produced such conflicting emotions of 
sharp joy and sadness was the burning of the class 
symbol, the faithful Totem Pole that has been so 
much a part of the Class of 1966. It marked the 
passing of one of Princess Anne's most outstanding 
groups of students, students who excelled academi- 
cally and athletically, throughout the district and 



Larry Abbott 

Sandra Adams 

Raymond Adams 

Nancy Adkins 

Arthur Ahlsted 

Susan Allen 

Joy Alligood 

Carolyn Annas 

Mike Arlaud 

Raymond Adams — DE Club, 4; Track, 2. 
Sandra Gail Adams — ■ Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 
Artie Ahlsted — French Club, 2. 
Michael Arlaud — Chess Club, 4. 
Linda Armstrong — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Re- 
porter, 4; FHA, 3; Parliamentarian, 3; Powderpuff 
Football, 4; Spanish National Honor Society, 2, 3; 
PEERAGE Staff, 3, 4. 

William Ashley — National Honor Society, 4; 
Honor Court Judge, 3, 4; Chief Justice, 4; French 
National Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom 
President, 3, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Cavalier Hi-Y 
2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; Junior Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4; 
Science Club, 4; Tennis, 2, 3, 4. 
Nancy Austin — FBLA, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3; 
Vice President, 4; Drill Team, 3, 4. 

Linda Armstrong 

William Ashley 

Joanne Austin 

Senior Bill Hooks makes the morning announce- 

Nancy Austin 

Sandra Austin 



Sandra Backus 

Rosemary Baer 

Sandra Austin — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Drill 
Team, 2, 3, 4. 

Rosemary Boer — FHA, 3, 4; Vice President, 
3; Federation Vice President, 4; Chorus, 4. 
Charlotte Bailey — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4; Chaplain, 
4; Homeroom Secretary, 4. 
-••.•.■ Sharon Bonogan — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
President, 4; Tri-Hi-Y Council, 4; SCA Alternate, 

2, 4; Homeroom Vice President, 2; Secretary- 
, Treasurer, 3; FT A, 2, 3; Spanish Club, 3; School 

Spirit Committee, 2, 3. 

Margie Bonks — Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, 

2; Latin Club, 2, 3; Secretary, 3; Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 

3, 4; Chaplain, 4. 

Judy Barber — Junior Civitan, 3, 4; Secretary, 4. 
Susonne Barker — FHA, 3; Historian, 3. 
Linda Beard — FTA, 2, 3, 4; French National 
Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 3; Social 
Science Club, 4; Debate Team, 4. 
Linda Begemon — Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Treas- 
urer, 4; Homeroom Vice President, 4. 
Borboro Bell — National Honor Society, 4; 
Spanish National Honor Society, 3, 4; President, 
4; JV Cheerleader, 2; Co-captain, 2; Varsity Cheer- 
leader, 3; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; ICC Representa- 
tive, 3; Secretary, 4; Keyettes, 4; Historian, 4; 
Senior Board Member, 4; SCA Representative, 3, 
4; Executive Council SCA, 4; Tri-Hi-Y District 
Meet, 3; School Spirit Committee, 3, 4; Powder- 
puff Football, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 4; Vice-Chair- 
man ICC, 4; SCA District Conference, 4; Asso- 
ciated Student Bodies of Virginia Beach, 4. 
Lorry Blevins — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; Key Club, 
4; Key Club Convention, 4. 
Patrick Boehnke — FBLA, 4. 
Leonard Boetcher — Latin Club, 2, 3; Vice 
President, 3. 

Charlotte Bailey 

Danny Baker 

Jerry Bolster 

Sharon Bonogan 

Margie Bonks 

James Boumeister 

Judith Barber 

Susonne Barker 

Ellen Barren 

Charles Bosnight 

Linda Botemon 

Linda Beard 



Barbara Bearden 

Linda Begeman 

Rhonda Stoddart and Ed Vennik wage a per- 
sonal battle in the Trinity-Sigma Phi mud-fight. 

Lynne Beisgen 

Barbara Bell 

Gloria Bell 

Maria Benner 

Paula Benner 

Alexandra Benson 

Larry Blevins 

Nancy Bobbin 

Patrick Boehnke 

Leonard Boetcher 

Linda Bohlander 

Dennis Bohrer 



Gail Boone 

Kim Boone 

Brendo Boothe 

Becky Bourne 

Mike Bowman 

Arthur Boyd 

Dorothy Bridges 

Gloria Brinkley 

Kathy Brinkley 

Lorry Brinkley 

Brendo Brown 

J. C. Brown 

Linda Bohlonder — FTA, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 3; 
State Treasurer, 3; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Spanish 
National Honor Society, 2, 3; Forensics, 3; Drama 
Club, 4; Language Club, 4; "Our Town" 3; 
"Imaginary Invalid" 4. 
Dennis Bohrer — DE Club, 4. 
Gail Boone — FHA, 2; DE Club, 3; Social Science 
Club, 4. 

Kim Boone — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3; PAGE Staff, 

Becky Bourne — FHA, 2; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 
3, 4; Treasurer, 3; Reporter, 4; DE, 4. 
James Bowman — DE Club, 4. 
David Boyd — Band, 3, 4. 
Dorothy Bridges — GAA, 2, 3, 4. 
Gloria Brinkley ■ — • Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4; Presi- 
dent, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; SCA Representa- 
tive, 2, 3; SCA Treasurer, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 
4; Girls State, 3; Student-Faculty Basketball Game, 
2, 4; Powderpuff Football, 4. 
Kathleen Brinkley — FBLA, 2, 3, 4 
Lorry Brinkley — Key Club, 3, 4; Sigma Phi 
Hi-Y, 4; Homeroom Vice President, 4; SCA Rep- 
resentative, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 4; Editor, 4; Co- 
lumbia University Scholastic Press Convention, 3. 
Brendo Brown — Alpha Y-Teens, 2, 3; GAA, 2. 
Robert Brumley — FTA, 4; Chess Club, 4. 
John Bruning • — Language Club, 4; Chess Club, 4. 
Robert Buchanan — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3; Chap- 
lain, 2; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Powderpuff Cheer- 
leader, 3, 4; JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 
3; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 3; 
SCA Representative, 4; ICC Representative, 3; 
Spanish Club, 2, 3. 
Thomas Bullock — JV Wrestling, 2. 

Robert Brumley 

James Brune 



Wesley Bruning 

Bob Buchanan 

Tony Bullock 

Susan Bunn 

Senior powderpuff team wins again! 

Ronald Burroughs 

Mary Bungard 

James Bunn 

Edward Burbage Linda Burden 

Kennette Burkhart 

Kenneth Butt 

Joan Byers 

Mike Byrd 

Robert Byrd 



Barbara Campbell 

Jack Caputo 

Connie Carden 

Arlene Carper 

MacAuston Carpenter 

Yvette Carpenter 

Roy Carroll 

Debbie Carter 

HI feJU^HI ■ 

Mary Bungard — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Historian-Reporter, 2; Chaplain, 4; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society, 3, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 
4; Homeroom Secretary, 4. 

James Bunn — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; National 
Honor Society, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; 
Track, 2; Class President, 2; Varsity Club, 4; Home- 
room President, 2; Homeroom Vice President, 3. 
Susan Bunn — Transfer from Granby. 
Edward Burbage — Cavalier Hi-Y, 3, 4. 
Linda Burden — Drill Team, 3, 4. 
Kennette Burkhart — Powderpuff Football, 4. 
Ronald Burroughs — Swimming Team, 2. 
James Byrd — Transfer from Florida. 
Michael Byrd — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; Golf Team, 
2, 3, 4. 

Barbara Campbell — Transfer from New Mexico. 
Constance Carden — FHA, 3, 4; ICC Representa- 
tive, 4. 

Marcelle Yvette Carpenter — Homeroom Vice 
President, 2, 3, 4; Class President, 2; Trinity 
Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Miss Princess Anne, 2; SCA 
Representative, 3; Alternate, 4. 
MacAuston Carpenter — • Cavalier Hi-Y, 4; Varsity 
Club, 4; Band, 3, 4; JV Basketball, 2; JV Baseball, 
2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. 
Arlene Carper — Junior Civitan Club, 4. 
Donald Carter — Transfer Student. 
William Casper — Science Club, 2, 3; National 
Thespians, 4; Senior Ploy, 3; JV Football, 2; 
Chorus, 2, 3, 4; Madrigal Singers, 3, 4. 
Jacklyn Cato — A Capella Chorus, 4; Coronet 
Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

Sandra Chandler - — A Capella Chorus, 4; FBLA, 

Donald Carter 

William Cotper 

Jacklyn Cato 

Sandra Chandler 

James Cheatham 

Lloyd Christianson 


Gwynne Joslyn, Carolyn Woodruff, Sharon Banagan, and Ann Yancey sjt 
together at the William and Mary Homecoming game. 


Deborah Clark 

Joel Clark 

James Cheatham — Key Club, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 
4; Track, 4; SCA Representative, 4. 
Lloyd Christiansen — • Band, 4. 
Deborah Clark — Latin Club, 2, 3; Secretary, 2; 
President, 3; Ars Medico, 2, 3, 4; Secretary- 
Treasurer, 4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain, 
3; President, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4; Homeroom Presi- 
dent, 3, 4. 

Joel Clark — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; DE Club, 4. 
Michael Clark — Drama Club, 4; JV Football, 2. 
Warren Clark — Varsity Club, 4; Treasurer, 4; 
Boy's State, 3; Scholastic Team, 4; Wrestling, 
3, 4; Co-captain, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 3, 4; 
National Honor Society, 4; Vice President, 4. 
William Clark — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3. 

Michael Clark 

Warren Clark 

William Clark 

Lorry Clukey 

Thomas Coatet 

Alice Cohen 

Suzanne Coleman 

Juonito Coley 

Anne Collins 

Leslie Collins 

LoDonne Conley 

Linda Cooper 



Marie Coppock 

Wallace Cozart 

Joyce Craddock 

Carol Crover 

Carol Crawford 


Janice Critz 

Kevin Crowley 

Barbara Crouch 

Barry Cruthers 

Sherry Culwell 

Carol Curling 

Harold Curling 

Lorry Clukey — Wrestling, 2, 3, 4; SCA Alter- 
nate, 3. 

Thomas Coates — Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain, 
3; Vice President, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; 
Historian-Reporter, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 2; 
Key Club Convention, 2, 3, 4. 
Alice Cohen — Pep Club, 4. 
Suzanne Coleman — FBLA, 4. 
Juanito Coley — Junior Civitan Club, 2, 3; Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; National Thespians, 3; Competi- 
tion Play 3. 

Winifred Collins — FHA, 4. 

Marsha Conley — Homeroom Representative, 2; 
Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Secretary, 4. 
Marie Coppock — French National Honor So- 
ciety, 2, 3; SCA Representative, 2, 3; Homeroom 
President, 2, 3; Vice President, 4; Quo Vadis 
Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Treasurer, 4. 
Joyce Craddock — Alpha Y-Teens, 2. 
Carol Crowford — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 4; Drill 
Team, 3, 4. 

Janice Critz — Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 4; Drill Team, 
4; FHA, 4. 

Kevin Crowley — Transfer Student; Cavalier Hi-Y, 
4; Varsity Club, 4; Varsity Baseball, 3; SCA Rep- 
resentative, 4. 

Borry Cruthers — Band, 2, 3. 

Sherry Culwell — Theto Tri-Hi-Y, 4; FTA, 4; 
Powderpuff Football, 3, 4. 

Carol Curling — Transfer Student; Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

Harold Curling — Tennis Team, 3. 
Barbara Curtis — FHA, 2; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 
2; Drill Team, 2. 
Carol Daniel — FTA, 3, 4; Pep Club, 3. 

Barbara Curtis 

Carol Daniel 



Pat Davenport 

Danny David 

Edward Dovin 

Betty Davis 

Bill Davis 


Edith Davis 

Ernest Davis 

Kathy Davis 

Pat Davis 

Carolyn Annas successfully campaigns for Senior Class 

Ronald Davis 

Holly Deorden 

Ron Desormeoux 

Nancy DeLozier 

Linda Doran 



Clifford Douglas 

Sandra Dowdy 


i \ 

Anita and Lynn sing P.A.'s alma mater before a 
basketball game. 

David Downes 

Richard M. Dozier Richard 0. Dozier 

Karen Dull 

Robert Dunford 

Lee Durham 

James Dussault 

Diane Eotmon 

Ronald Eotmon 

Joynine Eaton 

Geoffrey Edelmon 

Sherry Elliott 



Mrs. Barnes, Senior Class sponsor, explains the organization of 
candy sales to David Turner and Mike Leavitt. 

Arthur Enery 

Teresa Englett 

Patricia Davenport — Pep Club, 2; GAA, 4; Powder- 
puff Football, 3; Drill Team, 2. 
Danny David — Homeroom President, 4. 
Edd Davin — DE Club, 3, 4. 
Billy Davis — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Vice Presi- 
dent, 3; President, 4; President Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y 
Council, 4; Sgt.-at-Arms Norfolk Hi-Y Council, 3; 
MGA, 3; Spanish National Honor Society, 3, 4. 
Ernest Davis — Chess Club, 3, 4; President, 4; 
Language Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Latin Club, 3. 
Kathy Davis — Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4; Theto 
Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 4; 
Spanish National Honor Society, 3, 4; FTA, 2, 3, 
4; Vice President, 3; President, 4; Spanish Club, 
2, 3; Treasurer, 3; Latin Club, 2; President, Home- 
room Officer, 2, 3; Scholastic Team, 2. 
Mable Edith Davis — FHA, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 

2, 3; Historian, 2, 3; Chess Club, 4; Drill Team, 

3, 4; Squad Leader, 4. 

Pat Davis — Band, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 3. 

Greg Evans 

Robert EvereH 

Mike Fail 

Christine Fallwell 

Janet Faulhaber 

Thomas Fay 

Tereso Fazio 

Norma Felton 

David Fender 

Linda Fentress 

Joyce Fields 

Jean Finchem 



■ ' ■^i^^j*- 

Burl Fisher 

Merio Flowers 

Royce Foiles 

Susan Forbes 

Charles Ford 

Donald Forehand 

Pat Foreman 

Gory Forrest 

Dan Foster 

Mark Frizzell Bill Fulghum 

Perry Honniman and Phyllis Radford 
read The Littlest Angel. 

Richard Funderburk 


Charles Fupole 

Ann Garrett 



Edmond Garrett 

Linda Gay 

Sarah Gettei 

Joan Gibbs 

Mike Gillikin 

Sandra Gimm 

Gary Glenn 

John Glennon 

Donna Goodson 

Noncy DeLozier — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 4; National 
Honor Society, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 
3, 4; Business Manager, 4; Columbia Scholastic 
Press Association, 3; YBA, 3; President, 3; Home- 
room Secretary, 4; Southern Interschoiastic Press 
Association, 3. 

Linda Doron — Pep Club, 4; FBLA, 3; Spanish 
Club, 3. 

Clifford Douglas — Transfer Student. 
Sandra Dowdy — Latin Club, 2, 3; Treasurer, 2; 
Vice President, 3; Madrigals, 4; A Capella, 4. 
Dovid Downes — JV Football, 2; Wrestling, 2, 3. 
Richard M. Dozier — Wrestling, 4. 
Richard O. Dozier — Transfer Student; Camera 
Club, 4. 

Karen Dull — Pep Club, 2; Alpha Y-Teens, 2, 3; 
Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Social Science Club, 4. 
Lee Durham — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3; Sigma Phi 
Hi-Y, 3, 4; ICC Representative, 4; Key Club, 3, 4; 
Sergeant-at-Arms, 4; FFA, 2; Treasurer, 2. 
Diane Eotmon — Pep Club, 2. 
Jaynine Eaton — Transfer Student; Scepter Tri 
Hi-Y, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 
4; French Nationol Honor Society, 3; Keyettes, 
4; Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y Council, 4; Treasurer, 4; Home- 
coming Court, 4; ICC Representative, 4; Homeroom 
Vice President, 3; President, 4. 
Geoff Edelmon — JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 
3, 4; Track, 2, 3; Baseball, 4; SCA Representa- 
tive, 2, 3; Alternate, 4; Homeroom Vice President, 
4; Key Club, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Varsity 
Club, 4. 

Sherry Elliott — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. 
Tereso Englett — Alpha Y-Teens, 4. 
Greg Evans — SCA Representative, 4; Alternate, 
2, 3; PEERAGE Staff, 3, 4; Editor, 4; Homeroom 
Vice President, 2, 3; Class Vice President, 4; Boy's 
State, 3; Junior Civitan Club, 4; French National 
Honor Society, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 4. 
Robert Everett — Transfer from Granby; National 
Honor Society, 4. 

Dolly Gorman 

Joseph Gorman 

Brenda Grosser 

Thomoi Gray 

John Green 



Pat Green 

Eddie Greene 

Chris Failweli — Pep Club, 2, 3; PEERAGE Staff, 
4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Spanish 
National Honor Society, 3, 4; "Our Town" 3 
Janet Faulhaber — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 
Treasurer, 2; Vice President, 3; President, 4 
Spanish Club, 3; Homeroom Secretary, 3, 4; Hi-Y 
Tri-Hi-Y Council, 4. 

Teresa Fazio — Ars Medico, 4; FNA, 4; Social 
Science, 4. 

Norma Feiton — Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 
3; Captain, 4; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
FTA, 3; Homeroom Secretary, 2; President, 3; 
Treasurer, 4. 

David Fender — - Spanish Club, 3; Chess Club, 4; 
Camera Club, 4. 

Linda Fentress — Athena Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 
Joyce Fields — FTA, 2, 3, 4; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 
3, 4; Sergeant-at-Arms, 3; Secretary, 4; Home- 
room Treasurer, 3. 

Jeon Finehem — FNA, 2; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Parliamentarian, 4. 
Maria Flowers — FHA, 4. 
Royce Foiles — Transfer Student. 
Patricia Foreman — FHA, 3, 4; GAA, 4; Hockey 
Team, 4; Softball Team, 4; Girls Chorus, 4. 
Gary Forrest — A Capella Chorus, 2, 3, 4; 
Madrigals, 3, 4. 

Don Foster — - Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Track, 4. 
Bill Fulghum — JV Wrestling, 2; DE Club, 4. 
Ann Garrett — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3. 
Edmond Garrett — JV Baseball, 2; Varsity 
Baseball, 3, 4. 

Linda Gay — FBLA, 4; Powderpuff Football, 4. 
Margaret Gerloff — FHA, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 2, 3. 
Jack Getrige — SCA, 4; Homeroom President, 4. 
Sarah Gettel — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2; Homeroom 
Secretary, 2, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 3. 
Joan Gibbs — DE Club, 4. 
Charles Gillikin — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4. 

Grace Grier 

Thomas Grissom 

John Grook 

Edward Grumboch 

Greg Gusler 

Lorry Haas 

Sharon Hager 

Daniel Holey 

Cheryl Hale 

Gregory Hall 

Edward Hall 

Perry Honneman 



Doug Reid tries out his new Hondo. 

Leroy Hancock 

James Hordgrave 

Carolyn Harris 

Jean Harris 

Laura Harris 

Vincent Harris 

Nancy Harrison 

Robin Harrison 

Mary Harflove 

John Hass 

Barry Hastings 

Gregory Hatch 

Joseph Hatch 

Renee Hoyden 



Robin Hoynes 

Mike Hazelwood 

Charles Hebert 

Cynthia Heimback 

Julie Helsobeck 

John Helton 

Wendie Hemming 

David Henderson 

Linda Henderson 

Vicki Hendren 

Linda Hendrickson 

Linda Hensley 

Dorii Hewitt 

Gory Hill 

Gory Glenn — Chess Club, 3. 
John Glennon — JV Football, 2; JV Baseball 2; 
Varsity Football, 3; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4; Sigma 
Phi Hl-Y, 4; Key Club, 4. 
Joseph Gorman FBLA, 2. 

Brendo Grosser — Homeroom Secretary, 2, 3; 
Powderpuff Football, 4. 

Thomas Gray — Chess Club, 4; Homeroom Treas- 
urer, 4. 

Eddie Greene — Cavalier Hi-Y, 3, 4; Varsity 
Track, 3, 4. 

John Green — Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity 
Track, 3; Varsity Club, 3, 4; Boy's State, 3. 
Patricio Green — SCA Representative, 2, 3, 4; 
Homeroom President, 3, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; 
Powderpuff Football, 3; SCA Executive Council, 4. 
Thomas Grissom — Sigma Phi-Hi-Y, 4. 
John Grook — Transfer from Moury; Cavalier 
Hi-Y, 4; Varsity Basketball, 4. 
Lorry Haas — French National Honor Society, 2. 
Edward Hall — Homeroom President, 2. 
Gregg Hall • — Varsity Tennis, 2, 3; French Na- 
tional Honor Society, 3; SCA Publicity Chairman, 
3; Executive Committee, 4; Representative, 4; 
Science Club, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; ICC 
Representative, 3, President, 4; Powderpuff Cheer- 
leader, 3, 4; Junior Senior Basketball, 3; Key 
Club, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Home- 
coming Escort, 4; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council, 4; Pep 
Club Mascot, 4. 

Perry Honnemon — Latin Club, 2; Spanish Club, 
3; OUR TOWN, 3; Chess Club, 4; ICC Represent- 
ative, 4; Social Science Club, 4; IMAGINARY 
INVALID, 4; National Thespians, 4. 
Leroy Hancock — Track, 2. 
Louro Harris — DE Club, 3. 

Carolyn Harris — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 4; GAA, 4; 
National Honor Society, 4; Latin Club, 2; Span- 
ish Club, 3; Language Club, 4. 



■^^B'- "'H^*' ^ 

Carol Hinzpeter 

Robert Hise 

Lynn Hodges 

Eornestine Hodnett Theresa Holcombe 

Bill Hooks 

Eric Hoover 

Ronnie Horton 

Carol Horstmon 

Linwood Respess, John Hass, and Bob Hutten 
were speakers at the National Honor Society 
Induction ceremony. 

Ginger Hurter 

Robert Hutten 



Jeonette Inge 

Jerri Inmon 

Robin Harrison — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; DE 
Club, 4. 

Penny Hartlove — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 
John Hoss — Homeroom Vice President, 2; SCA 
Alternate, 2; Homeroom President, 3; SCA Re- 
presentative, 3; Vice Chairman of ICC, 3, Boy's 
State, 3; SCA Vice President, 4; National Honor 
Society, 4; SCA Summer Workshop, 4. 
Joseph Hatch — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; Key 
Club, 4. 

Gregery Hatch — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4. 
Renee Hayden — Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; FBLA,2, 
3; Reporter, 3. 

Robin Haynes — Spanish Club, 2, 3; Spanish Na- 
tional Honor Society, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 

Charles Hebert — Cavalier Hi-Y, 3, 4; Quo Vadls 
Tri-Hi-Y Mascot, 4; Key Club, 4. 
Julie Helsabeck — Spanish Club, 3; National 
Honor Society, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 4. 
John Helton — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2. 
David Henderson — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Treas- 
urer, 4. 

Linda Henderson — Spanish Club, 2; FHA, 3. 
Vieki Hendren — Latin Club, 3; Drama Club, 4. 
Linda Hendrickson — Keyette Club, 2, 3, 4; 
Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; FHA, 
4, Treasurer, 4; Homeroom President, 4; Vice 
President, 3; Treasurer, 3; SCA Representative, 2, 

Linda Hensley — FHA, 3. 
Gary Hill — Transfer Student. 

Corol Hinzpeter — DE Club, 4; French National 
Honor Society, 3, 4. 

Robert Hise — FOLIO Art Editor, 3, 4; PAGE 
Art Editor, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4. 
Lynn Hodges — DE Club, 4; FHA, 2. 
Earnestine Hodnett — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2. 

William Ives 

Wayne Jorman 

Bill Jennette 

Dino Jenkins 

Clayton Johnson 

David Johnson 

Flobert Johnson 

Charlene Jones 

Glenn Jones 



j^t » . o 

Robert T. Jonei Robert Jonet 

Homecoming Queen Gail Ward and escort, Lynn Hatch, circle the field. 

Sharon Jones Thomas Jones 


John Jordan 

Linda Jordan 

Anita Joseph Gwynne Joslyn 


William Joslyn Nancy Ann Joyce Pom Joyner 


Petro Korn- 

Linda Kelley 



Bonnie Kelly 

Julio Kemph 

Margaret Kern 

Harry Kerr 

Allan Kigerl 

Nancy Kimball 

Delores King 

Charles King 

Barbara Kneece 

Robert Koelling 

George Kona 

John Kordulak 

Goldie Long 

John Loftiter 

Theresa Holcombe — Drill Team, 3, 4; FTA, 

2, 3, 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. 

Erie Hoover — Track, 4; Football, 4; All State 

Band, 4; Student Director, 4; Band President, 4; 

Debate Team, 4. 

Ronnie Horton — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; Young 

Democrats, 2; FBLA, 2, 3. 

Cheryl Houp — FBLA, 3, 4; Chaplain, 3, 4; 

GAA, 4. 

Frank Hudgins — Varsity Club, 4; JV Football, 

2; JV Basketball, 2; JV Golf, 2; Varsity Golf, 

3, 4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y Mascot, 4. 
Deaunneo Hudkins — National Thespians, 4. 
Robert Hutten — SCA Representative, 2; PA 
Scholastic Team, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country, 2, 3, 4; 
Track, 2, 3, 4; SCA Vice President, 3; ICC Chair- 
man, 3; SCA Summer Workshop, 3, 4; SCA 
President, 4; Tidewater Scholastic Team, 4; Tide- 
water District SCA President, 4; Outstanding Sen- 
ior Boy; National Honor Society, 4. 

Jeonette Inge — FBLA, 2; National Thespians, 
2, 3, 4; Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

William Ives — Science Club, 4; ICC, 4; SCA, 4. 
Wayne Jarman — Camera Club, 4. 
Bill Jennette — DE Club, 4. 

Flobert Johnson — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
President, 3; Tri-Hi-Y Hi-Y Council, 3; Vice Pres- 
ident, 3; Model General Assembly, 2; Latin Club, 
2; Secretary, 2; Pep Club, 2. 

Susan Johnson — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4; Drill Team 
Alternate, 4. 

Vicki Johnson — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Treasurer, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4; National Honor So- 
ciety, 4; Homeroom President, 4; Homeroom Sec- 
retary, 2, 3; A Copella Choir, 3, 4; Girls Chorus, 
2; Homecoming Committee, SCA Executive Coun- 
cil, 4. 

Bob Jones — Tennis Club, 2; Chess Club, 4. 
Tom Jones — Wrestling Team, 2, 3; Varsity 
Club, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4. 



William Lavelle 

Nancy Low 

Barbara Leach 

Jeffrey Leovitt 

Michael Leovitt 

Wilma Lee 

Yvonne Lee 

Down Leiphart 

Lorry Leonard 

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! 

Nancy Lewis 

Sherry Lewis 

Albert Lilley 

Mary Lipinski 

Carolyn Long 



Sandra Long 

Wildo Lucy 

Rosemary Lugo 

Katherine Manning 

Denise Marinelli 

Allen Martin 

Beth Martin 

Nancy Martin 


John Jordan — Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Secre- 
tary, 4; Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4; Key Club, 4; 
JV Wrestling, 2, 3; Wrestling, 3, 4. 
Linda Jordan — FHA, 4. 

Anita Joseph — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Vice 
President, 3; President, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 
3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; Girl's State, 3; National 
Honor Society, 4; Outstanding Senior Girl, 4; 
Homecoming Court, 4. 
Bill Joslyn — Transfer Student. 
Gwynne Joslyn — Transfer Student; French Na- 
tional Honor Society, 4; Secretary, 4; FTA, 4; 
Homeroom Secretary, 4. 

Nancy Ann Joyce — PAGE Editor, 4; DE Club, 4. 
Pom Joyner — FHA, 2; FBLA, 2, 3, 4; Reporter, 3. 
Retro Korn — Drill Team, 2, 3, 4; Squad Leader, 

Bonnie Kelly — GAA, 4. 

Margaret Kern — FBLA, 3, 4; President. 4; Jun- 
ior Civitan Club, 4. 
Horry Kerr — Transfer from Maury. 
Allan Kigerl — JV Wrestling, 2; Varsity Wrest- 
ling, 3, 4. 

Barbara Kneece — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. 
Robert W. Koelling — Social Science Club, 4; 
Debate Team, 4. 

George Kono — Swimming Team, 2; Varsity Club 
2, 3, 4; Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4. 
Rose Marie LoFlomme — Transfer Student. 
Goldie Lang • — FBLA, 2; Junior Civitan Club, 
2, 3; Chorus, 3; A Capella, 4; DE Club 4. 
John Lossiter — Varsity Club, 3, 4; Varsity Foot- 
ball, 3, 4; Basketball, 3. 
William Lavelle — Wrestling, 2, 3. 
Nancy Low — Drill Team, 3, 4. 

Jeffrey Leovitt — DE Club, 4; Cross Country, 2; 
JV Football, 2; Track, 3, 4. 

Micheol Leovitt ■ — - Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4; 
Science Club, 2, 3, 4; Debate Team, 4; Social 
Science Club, 4. 

Timothy Martin 

Michael Moion 

Sandra Matthias 

John Maxwell 

Michoel May 

Sally May 



Linda Mays 

Theodore Mazzel 

James and Sharon say, "Cold weather makes for warm 

Jean McCoy 

Carol McDougle Sharron McGathey 

Linda McGinnis 

Robert McGinfy 

Michael McKee 

Sharon McKinney 

Vickie McKinney 

Carol McNeece 

John McNulty 

Michael McSpadden Susan Messona 



David Midyette 

Stephen Mikeal 

Richord Miles 

Gerald Mill 

Jackie Miller 

Philip Miller 

Cynthia Mills 

Jimmy Mills 

Richard Minton 

Sherry Mobley 

Karen Molodovitch 

Vern Montgomery 

Dennis Moore 

Edith Moore 

Down Leiphart — Transfer Student; Junior Civ- 
itan Club, 4. 

Nancy Lewis — Transfer from Newport News; 
Drill Team, 4. 

Albert Lilley — Spanish National Honor Society, 
4; Cavalier Hi-Y, 4. 

Mary Liplnski — Powderpuff Football, 3; Drill 
Team, 4. 

Wilda Lucy — Junior Civitan Club, 3, Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Homeroom Secretary, 3; AAadrigols, 

Rosemary Lugo — Drill Teom, 2, 3, 4; SCA Rep- 
resentative, 2, 3; Alternate, 4; Homeroom Presi- 
dent, 2, 3, 4; Junior Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4; Spanish 
National Honor Society, 4. 

Katherine Manning — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 
4; Treasurer, 3; Vice President, 4; Keyettes, 3, 
4; Reporter, 4; SCA Representative, 3, 4; French 
National Honor Society, 4; Homeroom President, 
3; Homeroom Secretary, 2; ICC Representative 4. 
Denise Marlnelli — Drill Team, 4. 
Allen Martin — Trock, 2; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4. 
Elizabeth Martin — Drill Team, 2; Trinity Tri- 
Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club, 4; Treasurer, 4. 
Nancy Martin — Y-Teens, 2; Pep Club, 2; FTA, 
2, 3; Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4. 

Timothy Martin — Science Club, 3, 4; President, 
4; Social Science Club, 4. 

Michael Mason — Transfer Student from Key 

Sandra Matthias — DE Club, 4. 

John Maxwell — Latin Club, 2, 3; Languoge Club, 
4; Ars Medico, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; Swim- 
ming Team, 2. 

Solly Moy — Chorus, 2, 3, 4; DE Club, 4. 
Linda Mays — Junior Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4; 
President, 3; Vice President, 4; Homeroom Treas- 
urer, 3; French National Honor Society, 3, 4. 




Ruby Moore 

Marilyn Morris 

Linda Morton 

Clifton Mullen 

Sheila Mullenax 

Gary Mullins 

Sharon Murphy 

Richard Nodeou Theresa Neisler 

Lynn Prangley and David Turner patronize the school 

Margaret Newman 

Julio Nichols 

Paul Nikias 

Jackson Nordin 

Mary Northcutt 



Ruth Anne Oliver 

Marsha Overbey 

Theodore Mazzie — Key Club, 3, 4; DE Club, 

4; President, 4; Homeroom President, 4. 

Carol McDougle — Language Club, 4; Treasurer, 

4; GAA, 4. 

Sharron McGathey — GAA, 3, 4; President, 4. 

Linda McGinnis — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4; DE Club, 


Sharon McKinney — Drill Teom, 4. 

Vickie McKinney — SCA Representative, 4; Jun- 
ior Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4; President, 4. 

Corel McNeece — GAA, 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

John McNulty — Varsity Club, 4; Science Club, 

4; Pep Club Mascot, 4; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; 

Varsity Tennis, 3, 4. 

Michael McSpodden — Cavalier Electronics Club, 


Susan Messono — Pep Club, 4; Coronet Tri- 
Hi-Y, 4. 

Stephen Mikeal — Bond, 2, 3, 4. 

Richard Miles — Cavalier Hi-Y, 3, 4; Homeroom 

Treasurer, 4. 

Gerald Mill — Science Club, 4; Social Science 

Club, 4. 

Jackie Miller — FBLA, 4; Band, 4. 
Philip Miller — Band, 4. 

Cindy Mills — Pep Club 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 
3; President, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Camera Club, 
3; Secretary, 3; PEERAGE Staff, 3, 4; ICC Se- 
cretary, 3; SCA Representative, 4; National Honor 
Society, 4; Powderpuff Football, 3, 4. 
Karen Molodovitch — Pep Club, 3, 4; Vice Pres- 
ident, 4; Alpha Y-Teens, 3, 4; ICC — Historian, 4. 
Vern Montgomery — Science Club, 4; Electronics 
Club, 4. 

Dennis Moore — Chess Club, 4. 

Ruby Moore — FBLA, 2; FHA, 3; Pep Club, 
2, 3, Historian, 4; Girls Chorus 4. 
Marilyn Morris — Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4; 
National Honor Society, 4. 
Linda Morton — FHA 4; Y-Teens 3. 

Kathryn Overstreet 

Robert Owens 

Cynthia Page 

Don Page 

Alexander Pogonis 

Michaelene Pair 

Sarah Porhom 

Charles Parker 

Charles Parker 

Darlene Parrish 

Bonnie Parsons 

Steve Patrick 



SCA officers relax in Mr. Cox's office. 

Sheila Mullenox — Ars Medico 2; Theta Tri- 
Hi-Y, 2, Co-Hlstorian-Reporter 3, II Vice Pres- 
ident 4. 

Shoron Murphy — Pep Club 3, 4; Social Science 
Club 4. 

Richard Nadeau — Language Club 4. 
Theresa Neisler — Spanish Club 3; Powder Puff 3. 
Margaret Newman — Young Republicans 3, 4; 
Pep Club 4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y 4; Drama Club 4; 
PEERAGE Staff 4. 

Julie Nichols — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3, Treasurer 4; 
Pep Club 2, 3, Sgt.-at-Arnns 4; GAA 2, 3; Pow- 
der Puff 3, 4; Alpha Y-Teens 2, 3. 
Paul Nikios — FNHS 2, 3. 

Jack Nordin — Camera Club 4, Vice President; 
FTA 4; Young Democrats 3. 

Ruth Anne Oliver — Trinity 2; Keyettes 3, 4, 
District Vice President 4; Forensics Team 2, 3, 4; 
Homeroom Secretary 3; Vice President 4; SCA 
Representative 4; National Honor Society 4. 

Diane Poyne 

Roger Peacock 

Wanda Pendleton 

Diane Perry 

Lee Perry 

Martha Perry 

Vernetta Peters 

Kay Pierce 

Gary Pinion 

Suion Pittman 

Charles Pitts 

Elizabeth Plaisance 

Ray Polhamus 

Martha Pollie 



Patricia Pool 

Carolyn Powell 

Lynn Powers 

Lynn Prangley 

Ben Presos 

Larry Priest 

Frank Pritchord 

Barbara Pugh 

Gory Ragon 


Karl Rowli 

Elizabeth Redmond 

Joan Reese 

Marsha Overbey — Latin Club 2; Coronet Tri- 
Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Co-Chaplain 3, Recording Secretary 
4; PEERAGE Staff 2, 3, Editor 4; Columbia Scho- 
lastic Press Association 3; Homeroom Secretary 4. 
Kothy Overstreet — Homeroom President 2; Vice 
President 3; Treasurer 4; SCA Representative 2, 
Alternate 3; Drill Team 2, Assistant Squad Leader 
3, Secretary 4; Keyettes 4; National Honor Society 

Bob Owens — - Key Club 3, 4; National Thespians 
3, 4; National Honor Society 4; Honor Court 
Judge 4; SCA Representative 3, Alternate 4; 
Homeroom President 3, 4; FTA 4; Young Re- 
publicans 3, 4. 

Miehoelene Pair — Theta Tri-Hi-Y 3; DE Club 
4; Chorus 3, A Capella 4; Drama Club 3 OUR 
TOWN; Senior Play 3. 

Cyndy Page — FBLA 2; GAA 3, 4; Theta Trl- 
Hi-Y 4; Powder Puff 3. 
Don Poge — Transfer Student; DE Club. 
Charles H. Parker — JV Basketball 2, 3; JV 

— Chess Club 2, 3; Chess 

French National Honor Society 
Junior Civiton 3, 4, Chaplain 

Transfer Student; Scepter Tri- 

Gordon Register 

Douglat Reid 

Charles L. Parker 

Team 4. 

DorJene Porrish — 

2, 3, Secretary 3; 
4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y 4 
Bonnie Parsons — 
Hi-Y 4. 

Stephen Patrick — DE Club 4, Vice President 4. 
Diane Payne — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 3, Historian 3, 
Treosurer 4; JV Cheerleader 3, Co-Captain; Var- 
sity Cheerleoder 4; Homeroom Vice President 3; 
President 4; SCA Representative 3; SCA Executive 
Committee 4; Spanish National Honor Society 3; 
Keyettes 4; Hockey Teom 4. 

Roger Peacock — Junior Civitan Club 2; Cav- 
alier Hi-Y 2; Debote Club 3; Drama Club 4, Presi- 
dent 4; National Thespian Society 4. 



Linwood Respess 

William Reynolds 

Sandra Rice 

William Rice 

Carol Richardson 

Gary Ricks 

Eric Robinson 

Henry Rodes 

Pat Roesle 

Senior Steering Committee plans graduation ex- 

Frederick Rogers 

Vicki Rogers 

Arlene Rohr 

Gene Rohr 

Robert Rooks 



Steven Rorrer 

Alvin Rountree 

4, Treasurer 


Dione Perry — Drill Team 2, 3, 
4; FNA 3, 4; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, 

Oliver Perry — Tronsfer from Ferguson; 
tronics Club 4, President 4. 
Vernetta Peters — FBLA 4. 

Cathrina Pierce — Transfer Student from Maury. 
Cheryl Pierce — Thetc Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; 
Homeroom Secretary 2, 3. 

Gary Pinion — Ars Medico, 2, 3; Band, 2; A 
Copella, 2, 3; Vice President, 3; Madrigals, 3, 4; 
SCA Representative 3; Homeroom President, 3; 
All-Regional Chorus, 3, 4; National Honor Society, 

Susan Pittmon — Girls' Chorus 2; Accompanist, 
2; A Capelia, 3, 4; Madrigals, 3, 4; Trinity Tri- 
Hl-Y, 3, 4; FTA, 2, 3, 4; Historian, 3; Sgt-at- 
Arms, 4; Homeroom Secretary, 4. 
Elizabeth Plaisance — FNA, 2. 

Martha Pollie — FNA, 2; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 4; 
Drama Club, 4. 
Patricia Pool — DE Club, 4. 
Carolyn Powell — Drill Team, 2, 3. 
Lynn Powers — Drill Team, 2, 3, 4. 
Lynn Prangley — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; SCA 
Representative, 2, 3; Executive Council, 4; JV 
Cheerleader, 2; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4; Co- 
Captain, 4; Homeroom President, 3; Girl's State, 

Ben Precas — Transfer Student. 
Frank Pritchard — Transfer from Maury; 
National Honor Society, 3, 4; Track, 3, 
alier Hi-Y, 3, 4; Secretary-Reporter, 4; 
Senior Basketball, 3, 4. 

Neil Ransom — Cavalier Electronics Club, 
retary, 4. 

Korl Rowls — Transfer Student; DE Club, 
Elizabeth Redmond — Transfer Student. 
Doug Reid - — Chess Club, 4; Cross Country, 4; 
Indoor Track, 3, 4, 


4; Cav- 


4; Sec- 
3, 4. 

Carlton Rowe 

Stephanie Rozycki 

Russell Rucks 


William Russell 

Robert Ryan 

Peter Sachon 

Pom Sanderson 

Thomas Sands 

Donna Saunders 

Sandra Sovage 

Margaret Sawyer 

Sharon Schats 



Gym foyer becomes refreshment center at lunchtime. 

Linda Scheme 

Charles Schultz 

Mike ScoN 

Otha Scott 

Sandra Semans 

Anne Semonet 

Anita Sexton 

Dionne Shaw 

Pat Shaw 

Nancy Shea 

Clyde Sheely 

Angela Shelton 

John Shields 

James Silor 



Jon Silos 

Cliff Simms 

Margaret Singleton 

Donno Sistrunk 

Williom Skoggs 

Marilyn Skelton 

Borboro Smith 

Cathy Smith 

Mary Smith 

Paulo Smith 

Robert Snowden 

Jonet Snyder 

Pot Snyder 

Jo Ann Spoin 


Linwood Respess — National Honor Society, 4; 
President, 4; Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 
4; Track, 2, 3; Cross Country, 3; SCA Represent- 
ative, 3; Alternate, 3; Homeroom President, 2; 
Vice President, 3. 

Gory Ricks — Transfer from Granby; Golf Team, 

Henry Rodes — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; DE 
Club, 3, 4; National Thespians, 4. 
Fredrick Rogers — Track, 2; A Capella, 3, 4; 
Madrigals, 4. 

Arlene Rohr — Transfer Student; Young Demo- 
crats, 3, 4. 

Gene Rohr — Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Cavalier 
Hi-Y, 3, 4. 

Steve Rorrer — DE Club, 2. 

Alvin Rountree — Chess Club, 2; YBA, 3; Pres- 
ident, 3. 

Stephonie Rozycki — Transfer Student; Home- 
room Treasurer, 4; GAA, 4; Pep Club, 4; Hockey 
Team, 4. 

Russell Rucks — Junior Civitan Club, 2, 3, 4. 
Bill Russell — Varsity Football, 4. 
Robert Ryon — Camera Club, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 

Pete Sochon — Sophomore Class Vice President, 
2; SCA Representative, 2; Executive Coouncil, 3; 
Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; Theta 
Tri-Hi-Y Mascot, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Golf 
Team, 2, 3, 4; JV Basketball, 2. 
Haskel Sonds — DE Club, 4. 

Donna Saunders — Keyettes, 4; Science Club, 
4; Secretary, 4; National Honor Society, 4; Span- 
ish National Honor Society, 2, 3, 4; Vice Presi- 
dent, 4; National Merit Semi-finolist, 4; SCA Rep- 
resentative, 4; Junior Civitan, 3, 4; Homeroom 
President, 4; Homeroom Secretary, 2; PEERAGE 
Stoff, 2, 3, 4. 

Sondro Sovoge — DE Club, 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 
3, 4. 


Becky Spargos 

Doreen Spencer 

Ingie Spencer 

Preston Springston 

Brendo Stakes 

Judy Stallord 

Pom Stamper 

Cindy Stanley 

Danny Steadman 

Margaret Sawyer — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Latin 
Club, 2; FTA, 4; SCA Representative, 2, 3, 4. 
Sharon Schatz — Social Science Club, 4. 
Linda Schemo — Y-Teens, 4; Pep Club, 4. 
Otha Scott — Cavalier Hi-Y, 4. 
Anne Semones — FBLA, 2; Homeroom Treasurer, 

Diane Shaw — DE Club,4. 

Nancy Shea — Spanish Club, 2, 3; Vice President, 
3; Spanish National Honor Society, 2, 3; Se- 
cretary, 3; Scholastic Team, 2, 3; SCA Represent- 
ative, 2, 3; Homeroom President, 3; Homeroom 
Secretary, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 
4; Keyettes, 3, 4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Na- 
tional Honor Society, 4; Honor Court Judge, 3- 
Powderpuff Football, 3, 4. 

Clyde Sheely — Sigma Phi Hi-Y 2, 3; DE CluL, 
3, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 2, 3. 
John Shields — Football Team, 4. 
Clifford Simms — Junior Civitan, 2, 3, 4. 

John Stein 

Diane Stevens 

William Stevens 

James Stewott 

Bruce Stewart 

Pete Sachon, Skip Wilkins, and David Turner enjoy 
the antics of the cheerleaders in the foyer. 


'1 ■ 


Rhonda Stoddert 

Elizobel-h Stone 

Sandra Stowell 

Essie Street 

Brenda Suggs 

Donna Sistrunk — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Chaplain 3; Historian, 4; Powderpuff Football, 
3; National Honor Society, 4; Homeroom Treas- 
urer; Pep Club, 4. 

William Skaggs — JV Baseball, 2; JV Basket- 
ball, 2; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 3, 4; Vice President, 
3; SCA Representative, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball, 
3, 4; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; 
Annual Staff 4; Editor, 4. 

Marilyn Skelton — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; JV 
Cheerleader, 2; SCA Representative, 2; Homeroom 
Vice President, 4; Homeroom Secretory, 3. 
Bobbi Smith — Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain, 4; 
Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 2, 3, 4. 
Helen C. Smith — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Y-Teens, 
2; DE Club, 4. 

— Alpha Y-Teens, 2, 3, 
, 3; Secretary, 4; Pep Club, 

Mac-y hiances Smith 

4; ICC Representative 

3; Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

Paula Smith — Chorus, 3; Y-Teens, 3, 4 

Robert Snowden — Cavalert Hi-Y, 4. 

Joanne Spain — Y-Teens, 2, 3, 

3; ICC Representative, 4; Coronet 

Homeroom Treasurer, 4. 

Ingie Spencer — Spanish Club, 3; 

Hi-Y, 4. 

Brenda Stakes 

ternate, 2, 3, 

FTA, 2, 3, 4; 

3; Scholastic 

4. Treasurer, 
Tri-Hi-Y, 4; 

Scepter Tri- 

— Homeroom VEEP, 2; SCA Al- 
4; Y-Teens, 2, 3; Chaplain, 2; 

Treasurer, 4; Homeroom President, 
Team, 3; Powderpuff Football, 3, 
4; Homeroom President, 4; Keyettes, 4; Chaplain, 
4; National Honor Society, 4; Sec.-Treas., 4; Theta 
Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Reporter, 4. 
Judy Stallard — FTA, 4; Drama Club, 4. 
Pam Stamper — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 
John William Stein — Football, 4. 
Diane Stevens — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 4; FBLA, 4; 
National Thespians, 4. 

Bruce Stewort — National Honor Society, 4; Exec- 
utive Committee, 4; Homeroom Secretary, 4. 
James Stewart — Football, 2, 3. 

Russ Sullivan 

Donnie Summers 

Mahlon Sumrell 

Ken Sutton 


Cathy Sykes 

Bruce Tabor 

Sharon Tatum 

Christa Taylor 

Verna Taylor 



Rhonda Stoddert — SCA Secretary, 4; Represent- 
ative, 2, 3; District Conference, 3; Richmond 
Forum, 3; Class Vice President, 3; Homeroom 
President, 2; Homeroom Vice President, 3; Key- 
ette Club, 3, 4; Treasurer Keyette National, 4; 
Keyette Convention, 3; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; 
Chaplain, 3; French National Honor Society, 3; 
Honor Court Judge, 3; Girl's State, 3; National 
Honor Society, 4; Princess Anne Pageant, 2; 
Homecoming Court, 4; Varsity Cheerleader, 3, 4. 
Sondra Stowell — Athenia Tri-Hi-Y, 4; FBLA, 4; 
Drill Team, 4; Drama Club, 4. 

Essie Street — Band 2, 3, 4; FTA, 3; Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Secretary, 3; 
Language Club, 4; President, 4. 

Brenda Suggs — FNA, 2, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; 
National Thespians, 2, 3, 4; Historian, 4; Drill 
Team, 4. 

Russ Sullivon — JV Football, 2; Varsity Football, 
3; French Club, 3; Junior Civitan Club, 4. 
Ken Sutton — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Varsity 
Football, 3. 

Cathy Sykes — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Junior 
Civitan Club, 3, 4; French National Honor So- 
ciety, 3; Drill Team, 4. 

Sharon Tatum — Y-Teens, 2; Scepter Tri- 
Hi-Y, 3, 4. 

Chris Taylor — PEERAGE Staff, 2, 3, 4; FTA, 
3, 4; ICC Representative, 3; Forensics, 3; Junior 
Civitan Club, 3. 

Verna Taylor — Y-Teens, 3; Drill Team, 4. 
Toni Tedder — Ars Medico, 3, 4; Junior Civitan 
Club, 4. 
Ray Thomas — French National Honor Society, 

2, 3; President, 3; PEERAGE Stoff, 2; Key Club, 

3, 4; Treasurer, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 3; Ten- 
nis Team, 3, 4; Homeroom President, 4; Sigma 
Phi Hi-Y, 4. 

Ken Thomas — Cavalier Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Drama 

Club, 4; Vice President, 4. 

Frances Thomason — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4. 

Toni Tedder 

William Templeton 

Ray Thomas 

Ken Thomos 

Frances Thomason 

Chorles Thompson 

Richard Thompson 

John Thurston 

Sharon Tieman 

Stephen Trammel 

Carol Treadwell 

Potty Tullis 

Robert Turkenton 

David Turner 



Dan Tyrrel 

Sondra Van Cleave 

Kenneth Vance 

Jenny Vann 

Gale Variot 

Edwin Vennik 

Rebecca Walker 

Linda Wallace 

Pete WoUen 

Jerry Wont 

Ben Ward 

Gail Ward 

Patrick Wore 

Kit Worrell 

Charles Thompson — JV Football, 2; Wrestling, 
2; Varsity Club, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Football, 3; 
Varsity Wrestling, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4. 
Richard Thompson — Science Club, 4. 
Potricio Tullis — Transfer Student; Drama Club, 
4; Junior Civitan Club, 3, 4. 

Dovid Turner — SCA Representative, 2; JV Foot- 
ball, 2; JV Baseball, 2; Homeroom President, 2; 
Varsity Club, 3, 4; President, 4; Class President, 
3, 4; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Baseball, 
4; Football Co-Captain, 4; Coronet Tri-Hi-Y Mas- 
cot, 4. 
Kenneth Vance — Band, 2, 3, 4; Sigma Phi, Hi-Y, 

2, 3, 4, Sgt.-at-Arms, 4. 

Sandra Von Cleave — Transfer Student; Drama 

Club, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football, 3; Spanish Club, 

3; Social Science Club, 4; Pep Club, 3, 4; GAA, 


Jenny Vonn — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Keyettes, 

3, 4; Treasurer, 4; National Honor Society, 4; 
French National Honor Society, 4; SCA Alternate, 

2, 4; Homeroom Vice President, 2; Secretary, 4; 
Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council Secretary, 4. 

Gale Voriot — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Secre- 
tary, 4; Keyettes 3, 4; Latin Club 2, Vice Presi- 
dent 2; ICC, 4; Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Associated 
Student Bodies of Virginia Beach, 4; Reporter, 4; 
SCA Representative, 3, 4; Executive Council, 4; 
Parliamentarian, 3; MGA, 3; Spanish National 
Honor Society, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 2, 4; Editor, 
4; Homeroom President, 3; Vice President, 4; 
Young Democrats, 3; SCA Conference, 3. 
Ed Vennik — Transfer Student from Granby; Var- 
sity Football, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball, 2, 3; Var- 
sity Track, 3; Varsity Club, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 

3, 4; Key Club, 4. 

Linda Wollocc — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; FBLA, 
3; Homeroom Treasurer 3. 

Ben Ward — Key Club, 2; Chorus, 2; SCA Rep- 
resentotive, 2; Homeroom Vice President, 2; DE 
Club, 4. 



Algie V/atts 

Joan Webb 

Beverly Wells 

Dan Wells 

Grace Wheeler 

Robert Whitbeck 

Janae White 

Jane White 

Linda White 

Gail Lynnette Word — Trinity TrI-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Corresponding Secretary, 3; Keyette Club, 4; SCA 
Representative, 2, 3, 4; Executive Committee, 4; 
Homeroom President, 2, 3; Senior Class Secretary; 
Junior Class Secretary; Varsity Cheerleader, 4; 
Homecoming Queen, 4. 

J. H. Want — JV Track 2; JV Cross Country, 
2, 3; Varsity Track, 3; Varsity Cross Country, 
3; Spanish Club, 4; Chess Club, 4; Homeroom 
Treasurer, 4. 

Pot Wore — Transfer from Maury; Varsity Bas- 
ketball, 3; Co-Captain, 3; Homecoming Escort, 4; 
Miss P. A. Escort, 3; Coronet Mascot, 4. 
Kotherine Worrell — Band, 2, 3, 4; FTA, 3, 4; 
Majorette, 4. 

Joan Webb — Homeroom Secretary, 2, 3; Scepter 
Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Reporter, 3; Treasurer, 4; ICC 
Representative, 3; National Thespians, 2, 3; Vice 
President, 3. 

Beverly Wells — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Latin 
Club, 2; SCA Alternate, 2, 3; DE Club, 4; Par- 
liamentarian, 4; Homeroom Secretary, 3. 
Don Wells — Transfer; Varsity Football, 3, 4; Var- 
sity Basketball, 3, 4; Co-Captain, 4; Varsity Base- 
ball, 3, 4; Varsity Club, 3, 4. 
Ethel Wheeler — ■ Pep Club, 4. 

Bob Whitbeck — JV Football, 2; JV Wrestling, 
2; Varsity Club, 4; Varsity Track, 3, 4; Varsity 
Football, 3, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; Homeroom 
Vice President, 3; Homeroom President, 4. 
Jone White — Scepter Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; FBLA 
3; Drill Team, 4. 

Jonoe White — Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Secre- 
tary, 2; Vice President, 4; FNA, 2, 3, 4; His- 
torian-Parliamentarian, 4; Social Science Club, 4; 
Honor Court Judge, 4; ICC Representative 4. 
Linda White — Ars Medica, 2, 4; Scepter Tri- 
Reeee White — Chess Club, 4. 

Patricio White 

Reece White 

Richard White 

Carol Whitehurst 

Carl Whitley 



Jock Whitten 

Lora Wion 

Class of '66 gathers at first pep rally. 

Mary Wiggins 

Sonny Wiggins 

Judi Wilkenson 

Richard White — Band, 2, 3, 4; Science Club, 4. 
Carole Whitehurst — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4; 
Corresponding Secretary, 4; FBLA, 3; Girl's Cho- 
rus, 4; Reporter, 4; Page Staff, Exchange Editor, 

Carl Whitley — Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; Cavalier 
Hi-Y, 4; Homeroom Treasurer, 2. 
John Whitten — Library Club, 2, 3; Treasurer, 
3; Chess Club, 3, 4. 

Lora Wian — Coronet Tri-Hi-Y, 3, 4. 
Mary Lee Wiggins — FHA, 2. 

Judy Wilkenson — JV Cheerleader, 3; A Capello, 

Tom Wilkerson — PEERAGE Staff, 2, 3, 4; Ed- 
itor, 4; Camera Club, 3, 4; President, 4; Science 
Club, 3,4. 

Larry Williams — FFA, 3. 

Maureen Williams — Alpha Y-Teens, 2; FHA, 
2; A Capella, 4. 


Tom Wilkerson 

Lorry Williams 

Maureen Williams 

Michael Williams 

Sue Williomi 

Karen Willis 

Michael Wills 

Dot Wilson 

Eugene Wilson 



Sue Willioms — Y-Teens, 2, 3; Junior Civitan, 4. 

Karen Willis — Pep Club, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; 

French National Honor Society, 3; Powderpuff 

Football, 3; FTA, 4; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 4. 

Dorothy Wilson — FBLA, 2; Spanish National 

Honor Society, 4; ICC Representative, 4. 

Solly Wilson — Keyettes, 2, 3; Theta Tri-Hi-Y, 

2, 3, 4; Reporter-Historian, 3; President, 4; 
m'gA;' Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y Council, Vice President, 4; 
FTA, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 4; SCA Alternate, 2; 
Homeroom Vice President, 2; Homeroom Treas- 
urer, 3; Homeroom Secretary, 4. 

Tom Winder — DE Club, 4. 

Susan Wolff — FTA, 3, 4; FHA, 3; Pep Club, 
4; Homeroom Vice President, 4. 

Carolyn Woodruff — JV Cheerleader, 2, 3; Key- 
ettes, 3, 4; Historian, 3; Vice President, 3; Na- 
tional Honor Society, 4; French National Honor 
Society, 3, 4; Vice President, 4; PEERAGE Staff, 

3, 4; Editor, 4; SCA Alternate, 3; Executive Com- 
mittee, 4; Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 4; Powderpuff Foot- 
ball, 4. 

Carol Wright — Y-Teens, 2; FBLA, 3, 4. 
Judy Wright — FHA, 2, 3; DE Convention, 3. 
Julie Wright — Trinity Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; Pep 
Club, 2, 3, 4; Chaplain, 3; Homeroom President, 
2, 3; SCA Representative, 2, 3; FTA, 3, 4. 
Ann Yancey — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4; 
Treasurer, 3; Chaplain, 4; Keyettes, 3, 4; Junior 
Board Member, 3; Secretary, 4; Hi-Y Tri-Hi-Y 
Council, 3; Chaplain, 3; PEERAGE Staff, 2, 3, 4; 
Feature Editor, 4; Columbia University Scholastic 
Press Association Convention, 3; Homeroom Sec- 
retary, 2, 3. 

Henry Yancey — Homeroom Treasurer, 2; Key 
Club, 2, 3, 4; Secretary, 3; President, 4; Varsity 
Tennis, 3, 4; Powderpuff Drill Team, 3; Powder- 
puff Cheerleader, 4; Sigma Phi Hi-Y, 4; SCA 
Representative, 4; Quo Vadis TriHi-Y Mascot, 4. 

Marvin Wilson 

Solly Wilson 


Eddy Winder 

Tommy Winder 

Rick Wolf 

Susan Wolff 

Carolyn Woodruff 

Ken Wroy 

Carol Wright 

Judy Wright 

Julie Wright 

Sandra Wright 

Ann Yancey 

Henry Yancey 



Donna Young — Quo Vadis Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4; Drill 
Team, 2, 3, 4; Co-captaIn, 4; Homeroom Trea- 
surer, 4. 

Marie Zirpoli — Spanish National Honor Society, 
3, 4; Social Science Club 4; Ars Medico, 3. 

Senior Keyettes tending the Keyette bookstore are Nancy 
Shea, Linda Hendrickson, Nancy DeLozier, Carolyn 
Woodruff and Gloria Brinkley. 

Bruce Yorgey 

Donna Young 

Robert Young 

Lydia Zimmerman 

Roger Zimmerman 


Maria Zirpoli 


V , , / ljM 

Mr. Garrou returns a government test 
to one of his seniors. 

Spanish teacher Frank Peele, a pleasant 
fellow, demonstrates the new teachers' 
economy model. 

Seniors listen as the 1966 football teom is introduced. 21 * 


Mr, Raveling discusses strategy with the senior powderpuff players 
during halftime. 

Marilyn Skelton end Robert Rooks perform at the Miss 
Princess Anne pageant. 

These cheerleaders were chosen for their poise, personality 
and beauty. 

Senior Marsha Overbey is caught in the act. 

Senior Norma Felton leods the drill team. 



Abbott, L.-175 

Ackoway, A.-155,92,69 

Adair, L.-155 

Adams, K.— 155 

Adorns, K.-137 

Adorns, R. -175,71 

Adorns, S.-175,71 

Adcock, V.-155 

Adcock, W.-137 

Adkins, J.-155,77 

Adkins, N.-175 

Adkins, W.-137 

Ahles, E. -137,64,65 

Ahlsted, A.-175 

Alnley, W.-137,69 

Airington, J.-155,103 

Akers, H. -155,71 

Alexonder, D. -155,86 

Allen, E.-137 

Allen, K. -155,86 

Allen, S.-155 

Alley, L.-137' 

Alligood, J. -175,82,75 

Alligood, T.-155 

Allsbrook', J.-137,81 

Amoto, W.— 137 

AmbrouS/ L.— 137 

Amman, F.— 137 

Andersen, M. — 137 

Anderson, 6.-155,65 

Anderson, C. -121,80 

Anderson, M.-155 

Anderson, S.— 155 

Anderson, W.-137,65 

Anello, B.-137 

Annas, C- 175, 183, 174,69,68, 19 

Anthony, R. — 155 

Appell, M.-131 

Apple, K.-137 

Archer, A. -131 

Archibald, P. -155,78,65 

Argus, D. — 155 

Arloud, M.-175 

Armstrong, L. -91, 175,75 

Arnoido, A.-73 

Artrip, 0.-93,155,161 

Ascher, K.-65 

Ashbee, R.-155 

Ashley, W.-50,59,57,81,86,90,122,175 

Atkins, C.-137 

Auding, L.-137 

Aull, J. -137 

Austin, J. -85, 155 

Austin, J.-50,80 

Austin, K.-137 

Austin, N. -76,175 

Austin, R.-72,84 

Austin, S.-75,95,175 

Auxier, P.-73,137 

Ayers,V. -85,155 

Backus, A.-69,84, 137 
Backus, 5.-69,95,176 
Boer, R.-176 
Bogley, L.-155 
Bailey, C. -93,176 
Boiley, G.-137 
Boiley, W.-137 
Boker, D.-176 
Baker, D.-131 
Baker, G.-155 
Baker, J. -131 
Baker, 5.-79,155 
Bakle, 5.-84,155 
Baldwin, R.-155 
Ballonce, B.-91 
Bolster, J. -176 
Bomforth, R.-107,137 
Banogan, J.-82,90,155 
Banagon, 5.-88,92,176,181 
Bones, R. -86, 155 
Bangley, P.-155 
Bonks, E.-156 
Banks, M. -50,89, 176 
Bonto, J. -96, 126, 137 
Borber, J. -81, 176 
Borker, 5.-176 
Borlow, M.- 156, 108, 109 
Bomes, F.— 156 
Barr, J.-I56 
Borr, W.-137 
Borron, E. -80,176 
Borron, W.-l 14,137 
Borton, 0.-76,93,156 
Borton, 0.-75,85 
Bonon, K. -83,84,137 
Bosnight, C.-I76 
Botemon, L. -88,89,176,71 
Button, J. -137 
Bottaglio, C.-131 
Boumeitler, J.— 69,176 
Boxley, L.-156 
Boxler, P. -91, 156 
Baxter, R. -74,86,156 
Baytoi, 5.-103,156 
Beochom, M.-78,8I,I56 
B«om, J.-156 
Beam, M.-156 
Beon, N.-93,I56 
Beofd, F.-131 
Beord, L.-74,79,I76 
Bwirdan, B.-I77 
BKk, M.-I37 
Beseman, L.-89,177 
Begley, E.-IS6 
Bell, B. -59,75,83,95, 177 
8.II, G.-177 
B«ndo, A.-73,85,79,I36 
B«n.d,ct, C.-I56 • 
Bennet, M. -69, 1 77 
Banner, P.-50,I77 

Bennett, A.— 69 

Benoit, P.— 156 

Benschop, J.-69,137 

Benson, A.-83,96,177 

Benson, G.— 131 

Berger, M.— 156 

Berry, K.-156 

Berti, B.-167 

Block, E.-137 

Bloke, T.,-75,138 

Blond, E.-138 

Blond, N. -74,89, 156 

Blonton, R.-138 

Blazo, 5.-72,86,156 

Blevins, 1.-82,94,177 

Blount, J.— 156 

Blount, P.-138 

Board, 0.-97,156 

Bobbitt, N.-177 

Boehnke, P.-177 

Boetcher, L.— 177 

Boettcher, R.-97,156 

Boggs, T.-131 

Bohrer, 0.-177,71 

Bohlonder, 1.-16,45,50,73,75,79,84,177 

Boland, L.-138 

Bond, 6.-77,80,97,156 

Bonocore, 0.- 138 

Bonomo, 0.- 94 

Bonto, K.-138 

Boone, J.-138,153 

Boone, K. -63, 178 

Boone, P. -178 

Boothe, B.-178 

Boothe, C.-138 

Borden, M.-72,156 

Bormon, C.-138 

Bourne, R. -93, 178 

Bowles, R.-138 

Bowmon, C — 173 

Bowmon, 0. — 138 

Bowmon, G.-138 

Bowman, H.-138 

Bowmon, J. — 178 

Boyd, A. -178 

Boyd, 0.-64,65,96 

Boyd, N. -65,138 

Boyd, 5.-73,74,86,156 

Brocy, L.-138 

Brodshow, K. -52,75,79,95, 156 

Brodshow, M.— 75 

Branch, B.-77,138 

Bronum, 6.-138 

Bronum, R.-138 

Broften, J. -121, 156 

Brewer, M.-138 

Brewster, W.-156 

Bridges, C. -96, 156 

Bridges, 0.-80,178 

Briley, M.-157 

Brinkley, 0.-10,50,56,83,96,124,125,178,201,224 

Brinkley, J. -157 

Brinkley, K. -50,76,178 

Brinkley, L. -75,82,94,178,61 

Brinkley, M. -79, 138 

Brisbois, W. -65,138 

Broden, L.-178 

Brookhort, W. -52,72,75,84,157 

Brothers, L.-157 

Broughton, G.— 75,83,157 

Brown, A. — 157 

Brown, B.— 178 

Brown, C.-138 

Brown, E.— 157 

Brown, G.— 131 

Brown, J.- 138 

Brown, J. -178 

Brown, L.-I38 

Brown, R.-131 

Brown, S.— 138 

Bruce, 0.-69,157 

Brumley, R. -79, 178 

Brune, J.-178 

Bruning, J. -72,84,179 

Bryan, W.-157,71 

Bryant, 1.-75,84,138 

Bryant, N. -69,157 

Bryont, W. -72, 157 

Buchonon, R.-82,85,94,179 

Buck, 0.-76,138 

Bullock, F. -76,157 

Bullock, L.-138 

Bullock, T.-179 

Bungord, E.-138 

Bungord, M.-50,59,75,95,179 

Bunn, J. -50,59,87,102,103,106,179 

Bunn, $.-179 

Bunton, A.— 179 

Burboge, E. -90, 179 

Burbage, G. -90,138 

Burchom, 5.-157,71 

Burcham, S.-I38 

Burdem, L.-179 

Burgung, M.— 157 

Burke, J. -74,84, 157 

Burke, S.-131 

Burketl, C.-131 

Burkhart, K.-179 

Burrell, J.-13e 

Burroughs, R.-179 

Bush, B.-65,138 

Bushover, G.-89,I57 

Butler, A.-79,131 

Butler, J.-76,97,157 

Butt, K. -65,179 

Byor., D.-I57 

Byen, J.-179 

Byert, G.-I38 

Dyers, P.-76,84,138 

Byrd, B.-I38 

Byrd, M. -94, 123, 179 

Byrd, R.-179 
Byrd, S.-157 
Byttus, 8.-57,96,136,139 

Codoretfe, M.-92,139 

Codwoilader, 0.— 157 

Coldwell, J. -139 

Colhoun, J.-I57 

Coli, R.-139 

Colp, A.-139 

Campbell, 6.-73,77,180 

Campbell, D.-139 

Campbell, K.-73,139 

Conde, R.-139 

Conhom, C— 131 

Caputo, J.-180 

Coputo, K.— 157 

Corden, C.-77,180 

Corden, N.-69,77,139 

Cordillo, M.-157 

Corey, T.-139 

Corlin, B.-139 

Carlson, C.-139 

Carpenter, B.-I39 

Carpenter, M.-65,87,90,120,180 

Carpenter, P.— 107 

Carpenter, Y.— 96,180 

Corper, A.-81,180 

Corr, C. -65,139 

Corr, M.-65,157 

Corr, P.-139 

Corroll, A.- 139 

Corroll, G.-157 

Carroll, R.-180 

Corter, 0.- 180 

Carter, 0.-96,157 

Carter, 0.-180 

Corter, P.-139 

Corter, R.-139 

Carter, T.-157 

Corpenter, P.— 107 

Cartwright, L. -79,139 

Cose, J.-16,73,74,157 

Casper, L. -69, 157 

Casper, L.-157 

Cosper, W.-l 6,68,69,73, 1 80,71 

Cossidy, C. -158,71 

Cotolono, T.— 158 

Colin, W.-131 

Cote, N.-139 

Coto, J. -180,69 

Catlett, W.-l 39 

Caudill, W.-139,103 

Covey, W.-139 

Cecil, 0.-158 

Cerino, R.-158 

Cespedes, 0.-131,79 

Cespedes, M.-158 

Chondler, 5.-180,69 

Chapman, J.— 139 

Chapman, J.-139 
Chosteen, M.-139 

Cheatham, B.-139 

Cheothom, J.-180,82,94 

Chevalier, M.-139,83,126 

Chisholm, 7.-139,96,80 

Chidester, J.-t31,77 

Christionson, L. -180,65 

Chuilli, 6.-158 

Chuilli, K.-139 

Chowons, 7.-139,79,75 

Church, W.-158,71 

Chisneros, 5.-139,76 

Clonton, P.-158 

Clonton, J. -158 

Clark, 0.-48,50,59,83,84,88,91,181 

Clork, J.-181, 94,71 

Clark, M.-181,73 

Clark, W.-10,50,52,81,87,115,116,181 

Clark, W.-181 

Cleveland, M.-131 

Cleveland, M.-131 

Cleveland, M.— 158 

Clifton, J.-139,81,79 

Clukey, 1.-181,115,116 

Cootes, P.-139,74 

Cootes, 7.-94,82,181 

Cobb, 8.-139 

Cohen, A.-181,85 

Coleman, J.-131,73,65 

Coleman, S.— 181 

Coley, J.-181,93 

Collins, 0.-89,71 

Collins, I. -139 

Collins, L.-181 

Collins, 7.-140 

Collins, V.-140 

Collins, W.-181,77 

Colvin, G.-140 

Conken, R.-72 

Conley, M. -89, 181 

Conley, 5.-140,89,75 

Constontine J.-158 

Conwoy, M.— 73 

Cooley, R. -158,81,60 

Cooper, L.-181 

Cooper, M.-140 

Cooper, N. -91, 140 

Cooper, P.-158 

Copeland, R.-140 

Coppock, C.-92,182 

Copelond, L.-77,M0 

Corban, D.-I40 

Core, 5.-97,158 

Cotten, f.— 

Collie, H.- 

Couch, D.-140 

Counter, 1.-103,140 

Counts, S.-158 

Counti, J.-I58,71 

Cowan, R.-158 

Cowell, C.-140 

Cox, G.-92 

Cox, J.-102 

Cox, L.- 

Cox, R.- 

CoMtt, W.-182 

Craddock, J.-182 

Ctager, C.-102 

Croig, C. -69,85 

Crone, A.— 158 

Crong, C— 158 

C raver, C. -92, 182 

Crover, M.-140 

Crowford, C. -92,182 

Creed, R.-140 

Creef, M.- 

Creelmon, 0.- 182 

Cressmon, G.— 158 

Crisell, R.-136,140 

Critz, J.-89,l 12,71 

Crocker, M.— 

Crockford, J. -94,158 

Crofford, H.-158 

Cronin, W.— 140 

Croom, J. -140 

Crouch, B.-182 

Cropper, J.— 

Cross, B.-140 

Cross, M.-158 

Crowley, K.-182,90,87, 120, 121, 108,109 

Crowther, R.-65,l 14, 140 

Crunk, W.-158,92 

Cruthers, B.-182 

Cucuro, S.-140 

Cuff, J.-140 

Culbertson, 0.-140 

Cullen, K. -68,69,158 

Cullwell, 5.-95,80,182 

Cummings, R.— 86,158 

Cunninghom, V.-97,158 

Cupp, D.-140 

Cupp, W.-158 

Curling, C. -50,93,182 

Curling, H.-182 

Curron, S.-140 

Curtis, B.-92,182 

Cutchins, G.-140 

Cuthriell, 5.-95,158 

Ooiley, D.-131 

Oole, L.-140 

Oolton, M.— 140 


Doshiell, G. -69,77,158 

Oouer, D.— 50 

Oovenport, P.— 80,183,71 

David, D.-183 

Davidson, C— 69 

Davin, E. -183,71 

Oovis, 6.-75,88,90,183,71 

Oovis, C.-83,96,159 

Oovis, E.-183 

Oovis, 6.-48,50,59,72,77,84,183 

Oovis, H. -90,103,159 

Oovis, 1.-95,183 

Oovis, J.-85,96,158 

Davis, K. -48,50,59,75,83, 183 

Oovis, M.-72,77,183 

Oovis, M.-159 

Oovis, M.-82,90,140 

Davis, R.-183 

Davis, W.-159 

Day, J.-159 

Day, N.-159 

Dayton, J. -140 

Dean, J. -159 

Dean, R.-140 

Deoton, K.-140 

Deorden, H. -91, 183 

DeFir, 0.-159,71 

De Joseph, C.-94 

DeLaCruz,C. -77,131 

DeLoCruz, F.-87,159,1I8 

DeLozier, N. -50,59,91,83,183,60 

DeMott, 5.-76,84,159 

Oenniston, J. — 159 

Oesormeouz, R.— 183 

Devenlsh, N. -81, 159 

Dioz, Y.-77,97,159 

Dick, K.-140 

Dickens, J. -74 

Dickenson, K.-91 

Dickson, F.— 65 

Digges, J.-59,7I 

Dilkes, S.-I40 

Dillon, P.-97 

Oimowski, S.— 141 

Dion, D.-131 

Dion, S.-141 

Divelbiss, C.-140 

Diven, C.-141 

Divine, A.-13I 

Dixon, B.-76,140 

Dobson, R.-131 

Dodge, L. -159,77 

Doloresco, A.-141,115 

Dotan, 1.-183,76,85 

Dorjell, B.— 76 

Doucelle, 5.— 131 

Dougon, D.-I41 

Doughlie, D.— 131 

Doughty, C.-U1 

Douglos, C.-184 

Dowdy, 5.-68,69,184,71 

Dowdy, G. -159,79 

Dowdy, Y.-159,97,89 

Downs, 0.- 184 

Oownlrv, L.-14I 

Doxey, L. -159,81 

Dojier, M.-I59 

Doiier.R.- 184, 117,115 



Dozier, R.-184 

Dozier, R.-14I 
Draper, K.-131 
Draper, W.-141 
Dudley, S.-131 
Dull, K. -184,93 
Dunford, R.-184 
Dunham, 6.-141,73,16 
Durham, H. -94, 184,82 
Durham, J. -159,97,69 
Durren, S.-159 
Oussault, J. -184 
Dyckman, W.-181,92 

Eason, R.-159,90,82 

Eason, L. -89,81 

East, K.-81,89 

Eatmon, D.— 184 

Eoton, J.-19,12,14, 17,50,83,88,93, 123, 124,184 

Echlin, M.-131,75 

Ede Iman, G. -87,82,94, 1 02, 1 06, 1 84,275 

Eddington, S.-131 

Echlin, M.-75,131 

Edmonds, 5.-91,159 

Edwards, H.-159 

Edwards, S.-141 

Eger, J.-131 

Elliot, M.-131 

Elliot, 5.-93,97,184 

Ellis, J. -75,141 

Elmore, L.— 141 

Emanuelo, M.-81,89 

Enery, A.-185 

Englett, T.-185 

Eure, R.-14t 

Evans, B.— 131 

Evans, D.-159 

Evans, G.-1C,5C,59,81, 174,185,61 

Evans, M.-141 

Evans, P.-141 

Evans, S.-141 

Everett, R. -50, 184 

Fahnley, S. -92, 141 

Fall, M.-185 

Failes, R.-185 

Fallwell, C. -75,91, 185 

Fancher, D.— 159 

Foranea, C— 141 

Faris, 1.-77,92,141 

Faulhaber, J. -88,93, 185 

Fay, T.- 185,71 

Fazio, T.-74,185 

Felchner, W.-103,1 15,1 17,141 

Felton, D. -82, 159 

Felton, N.-67,92,185,215 

Fells, 0.-87,102,103,159 

Fender, D. -72,84,185 

Fender, 5.-84,141 

Fentress, L.-185 

Few, J.-141 

Fields, J. -79,93, 185 

Finch, J.-141 

Finchem, M.- 186,95 

Finchem, T.-159 

Finley, M.-132 

Fisher, 6.-75,160 

Fisher, 6.-186 

Fisher, P. -136 

Fisk, D.-141 

Fllnchum, D.-76 

Flintoff, E.-141 

Flowers, M.-186 

Fonseco, M. -90, 160 

Forbes, S.-186 

Ford, C.-186 

Forhand, D. -69, 186 

Fortiond, L. -76,141 

Foreman, P.— 186 

Forrest, G.— 186 

Foster, D. -94,186,71 

Fox, 0.-91,160,162 

Froncisco, W.— 141 

Frank, C.-160 

Frank, D. -77,141 

Franke, A.— 160 

Eraser, F.-97,160 

Eraser, L. -97,160 

Freeman, M. — 160 

French, L.-160 

Friello, K.-160 

Frierson, S,— 141 

Friesz, T.-160 

Fulcher, L.-132 

Fulcher, N. -76,160 

Fulghum, 6.-186,71 

Fulghum, 8.-76,160 

Fuller, M.-132 

Funderburk, D.-132 

Funderburk, R.-186 

Funk, S. -93, 160 

Funtes, A.— 141 

Fupole, C.-186 

Gable, K.-141 
Gaines, P.-132 
Gaines, W.-160 
Gallop, D. -141,65 
Gambill, P. -94 
Gonge, C— 160 
Gorcia, M.-142,94 
Garrett, A.-186 
Garrett, E.-187 
Gorrett, L.-142 
Gardner, C.-142 
Gardner, L-142 
Garrison, C— 65, 160 
Garrison, D. -16,131 
Garrison, W.-82,90,103,160 
Gatlin, 1.-77,75,160 
Gautier, C— 142 

Gay, L.-187 
Gerard, R.-132 
George, D.-65,142 
Gerloch, C.-142 
Gerloff, C.-160 
Gerloff, E.-142 
Gerloff, P.-77 

German, R.-107, 142,108,109,1 10,1 12 
Getrige, G. — 142 
■ Gettel, S.-187 
Gibbon, R.-142 
Gibbs, L.-160 
Gibbs, J.-187,71 
Gibson, 6.-107 
Gibson, S.-142 
Gifford, L.-142 
Gillikin, C. -94,187 
Gillespie, D.-142 
Gimm, S.-187 
Glenn, G.-187,71 
Glennon, J.-82,94,187 
Glennon, P.-132 
Godley, W.-103,160 
Goff, P.-79,85,95,160 
Gold, E.-142 
Golden, K. -85, 142 
Goldsby, M.-142 
Gomez, T.— 132 
Goodson, D.— 187 
Goodwin, P.-55 
Gorman, D.— 187 
Gorman, J.- 187,71 
Gorman, K.— 142 
Graham, C. — 65,142 
Graham, S.— 132 
Grosser, B.— 187 
Graves, C.-16C 
Gray, E.-142 
Gray, R.-72 
Gray, T.-72,187 
Gray, W.-72,160 
Green, E. -97, 142 
Green, L. -77, 142 
Green, J.-50,95, 10,87, 102, 103, 187 
Green, P. A. -92,124,125,154,162 
Green, P. R.-142 
Green, P. S.- 96,188 
Greene, E. -90, 188 
Greene, R.— 160 
Gregory, E.— 160 
Gregory, J.— 89 
Grier, G.-188 
Griffin, J.-16C 
Griffin, K.-132 
Grimes, R.— 160 
Grimsley, 5.-64,66,160 
Grissom, T.-48,94,188 
Grochmal, P.-64,82,90,161 
Grondin, R.-161 
Grook, J.-90,188,108,109 
Grover, L.— 132 
Grover, 5.-77,132 
Grumboch, H.-72,102,188 
Gurganus, M.— 142 
Gusler, G.— 188 

Hoas, L.-188 

Hockney, J. -142 

Hoddox, D.-161 

Haga, C.-74 

Hagan, T. — 142 

Hager, S.-188 

Haislip, W. -57,84,161 

Haith, E.-161 

Hole, C.-188 

Haley, D.-188 

Hall, A.-161 

Holl, 0.-12,39,50,82,85,86,88,94,188,215 

Hall, H. E.-69, 188,71 

Hall, H. W.-161 

Hall, P.-161 

Hollol, 6.-161 

Hallman, K.-132 

Holme, R.-132 

Hamm, L.— 142 

Hommersley, J. — 161 

Hampton, D.— 69 

Hancock, H.-189 

Honcock, P.-142 

Honley, M.-142 

Hannemon, P.-I6,72,73,1B6,188 

Homsley, J.-65,132 

Hardgrave, J.-72,189 

Hardgrove, R. — 161 

Hardin, J.-161 

Horkness, S.-142 

Horless, N.-161 

Harnogel, J.-77,142 

Harper, D. C.-132 

Harper, D. P.-161 

Horper, 1.-75,92,161 

Harper, R.-132 

Horpold, J.-75,80,84,16l 

Horrell, W.-132 

Horrington, M.— 73 

Horrington, 5.-161,162 

Harris, C. -89,161 

Harris, D.-142 

Harris, 0.-89,143 

Harris, J.-142 

Harris, J. M.-161 

Harris, L.-189 

Harris, M. C.-50,59,75,80,84,91,189 

Harris, M. L. -96, 142 

Harris, N. -96,126,142 

Harris, N. L.-161 

Harris, V.-189 

Harrison, L. -107, 142 

Harrison, R.-96,189 

Harrison, S.-161 

Harrison, N. -92, 189 

Harl, R.-142 

Hortis, M.-161 

Hartley, D. -80, 142 

Hartlove, M. -95,189 

Harty, J.-142 

Horty, T.-161 

Harvey, J. -142 

Hoss, J.-10,50,56,57,59,82,189, 191,201 

Hastings, B.-189 

Hatch, J. -12,94,189,193 

Hotch, M.-I89 

Hatcher, J. -161 

Hathaway, W.-142 

Hotstot, C— 161 

Hotsfat, J.-142 

Houck, 6.-161 

Howley, G.-161 

Hoyden, R. -76, 189 

Hayes, D.-161 

Hoynes, R. -50,59,190 

Haywood, C. -97, 132 

Haywood, P.-136,142 

Hozelwood, M.-190 

Heath, W.-107,143 

Hebert,C. -82,90,92,190 

Heffington, L.-69,89,161 

Heimboch, C.-190 

Heimboch, 5.-69,143 

Helms, G.-69 

Helsobeck, J.-50,59,75,190 

Helton, C.-161 

Helton, H.-107 

Helton, J. -190 

Hemming, W.-190 

Henderson, D. -94, 190 

Henderson, H. -80, 143 

Henderson, L.-190 

Hendren, R.-107,143 

Hendren, V.-73,190 

Hendrickson, 1.-77,83,95,190 

Hendron, J.-80,143 

Henry, T.-143 

Hensley, D.-143 

Hensley, 0.-90,162 

Hensley, L. -69, 190 

Hepler, L.-132 

Hernandez, A.-75, 107, 143 

Herndon, C. -107,143 

Herring, R.-143 

Hershberger, C . - 1 7, 1 8,68,69,75, 1 62 

Hewitt, D. C. -89,190 

Hewitt, D. J. -143 

Hewitt, H.-162 

Hewitt, W.-162 

Hicks, J. -143 

Hicks, S. -107 

Higgins, 6.-143 

Hightower, F.-I43 

Hill, E.-162 

Hill, F.-143 

Hill, G.-190 

Hill, L. F.-75,77,92,162 

Hill, L. N.-143 

Hill, R. S.-162 

Hill, R. Sue-162 

Hill, T.-143 

Hilton, A. -162 

Hinkie, S.-77 

Hinzpeter, C. -50,191 

Hinzpeter, G.-132 

Hinzpeter, R.-143 

Hise, R.-62,94,191 

Hitchcock, G.-143 

Hitchings, M.-162 

Hobbs, S.-162 

Hobson, D.-162 

Hodges, 6. -191 

Hodnett, E.-19I 

Hoel, D.-132 

Hoffman, V.-75,79,162 

Hogon, E.-162 

Hogan, M.-50 

Holcomb, 6.-74,84,162 

Holcombe, T.-79,95,191 

Holder, J.-94,102,162 

Holland, J.-143 

Hollls, C. -73,75,162 

Hollon, K. -75,143 

Holmon, M.-162 

Hooks, W. -90,175,191 

Hoopes, B.— 143 

Hoover, 6.-64,191 

Horstmon, C.-19I 

Horstman, M.-143 

Horton, R.-16,94,191 

Houp, 0.-132 

Houp, C. -76,80,191 

Howord, D. — 144 

Howell, F.-132 

Howett, B.-144 

Hudgins, F. -87,91, 123,191 

Hudgins, R.-87, 123, 162 

Hudgins, W.-144 

Hudkins, D.-73,191 

Hudson, 6.-89 

Hughes, D.-144 

Hughes, H.-144 

Hughes, W.-162 

Hugya, E. -69,144 

Hunnell, V.-144 

Hunt, B.-I62 

Hunt, C. -69,75, 162 

Hunter, D.-144 

Hunter, E. -85,97, 144 

Hunter, G.-191 

Hunter, S.-144 

Hutten, R.-49,50,51,52,56,59,191,201,119 

Inge, J. -92, 192 
Inge, 5.-85,96,162 
Ingle, L.-I44 

Ingram, M. E.— 144 
Ingram M. T.— 144 
Inman, J.— 192 
Irelond, D. -75,79, 144 
Isdell, G.-144 
Ives, W.-86,192 

Jackson, L. — 144 

Jackson, T.-162 

Jackson, W.-132 

Jokemon, M.-162 

Jomerson, G.— 162 

Jomes, R.— 144 

Jomieson, C. -75,80, 162 

Jomieson, P.-132 ' 

Jormon, K.-192 

Jenkins, D.-I92 

Jennette, B.— 192 

Jensen, G.— 144 

Jensen, D.-144 

Jewett, J. -52,72, 144 

Johnson, C.-192 

Johnson, D. A.— 163 

Johnson, D. E.-192 

Johnson, D. L.-163 

Johnson, D. N.— 144 

Johnson, E.— 163 

Johnson, F.-91,192 

Johnson, J. 5.-93,163 

Johnson, J. V.-132 

Johnson, H.-163 

Johnson, L.-192 

Johnson, 5.-93,144 

Johnson, V.-50,59,69,83,91,192 

Johnson, T. -102, 163 

Johnston, S.— 144 

Jolly, R.-192 

Jones, A. — 144 

Jones, B.-144 

Jones, D.-132 

Jones, D.-132 

Jones, D. -96, 163 

Jones, D.-163 

Jones, G. — 144 

Jones, G . -87,94, 1 02, 1 03, 1 06, 1 92 

Jones, C.-192 

Jones, L.— 144 

Jones, M.-85,144 

Jones, M.— 163 

Jones, R.-193 

Jones, R. -72, 193 

Jones, R.-163 

Jones, 5.-83,11,92,124,125,193 

Jones, 5.-75,96,163 

Jones, 5.-93,163 

Jones, S.— 163 

Jones, T. -87,94,1 16,193 

Jones, v.— 144 

Jones, W.-144 

Jones, W.-144 

Jordan E.-144 

Jordon, J.-75,80,163 

Jordon, J. -81, 82,94,193 

Jordan, L.-77,193 

Jordon, T.-90 

Jordan, W.-144 

Joseph, A.-10,12, 14,20,21,48,50,59,88,96, 124,125, 

Joseph, T.-90,103,144 
Joslyn, 0.-50,59,75,69,79,181,193 
Joslyn, W.-193 
Josslyn, A.-72,86,103,163 
Joyner, P.-76,193 
Joyner, 5.-75,163 
Joyce, N. -63,193 

Karn, P.-193 

Kolzenberger, P.-163 

Kebbel, J.-163 

Keith, 6.-87,115,116,163 

Keith, C.-144 

Kelk, R.-82,90,163 

Kelley, L.-193 

Kelley, 0.-144 

Kelley, W.-163 

Kelley, W.-145 

Kelly, B.-194 

Kelly, D.-132 

Kelly, K. -80,163 

Kelly, K. -69,80,85,145 

Kelly, L.-145 

Kelly, M.-145 

Kelly, P.-132 

Kemph, J. -163,194 

Kennedy, L.— 145 

Kern, M.-76,81,194 

Kerr, H.-194 

Kersey, R.-132 

Kersloke, L.-89 

Kibler, P. -75,79,83, 163 

Kigerl, A.-n5,l 17,194 

Kiefer, J. -75,107,145 

Kight, J.-145 

Kight, L.-145 

Kigerl, D.-145 

Kilpotrick, R.-163 

Kimball, N.-194 

King, B.-77,163 

King, D.-194 

King, P.-145 

King, P.-75,163 

Kirby, R.-163 

Kiser, 5.-92,145 

Klucz, K. -97,132 

Klucz, M.-85,97,163 

Knack, D.-60,73,133 

Kneece, 6.-69,92,194 

Knick, A.-163 

Knicley, K.-164 

Knight, C.-164 

Knox, A.-84,85,97,164,172 



Koelling, R.-194 
Kohler, P.-81,145 
KonQ, 0.-81,87,194 
Kona, J. -145 
Kono, S.-164 
Kordulak, J.-194 
Koster, M.-91,164 
Kroemer, G. -79, 145 
Kroger, A.-72,164 
Krone, J. -145 
Kubiszewski, 6.-73,145 
Kubow, 1.-80,86,164 
Kuzminski, K.— 133 
Kwitchoff, W.-145 

Lone, D.— 145 

Lone, R.-«9,94,102,103,164 

Lond, M.-145 

Long, G. -69, 194 

Losslter, J.-87,102,103,194 

Loughton, L. -77,79, 164 

Lavee, M. — 145 

Lovelle, W.-195 

Low, N.-195 

Leach, B.— 195 

Leoch, 6.-92,164 

Leary, C.-145 

LeoviM, M. -49,74,81,86,185, 195 

Leavitt, J. -195 

Lee, D.-145 

Lee, F.-195 

Lee, 5.-73,97,145 

Lee, W.-195 

Legouif, M.-164 

Legoulfy, C.-164 

Leiphort, D.— 195 

Lentz, 0.-75,84,93,145 

Leonard, J. -145 

Leonard, J. -70, 164 

Levitt, E. — 164 

Lewis, N.-195 

Lewis, R.-90,121,145 

Lewis, S.-145 

Lewis, S.-195 

Ligmon, G.— 164 

Lilley, A. -50,90,195 

Lilley, L. -90,164 

Linsey, E.— 164 

Lipinski, M.-195 

Lipps, K.— 133 

Liskovoc, F. — 133 

Litmon, R.— 164 

Lloyd, 6.-145 

Lockwood, R.-164 

Long, J.-164,166 

Long, C.-195 

Long, 5.-50,59,78,196 

Loofbourrow, D. — 133 

Loofbourrow, S. — 145 

Lowery, A. — 164 

Lopez, L.-75,145 

Lucas, 0.-97,145 

Lucy, W.-50,68,69,93,196 

Lugo, R. -75,81, 196 

Lunsford, R.— 164 

Lynch, R.-133 

Moybe, J. -145 

Mocononny, L. — 75,145 

MacLeod, 0.-83,91,164 

Macon, C. -83,97,164 

Mogyorosi, D.— 164 

Moloffey, L.-133 

Malch, E. -77,145 

Mongus, R. — 164 

Monn, R.— 145 

Monning, A. -83, 96, 126, 146 

Monning, K.-50,59,75,83,96, 196 

Monning, S, — 74 

Manos, M. — 146 

Morinelli, C.-146 

Morinelli, 0.-196 

Morino, 0.-164 

Morks, V/.-90 

Marson, J.— 165 

Morsh, 6.— 133 

Morsholl, L. -52,57,84, 146 

Moriholl, M. -91, 164 

Morsholl, 5.-52,130,133 

Morsholl, 6.- 146 

Mortin, A. -94,196 

Mortin, 6.-73,96,196 

Mortin, 0.-77,146 

Morfin, K. -72,165 

Martin, M. -90, 165 

Martin, N,-196 

Martin, N.-133 

Martin, 1.-74,86,196 

Mortinelle, 0.-196 

Martini, 5.-84,97,146 

Moikall, J.-92,I26,I46 

Moion, M.-146 

Maion, M.-165 

Mown, M.-196 

Mat«i«ck, L. -116,165 

Mothis, W.-146, K.-133 

Mollhioi, 5.— 196 

Matter, K.-I65 

Mouro, L. -73,144 

Mourice, 6.-146 

Maxwell, J.-84,l9e 

Mo«»ell, r.-l46 

Moy, J.-133 

Moyor, R.-76,97,I65 

Moys, 1.-81,197 

Moiz.l, T.-197 

A^Andr.w, 1.-87,192,115,116,117,165 

McAnlnlch, I. -146 

McCaull«y, 0.-92 

McCouilond, 5.-16,50,59,62,75,86 

McAuslow, J.— 146 

McClenny, S.-165 

McClinfic, R.-103,107,165 

McCoy, J.-197 

McCoy, J.- 146 

McCoy, R.-146 

McCullough, D.-146 

McCullough, R.-146 

McCulley, 5.-83,96,165 

McDoniels, J. -133 

McDaniels, L.-165 

McDougol, 0.- 146 

McDougle, C. -50,80,84,197 

McOowell, J.-92,165 

McGonty, V.-133 

McGothey, 5.-80,197 

McGhee, P.-79,146 

McGill, W.-146 

McGinnis, L. -93, 197 

McGinnis, R.— 146 

McGinty, R. -123,197 

Mclntyrc, M.-133 

McJunkin, 5.-69,80,165 

McKoin, J.-146 

McKee, M.-197 

McKinney, 0.- 165 

McKinney, S.-197 

McKinney, V.-75,81,197 

McKinney, H.-165 

McKown, J. -95, 146 

McMichoel, S.-146 

McNomoro, J,— 165 

McMonus, L.— 146 

McNomoro, A.— 165 

McNeal, A.-133 

McNeece, C. -80,95,197 

McNuIfy, J.-87, 197,108,109,1 11, 112,1 10,122 

McNulty, R. -85, 146 

Mc5padden, M.— 197 

Meadows, 6.-84,97,165 

Meekins, A.— 165 

Meek, K.-16,165 

Melfo, J.-133 

Mercer, A.— 73 

Mercer, 0.-133 

Merritt, 5.-92,97,146 

Merritt, E.-133 

Messono, 5.-85,91,197 

Meyer, 5.-146 

Midyefte, 0.-133 

Midgefte, D.— 198 

Midyefte, G.— 82,165 

Midyette, P.— 146 

Midgette, J.-133 

Midgette, T.-130,133 

Mikeol, 5.-198 

Miles, R.-90,198 

Miles, S.-146 

Miles, W.-146 

Mill, G. -74,86,198 

Miller, C.-107,114,146 

Miller, D.-133 

Miller, D.-69 

Miller, F.-165 

Miller, J.-146 

Miller, J.-198 

Miller, K.-165 

Miller, L.-147 

Miller, M.-16,95,97,147 

Miller, N. -85,97,147 

Miller, P. -198 

Miller, 5.-75,165 

Miller, D.-147 

Miller, W.-165 

Millhouse, J.-133 

MiUigon, J.-94,165 

Mills, C. -59,75,85,198 

Mills, J.-50,198 

Milner, B.-147 

Minkel, W.-165 

Minton, J.— 198 

Minton, v.- 165 

Misok, G.-165 

Mitchell, C.-147 

Mitchell, C.-165 

Mobley, P.-97,130,I33 

Modlin, L.-165 

Modi in, N. -91, 165 

Moffett, M.-165 

Mohn, 0.-80,130,133 

Molodovitch, K. -85,198 

Molodovitch, R.-147 

Montgomery, 6.-75,147 

Montgomery, E. — 133 

Montgomery, G. — 165 

Montgomery, V.-86,198 

Moore, C. -73,165 

Moore, 0.-72,198 

Moore, J.-147 

Moore, K.-147 

Moore, D.-166 

Moore, D.-166 

Moore, 0.-69,77,80,95,166 

/Vtoore, £.-73,74,198 

AAoore, L.-166 

Moore, P. -91, 166 

Moore, R.-85,199 

Mooreheod, 5,-133 

A<teron, P. -147 

Motey, L. -80, 166 

Morgan, 0.-133,73 

Atergon, T . -68,69, 72, 1 66 

Morin, f.-166 

Moriti, K.-I47 

Motley, P.- 147 

Morris, E.-166 

Morris, M. -77,78, 166 

Morris, M. -50,59,75,81, 199 

Morris, R.-I47 

Morrison, 1.-89,166 

Morton, L. — 199 

Moshier, C.-133 
Moss, J.-93,133 
Mullen, C.-199 
Mullen, D.-166 
Mullenox, 5.-15,199 
Mulligon, P.-e5,147 
Mullins, C.-166 
Mullins, G.-199 
Munden, R.-166 
Mungin, R.-147 
Murphy, J.-166 
Murphy, P. — 147 
Murphy, M.— 81,97,174 
Murphy, 5.-199,74,85 
Murray, J.— 147 
Mustin, R.-166 

Nodeou, R. -199,84 
Neol, J.-68,86,49,166 
Neblett, J.-133 
Neigenfind, K.-166 
Nelson, T.-166 
Newman, M.-73,91,199 
Newman, R.— 147 
Newton, 5.- 97 
Newton, W. -76,166 
Nichols, J. -85,95, 199 
Nichols, N.-147 
Nikios, P.-199 
Nisonger, 5.-74,85,95,166 
Nixon, J.-147 
Nobles, L.-166 
Nobles, 0.-147 
Nordin, J. -79, 199,61 
Northcutt, M.— 199 
Nugent, J.— 166 
Nunnolly, W.-166 

Ookley, 6.-147 

Ootmon, R.— 166 

C'8rien, M.-147 

0'6rien, W.-167 

O'Oell, 0.-95,124,125,154,167 

O'Donohoe, J. -103,167 

O'Grady, R.-72,84,86,167 

Ohmon, N. -85,91, 167 

Old, J.-82,94,167 

Oliver, R. -10,48,50,59,83,200 

Ore, E.-147 

O'Rork, 6.-75,91,167 

O'Rourke, 0.-75,79,96,147,183 

Orsagos, P.— 167 

Osmundson, M, — 147 

Oults, 0.-147 

Overbey, M.-50,91,200,215,60 

Overstreet, K. -50,59,83,200 

Owens, 0.-167 

Owens, R.-57,59,73,79,82,200 

Oxx, J.-147 

Page, C. -80,95,200 

Page, D.-200 

Pagonis, A.— 200 

Pointer, L.— 167 

Painter, T.— 147 

Pair, M.-69,200 

Pair, 5.-167 

Poir, V.-147 

Poncoast, 5.-75,79,147 

Porhom, 5.-76,200 

Parker, C. -50,72,200 

Porker, C.-200 

Parker, C.-167 

Parker, E.-133 

Parker, F.-75,79,147 

Porker, J. -69, 167 

Porker, J.-94 

Porks, R.-167 

Porrish, 5.-50,69,81,95,200 

Porron, 0.-147 

Persons, M.-19,93,200 

Parsons, R.— 147 

Poscholl, J. -147 

Potrick, 5.-70,200 

Potterson, J.-167 

Potton, 0.- 134 

Payne, 0.-83,96,124,125,201 

Peocock, R.-148 

Peacock, R.-16,73,201 

Pearce, H.-167 

Peele, W.-167 

Pendleton, W.-201 

Perry, E.-148 

Perry, J.-201 

Perry, L.-148 

Perry, M.-76,201 

Perry, M.-76,167 

Perry, M.-167 

Perry, L. -107, 167 

Perry, L.-148 

Perry, 0.-74 

Perry, 5.-93,201 

Perry, S.-148 

Perry, W.-90,148 

Persinger E.— 148 

Peters, V.-76,201 

Pfitier, K.-167 

Phelps, M.-I48 

Phillips, L. -148 

Phipps, L.-167 

Pierce, 6.- 107 

Pierce, B.-I34 

Pickoring, L.-I48 

Pierce, C.-95,201 

Piare*, M.-I48 

Pinion, 0.-50,59,68,69,85,201 

Pinkhom, J.- 167 

Pirrono, L.-134 

Plllord, 6.- 148 

Plltman, 5.-68,69,79,96,201 

Pitts, C.-201 

Plaisonce, E.-201 

Plaster, 0.-134 

Plowucho, G.— 134 

Plowucho, 5.-167 

Podruchny, L. — 134 

Poindexter, T.-167 

Polhomus, R.— 201 

Pol lie, M.-93,75,201 

Pool, P.-202 

Poor, J.-148 

Poulter, W.-167 

Powell, C.-202 

Powell, G.-148 

Powell, P.-79,134 

Powers, L.-202 

Prongley, L.-IO, 12, 14, 19,50,49,83,96,124,125,199, 

Poyner, R.-134 
Poyner, R.-134 
Prentiss, W.-69,74,134 
Presos, 6.-184,202 
Prescott, L. -85,95,167 
Price, 6.-81,93,167 
Priest, L.-202 
Priest, T.-148 
Pritchord, F.-90,12,202 
Propo, L.-167 
Pruden, 0.-75,79,85,167 
Prytulok, L.-83,168 
Prugh, R.-202 
Prugh, R.-134 
Pulliam, G.-148 
Punsolon, 6.-148 
Purefoy, M.-148 

Quick, T.-134 

Randall, J. -80 

Radford, P.-16,73,168,186 

Rogon, G.— 202 

Randall, C.-168 

Ransom, N.-74 

Ronsone, N.-168 

Rotliffe, J.- 148 

Rowls, K.-202 

Roynes, M.-80,148 

Reed, 6.-148,76,97 

Reed, 5.-134,85,75 

Redmond, E.-202 

Reese, E.— 168 

Reese, J.-202,50 

Register, G. -202,64 

Reid, R. -168,87,102 

Renkvish, C.-148 

Revell, J. -148 

Reid, 0.-202,72,89 

Respess, L. -203, 191,58,50,48 

Reynolds, R.-134,107 

Reynolds, W.-203 

Rhodes, G.-168 

Rhodes, 5.-168,69 

Riccio, A. -148 

Rice, R.-148 

Rice, 5.-203 

Rice, W.-203 

Richardson, A.-168,77 

Richardson, C.-203 

Richardson, P.— 148,97 

Richtmier, L.-148 

Ricks, G.-203 

Rimmele, L. -74,85 

Risner, E.-168 

Roach, T.-148 

Robbins, 6.-168 

Roberts, W.-168 

Robey, R.— 148 

Robinson, E. -203,90 

Robinson, P.— 168 

Rodes, H. -16,73,90,203 

Roehl, E.-168 

Roesle, P.-203 

Rock, M.-76,148 

Rogers, E.-148 

Rogers, F. -68,69,203 

Rogers, J.-134 

Rogers, J. F.-168 

Rogers, V.-203 

Rohr, A. -203 

Rohr, 0.-90,108,109,203 

Rollins, A.-148 

Rooks, J. -96, 168 

Rooks, R.-87,90,203,215 

Roosendaol,A.-94,103,108, 109, 154, 162,168 

Rorrer, 5.-204 

Roscow, G.-134 

Rosenthol, M.-82,I68 

Ross, J. -76, 168 

Rossi, J.-148 

Rountree, A. -72,204 

Rowe, C. -50,64,204 

Rowe, L.-149 

Roxborgh, M.-69 

Roiycki, 5.-50,80,85,204 

Rozycki, V.-U9 

Rucks, R.-204 

Rude, R.-14e 

Rumsey, E.— 134 

Runyon, 6.-107,149 

Russell, R.-204 

Rudislll, J.-168 

Rushing, J. -79,85,95,168 

Russell, D.-16S 

Rutherford, W.-168 

Ryan, D.-168 

Ryan, l(.-204 

Sobin, J.-148 

Sobirs, M.-I34 

Sochon, r.-94,95, 101, 102,103, 123,204 

Sodler, 0.-149 



Sadler, J. -168 

Sadosk;, J. -134 

Sogger, R.-79,149 

Sakis, T.-149 

Soldono, L.-149 

Solyers, J. E.-168 

Solyers, J. K.-168 

Salzberger, F.-78,89,169 

Sanderson, B.-149 

Sanderson, P.-204 

Sands, H.-204 

Sands, J.-169 

Sanford, C.-149 

Satterfield, L. -48,69,81, 169 

Satterfield, W.-149 

Saul, R.-149 

Saunders, 0.-49,50,59,56,75,81,83,86,204,60 

Saunders, L.-149 

Savage, S.-95,204 

Sawyer, D.— 169 

Sawyer, N. -79,96,204 

Sawyer, S.— 204 

Soyles, C. -92, 169 

Scanlon, J. -169 

Scanlon, W.-134 

Scarborough, K. — 169 

Schatz, S.-74,204 

Scheme, L.— 205 

Scheme, R.-149 

Scherman, M.-149 

Schmidtt, G.-107 

Schroeder, T.-149 

Schubert, B.-149 

Schuler, F.-149 

Schulfe, R. -69,92 

Schultz, C.-205 

Scott, D. 7-205 

Scott, E.-149 

Scott, O.-205 

Scott, V.-169 

Seoge, T.-134 

Seogle, B.-169 

Seegers, S.— 91 

Self, S.-52,134 

Semones, S.— 205 

Sexton, A. -92 

Shackelford, C.-134 

Shockelford, 0.-123,169 

Show, D.-205 

Show, G.-134 

Show, a-149 

Shea, C.-87,102,1I9 

Shea, N. -50,59,75,83,91, 205,61,60 

Sheoley, M.-72,85,169 


Shelton, A. -205 

Shepherd, L.-169 

Sherman, L.-149 

Sherman, M.-149 

Sherman, V.-134 

Sherrod, J. -149 

Sheilds, J.-205 

Sheilds, W.-169 

Shoemaker, R. -97, 149 

Shorts, M.-169 

Shuller, M.-134 

Siegel, S.-63,169 

Sifen, L.-149 

Sigiers, J.-149 

Sllor, J. -205 

Silas, J. -50,206 

Silliman, M.-169 

Simmons, W.— 149 

Simms, C. -206,81 

Simms, R.-149 

Simpson, E.-149 

Simpson, F.-149 

Sims, 0.-149 

Singleton, M.-206 

Sisson, L. -107,149 

Sistrunk, 0.-50,59,85,93,206 

Skoggs, W.-12,82,87,94,108, 109,61, 110,120, 121 

206, 1 1 1 
Skelton, M.-16,96,206,215 
Skelton, M.-169 
Skinner, R.-73,134 
Slade, L.-149 
Slater, R.-169 
Slottery, L.-169 
Sledge, S.-149 
Sluys, V. -73,134 
Smiley, J.-149 
Smith, 8.-85,92,206,61 
Smith, B. -53,149 
Smith, C.-149 
Smith, €.-90,115,116,169 
Smith, D.-169 
Smith, 0.-134 
Smith, 0.-150 
Smith, G.-134 
Smith, G.-93 
Smith, H. -50,206 
Smith, J. -169 
Smith, J.-169 
Smith, J.-169 
Smith, M. -93,206 
Smith, P.-206 
Smith, R.-90 
Smith, S.-150 
Smith, S.-150 
Smith, 5.-69,96,154,169 
Smith, W.-150 
Snipes, J.-94,169 
Snowden, R.— 90,206 
Snyder, B. -73, 169 
Snyder, G. -74, 169 
Snyder, J. A.-169 
Snyder, J. R.-206 
Snyder, P. -206 
Soapes, K.-134 
Sokol, L.-150 

Sorey, J. -150 

Southard, R. -86, 170 

Southard, T.-134 

Spain, J.-85,91,206 

Sparges, B.-81, 91,207 

Spence, J. — 107 

Spencer, 0.-50,59,207 

Spencer, I.— 207 

Spencer, L.— 150 

Spencer, R. -73, 150 

Speight, G.-150 

Spina, T.-170 

Springston, P.-48,207 

Spruill, 8.-57,69,91,170 

Sprulll, M.-170 

Spruill, T.-150 

Stoce, G.-134 

Stack, W.-135 

Stodler, M.-170 

Stakes, 8.-50,51,58,79,83,95,207 

Stallord, J.-73,79,207 

Stamper, P.-93,207 

Stamper, S. L.-135 

Stamper, S. R.-170 

Stanley, C.-207 

Stanley, G.-150 

Stanley, S.-170 

Stanford, W.-170 

Starling, R.— 170 

Sfortzell, D.-170 

Steadmon, 0.— 207 

Stein, J. -102,103,207 

Steinberg, E.-135 

Stephenson, E. — 150 

Stephenson, B.-150 

Stephenson, S. -83,96,126,170,173 

Stephenson, S. T.— 170 

Sterling, W.-170 

Stevens, 0.-93,207 

Stevens, J. -80, 150 

Stevens, R.-82,150 

Stevens, W.-207 

Stevenson, S.-170 

Stewart, 8.-48,50,207 

Stewart, A. — 150 

Stewart, J. -207 

Stewart, M. — 135 

Stocks, A.-92 

Stoddert, R.-12,10, 14,49,50,56,59,63,77,83, 124, 

Stone, B.-150 
Stone, E. -9 1,208 
Stone, J. -150 
Stone, M.-68,69,170 
Stone, Y.-135 
Stonehom, M.— 150 
Stowell, 5.-73,89,208 
Storey, A. -170 
Strawser, A.— 150 
Street, £.-79,50,84,93,208 
Street, L.-150 
Strew, T.-170 

Stricklond, R. -90, 1 14, 121,150 
Strom, M.-73,170 
Stublen, W.-150 
Sturtevont, R.-135 
Styron, S.-170 
Suggs, 8.-19,75,208 
Suggs, J.-107,150 
Sulcer, R.-150 
Sullivan, R. -81, 208 
Summers, D.-208 
Sumrell, M.-208 
Sutton, G.-208 
Sutton, J. -107,150 
Sutton, P.-170 
Sutton, v.- 135 
Swonner, C— 150 
Swortz, L.-150 
Sykes, C. -95,208 
Sykes, P.- 150 
Sykes, R.-107,150 
Syrewicze, C.-170 

Tabor, 8.-208 

Toft, R. -87, 150 

Toft, T.-170 

Tolbert, P.-135 

Talbert, R.-150 

Tolbert, S.-170 

Tallont, D.-170 

Tatum, S.— 93,208 

Tarkenton, J.— 170 

Torrolbo, 0.-77,170 

Taylor, C. -50,79,208 

Toylor, 0.-170 

Taylor, G.— 150 

Taylor, M.-135 

Taylor, M.-75,77,170 

Taylor, R.-135 

Taylor, V.-208 

Taylor, W.-150 

Teogle, F.-170 

Tedder, M. -69,8 1,209 

Teets, M.-150 

Teller, B.-135 

Teller, J. -151 

Teller, K. -94,151 

Templeton, W.-209 

Thomos, 8.-76,170 

Thomos, C— 170 

Thomas, C. -77,97,170 

Thomas, 0.-151 

Thomas, F.— 15.1 

Thomas, G.— 151 

Thomas, K. -73,90,109 

Thomas, L.-151 

Thomos, R. — 151 

Thomos, T.— 135 

Thomos, W.-I51 

Thomas W.-82,92,94,209,275 

Thomason, F.-96,210 

Thompscn, R. -86,209 

Thompsen, S. -75,151 

Thompson, B. — 170 

Thompson, 0.-151 

Thompson, G.— 73,135 

Thompson, M.-75,126,151 

Thompson, R. — 151 

Thompson, T. —170 

Thurston, J. -209 

Thurston, L.— 151 

Tiemonn, S.— 209 

Tierney, J.-170 

Tignor, C— 170 

Tignor, S. — 151 

Tingle, M.-170 

Tolleson, 6.-87,103,170 

Toti, 8.-170 

Tracy, B.-135 

Trammel, S.-209 

Tropp, C.-135 

Trouthweln, M.— 151 

Treadwell, C.-209 

Treodwcll, S.-170 

Troup, 0.-135 

Troutner, L.— 62,170 

Truhe, G. -75,151 

Truitt, 0.-85,95,171 

Truxillo, G.-135 

Tucker, L.-171 

Tullls, B.-151 

Tullis, P.-81,209 

Turkenton, R.-209 

Turley, C.-151 

Turley, S.-151 

Turmon, R.-90 

Turner, 0.-10,11,87,91,101,102,103,106,121,174, 

Turner, 0.- 171 
Turner, J.— 135 
Turner, W.-151 
Tyrrel, R.-210 

Ughetto, R.-90,108,109,171 
Uhl, P. -69,151 
Umont, H.-151 
Underwood, M. -108,109,171 

Von, C. -74,85,210 

Vance, K. -94,210 

Vonlandinghom, G.— 171 

Vanlondinghom, R.— 151 

Vann, E. -96,151 

Vann, M. -50,59,83,88,75,96,210 

Vonpelt, J.-135 

Variof, G. -83,96,60,120 

Vennik, E. -82,87,94,102,177,210 

Vercurysse, E.— 171 

Vesci, P.-151 

Vest, P.-171 

Vetro, R.-171 

Via, C.-95,151 

Viktor, T.-126,151,153 

Vorce, B.-84,151 

Wade, J.-93 

Wade, M.-80,93,126,151 

Waits, F.-151 

Woldorf, I. -171 

Waldroup, J. -171 

Walker, J. -107,151 

Walker, J.- 107, 15) 

Walker, R.-210 

Wallace, H. -151 

Walloce, J.-15I 

Wallace, L. -91,210 

Walters, P.-94,110 

Wolters,- P.-94,1I0 

Want, J. -84,2 10 

Ward, 8.-210,215 

Ward, 8.-91,171 

Ward, D.-151 

Ward, E.-171 

Ward, G.-12, 15,83, 124, 174,193,210 

Ward, J.-90,152 

Ward, M.-95,171 

Ware, J.-90,108, 109,1 10,171 

Wore, P.-12,91,110 

Worford, M.-102,l 15,1 17,171 

Worrell, K. -66,79,210 

Warren, E. -80, 152 

Waters, H.-171 

Wafkins, R.-152 

Watson, C.-76 

Watts, A.-211 

Wayne, V.-171 

Webb, C.-152 

Webb, J.-135 

Webb, J.-93,211 

Webb, R.-152 

Weover, C. -91, 172 

Weiss, S.-172 

Welch, C.-152 

Wells, 8.-152,75,79 

Wells, 8.-70,211 

Wells, C.-91 

Wells, C.-85,97, 172 

Wells, 0.-48,69,87, 102, 103,108,109, U0,-121^i.l> 

111,112 ■; .■ •. 

Worley, C.-I72 ' ' 

Wheeler, 8.-172 

Wheeler, E.-211 

Wheeler, W.-135 

Wheeley, E. -97, 172 

Wheeley, P.-97,135 

Whitbeck, R.-94,102,211,1I9 

Whitoker, R.-16 

White, G.-172 

White, J.-57,93,211 

White, L. -93,211 

White, 1.-95,50,78,211 

White, P.-75,86,74,211 

White, P.-91,172 

WMte, P.-135 

White, R.-2H 

White, R.-50,86,211 

White, 5.-80,84,152 

Whitehead, J.-81,89,172 

Whitehurit, C. -91, 211 

Whitley, E.-87,103,102,172 

Whitley, C.-90,108,109,110,2il,112 

Whitley, P.-92,152 

Whitley, P.-172 

Whitten, J.-212 

Whilfen, R.-102,172 

Wion, L.-212 

W!er, B.-135 


Wcgglelon, B.-69,172 

Wiggleton, P.-68,69,172 

Wiggins, C.-210 

Wiggins, M.-210 

Wild, P.-135 

Wilder,. C.-152 • 

Wilkefson, T.-50,59,86,212 

Wilklns, A.-87,90,103,)02,)72 

Wilkinson, J.— 69,212 

Wilkinson, K.-172 ' • 

Williams, C;-152 

William!, D.-152 

Williams, £.-87,102,172 

Williams, J.-152 

Williams, K.-135 

Williams, L. -69,212 

Williams, M.-69,212 

Williams, M.-93, 172 

Williams, M.-212 

Williams, M.-172. 

Williams, S.-135 

Williams, S. -81,212 

Willis, K. -79,85,95,2 12 

Wills, M.-212 

Wills, R.-152 

Wilmoth, J.-92,172 

Wilson, C.-173 

Wilson, 0.-76,212 

Wilson, £.-50,212 

Wilson, G.-173 

Wilson, L.-76 

Wilson, M.-213 

Wilson, 5.-69,88,77,79,95,213 

Wilson, S.-173 

Wilson, V.-I52,97 

Wilson, V.-91 

Winninf, M.-91,97,152 

Winder, 0.-213 

Winder, S.-213 

Winger, R.-152 

WInslow, G. -64,173 

Winters, J.-173 

Witzel, J.-I52 

Wizemon, 5.-85,173 

Wolf, R.-213 

Wolfe, F.-173 

Wolff, 5.-79,85,213 

Womack, B.-173 

Wood, J.-152 

Wood, L.-173 

Wood, S.-96,173 

Woodell, R.-173 

Woodruff, C. -50,75,59,83,96,181,213,61 

Woods, J.-152 

Woods, L.-135 

Woolord, E. -173,97 

Wooldrldge, R. -75, 152 

Woolery, J.-152 

Workman, R.-173,84,75 

Workman, S.-173 

Workmon, R.-173 

Wroy, J.-75,79,173 

Wroy, K.-213 

Wright, 0.-50,76,213 

Wright, L.-135 

Wright, J.-85,79,96,213 

Wright, J.-213 

Wright, N. -75,152 

Wright, R.-152 

Wright, S.-213 

Yoncey, A.-83,92,181,213,60 
Yancey, H. -92,82,94,213,215 
Yarbrough, W.-152 
Yates, J. -73, 152 
Yoder, E.-152 
Yorgey, B.-214 
Youngblood, 8.-152 
Young, 0.-67,92,214 
Young, E.-152 
Young, J.-152 
Young, J.-173 
Young, R.-214 

Zebich, J. -173 
Zebich, J.-173 
Ziemba, 0.-90,173 
Ziemer, S. — 152 
Zimmcr, K.— 152 
Zimmerman, L.— 114 
Zimmerman, R. — 214 
Zimmerman, R.-135 
Zirpoli, M.-74,75,214 
Zirpoli, A.-152 


BllO) S 










•■.■•V '-V-^^l 







Indian River Road at 
Military Highway 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 


come here for family enjoyment 



At Thomas Corner 



4848 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


Birchwood Gardens 

324 Lynn Shores Dr. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 

Phone: 340-9738 


320 Lynn Shores Drive 

Virginia Beach, Va. 



Tidewater's most complete 

Fashion Fabric Shop 


Norfolk, Va. 


.1/^ * 


to the graduating class 



















DR. & MRS. M. Y. 



DR. & MRS. O. W. SELF, JR. 








' 'IW* 







'i ! 











America's Most Unique Fine 
Furniture Store 

For The Young Adult 

• fine furniture 

• carpets 

• draperies & linens 

• accessories 

Virginia Beach Blvd. at Thalia 
Since 1890 


For Eighty-One Years 

■ : • 








1^^^^^ Your 


Headquarters for 


• Bass Weejuns • 

Bostonians • Moxees • And Many More! 

Linkhorn Business 

Center and Princess Anne Plaza 



er Stores To Serve You 

Virginia Beach's Home Owned Bank" 


Member of the Federal Deposit 
Insurance Corporation 


MA 7-5451 

At the Civic Center 



5141 Princess Anne Road 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

GY 7-2467 


World's Largest 

Dewey Weber 

Surfboard Dealer 


600 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 



Gifts - Decorative Accessories 

993 Laskin Road 
Virginia Beach, Va. 

Jack W. Brothers 
C. F. Marks 


rmem -WPinc 

2-4 Monticello Arcade 

Norfolk 10, Va. 

Phone— MA 7-4094 


6 Southern Shopping Center 


Va. Beach Blvd. 
We Cater to Banquets 




Congratulations to the graduating 

Seniors of 1966 


for convenient living 

922 Maritime Tower Building 
Norfolk, Virginia 23510 


DAIRY OlVlsal 

"Ifs PET. 

you bet ! 





facts at 



. . on any 


every day 


Plume Street, Norfolk, Va. 
2407 Pacific Ave., Vo. Beach 


of the 

SnHp Ball 

Circa 1720 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

3133 Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 



227 Granby Street 

Janaf Shopping Center 


Village pastry 








3108 Pacific Ave. 



Headquarters for School Jewelry 

1706-1708 Atlantic Avenue 

Virginia Beach, Va. 

GA 8-1431 





6359 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Norfolk 2, Virginia 

Phone: 497-8944 



6159 Virginia Beach ^ Blvd. 

at Kempsville 

Granby at OIney Road 


Granby at Main 


Pembroke Square 

Southern Shopping Center 


6542 Va. Beach Blvd. 


'For The Young Lady Who Cares 
What She Wears" 


1 1 1 College Place 


3303 Atlantic Ave. 

Virginia Beach 


Ladies' Wearing Apparel 




900 Tidewater Drive 

Norfolk, Virginia 

MA 2-3385 


5 Conveniently located stores 
in 4 Virginia Cities: 

NORFOLK: Downtown & Wards Corner 
Virginia Beach: 35th & Atlantic 
Portsmouth: Midcity Shopping Center 
Chesapeake: Great Bridge Shopping 


See the man from 


2 Virginia Beach locations: 

• 3401 Va. Beach Blvd. 
at Princess Anne Plaza 

• 25th & Pacific 

Virginia Beach Borough 

^J^. l/i/. L^unnlna/iam CSf ,^^66ociat 



PHONE 341-1515 



VUcdia ^dAja 

4300 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Compliments of 

Commcsido^e Q<Hud/uf, Qmk 




Norfolk-Virginia Beech, Vc. 


Atlantic Avenue 
Virginia Beach 


21st & Pacific 17th Street 

Aragona Village 

Virginia Beach 



Wards Corner 

Princess Anne 


Importers & retailers finest 

gentlemen's apparel 

ladies' sportswear 

207 Loskin Road, Virgino Beach,Va. 

Unit Manager 


Phones: Bus. 583-2301 
Res. 464-5244 


Newspapers Magazines 

Paperbacks & Hardcovers 

Greeting cards postcards 

Fast film service 


208 Laskin Rood 428-3013 



Tidewater's dealer for sport cars and Hondas 



JU 7-0497 

1890 E. Little Creek Rd. 









33rd & Pacific Ave. 


Princess Anne Plaza 

Virginia Beach, Va. 








31 10 West Marshall Street 

Richmond 30, Virginia 

Congratulations and Best Wishes 







"From Driveways to Highways" 

* Roads 

* Streets 

* Driveways 

* Parking Areas 

* Playgrounds 


Coll 340-6222 






"Congratulations to the Princess Anne High School Band 
for their fine performances" 

Williamsburg, Va. 


Virginia Beach, Va. 
Cape Charles, Va. 

Nags Head, N. C. 




Real Estate and Insurance 

3113 Pacific Avenue 

2406 B Princess Anne Road 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 


Smith and Holland Quality Custom Surfboards 
and Accessories 

204 22nd Street 


Virginia Beach, Va. 

Remember, America . . . 

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." 

— Thomas Jefferson 

In the historic land served by Virginia Electric and Power Company. This 
warning is not easy to forget. On every hand, contrasted with the landmark 
of this progressive, growing area, are the monuments to America's unending 
fight for freedom. 

But freedom cannot be preserved in stone or defended by monuments. 
Freedom must exist in the heart of the individual. It must be championed 
by the living. 

The freedom to build ... to create ... to grow as free individuals in a 
free nation is our priceless heritage from the past. Its cost is our national 


Virginia Beach, Virginia 




The Studio of Award-Winning Photographers 

*Now at Princess Anne Plaza Mall 

Virginia Beach's newest, largest, best-equipped 
studio to serve your future portrait needs 

24 Princess Anne Plaza 
Va. Beach, Va. 

722 W. 21st Street 

Norfolk, Va. 

MA 5-2102 







Virginia Beach 


Princess Anne Plaza 
Virginia Beach, Va. 


Class Officers 


Barbara Byrtus 


Terry Crisell 


Patty Haywood 


Andrea Benda 


Business — 497-2605 

Home — 497-1883 


209 Brian Avenue 



SINCE 1905 


• Norfolk 

• Virginia Beach 

• Chesapeake 

• Great Bridge 

serving Tidewater over 60 years 










. .* 






b 4 





:*. * 

• 'A- 

^■: v-.^'